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Setolino's Blog
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December 15, 2015


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March 11, 2015

Enough of this LoL and Dota Stuff

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Who have Dragon Ball Xenoverse ? I just got it and love everything about this game. Somebody i can play with/against :D

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March 08, 2015


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Squrrrrr...ehwww SQUOOW.... SKRILLL.... Sqrillee...

I think i got it.

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February 04, 2014

Well, that was pretty awesome

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So as some of you know maybe i main support, and i just went into Gold League, so i picked Athena as usual, i had the last pick btw so that means atleast one of the enemy/friend is platin. And all others have to be Gold League.

However we went out of Lobby, and one of our teammates needed a bit to long to load... i was like oh pls no... well as you can guess we had a dc. And he staid dcd the whole game over. I was like well **** this another stupid lost in league, thanks. I asked if we want to surr at 10 if he dont come back. My team said nope we wont surr here, lets win dat ****. Ok, time to tryhard i thought to myself, lets do this.

Early game was pretty even, i mean not really... hahah we totally outpushed them, well i died once in a stupid situatuion but all in all they needed to recall around 4 times in 6 minutes. After i passed level 5 i was just roaming all the time and let amc solo farm. So i was kinda like a tank jungler.

Mid game we got early gf and fg, pushed with it pret…
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