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Papa Murmz's Blog
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Papa Murmz
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August 14, 2017

Artio Guide & Xbox Club

Views: 1211 Papa Murmz
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Artio  |  Smite  |  Xbox
Hello Everyone,

I have started working on an in-depth Artio Guide. The guide will centered around Joust, but I feel the build, and content will be viable for any game-mode, with maybe the exception of Assault.

Anyways, It's not going to be out until maybe Patch 4.16 or 4.17, just because I kind of want all the dust to settle with Artio, and see how the incoming balancing will impact her build and what not. It'll pretty much be the same format as all of my guides if you've ever seen them... Anubis (archived), and Nemesis.

I am very excited to be back on SmiteFire full force. Artio has in a sense revived my love for Smite. I just hit the first Mastery with her lastnight and my KDA up to that point is 63/33/149. Here's my recent games if you wanted to check them out!

On a final note, I created a club on Xbox One for any SMiteFire users who'd like to join it. It's called Smite Fire XB1!

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August 03, 2017

Double Worshipers & God Stats

Views: 2752 Papa Murmz
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Is it just me or does Double Worshipers get under anyone else's skin? Don't get me wrong, it's a cool concept to help people rank up their Gods faster, but it seriously F%$#s up my God Stats!

Generally, I've never been the guy to care about my stats in any game, but for some reason, I care a lot about them in Smite. I know you can shut God Stats off on your Loading Screen, but that's the glory of having good stats, is to have people fear you on the loading screen alone, right? Nothing is worse than seeing an Ah Puch with 3k kills.

I tend track my progress with by setting quotas for myself, such as, 100 Kills per rank, with the hopes that at Rank X I will have 1k kills. Which is going fairly well with my Ne Zha project right now...587 kills, 593 assist w/ a 2.28 KD at Rank VI, but, have players like Johnny F%$&#*& Appleseed who pop into your game, instalock Loki, and activate a Worshiper Boost after you lock-in! Not to mention, I feel like HiRez makes every weekend Double …
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