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Nex The Slayer's Blog
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Nex The Slayer
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March 31, 2015

I just realized something...

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Medusa is probably going to be released tomorrow.

What day is it tomorrow again?



What are you planning?

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March 03, 2015
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Va ah "T fkuk qvhpmg zonnd" tz aya qoq cycn zvwv.

Lfuy: Yhoq tm pyz kvde bg cksav...

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January 09, 2015

YouTube comment's in a nutshell

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So basically i was watching a video by Roaster Teeth. After the video i looked at the comment's and found this comment and its replays (make sure you read the entirety of the first comment).

Pretty much sums up my experiences with YouTube comments.
1/3 isn't that bad, right?

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September 30, 2014

I officialy quite Smite

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DawnGate is getting a freaking blind otter bounty hunter that: dual wields two steampunk flintlocks, has true sight on his wards, a short cooldown dash, can cleanse CC and bouncing basic attack on his ultimate. Ohh and I almost forgot to mention that he also embodies justice.

Smite is getting a tree guy with an RNG passive, a seed that grants MP5, reused arachne ult and a high damage huge AoE with CC that they give to every single tank.

I haven't played Smite since New wa was released, but this was the last nail in the coffin that made me finally decided to uninstall Smite.

Now I will just have to wait for DawnFire.
Mowan plz...

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December 16, 2013


Views: 802 Nex The Slayer
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The only mistake I made during my English test.

Its going to hunt me through the entirety of Christmas -_-

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