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Mekali's Blog
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September 03, 2014
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Chapter 5
So well my parents said they will coming back to my homeland only them together with the baby, so only me and my sister will be left here on Italy, it means for that's going to be another year of Smite or maybe Dawngate >:)

I'm coming back guys, to be honest i prefer Dawngate than Smite but i think i can't download them all together since my father hasn't reformatted this yet, i have to wait until he reformatted this Laptop.

Hmmm i miss Artemis but the world she lived in... Are so toxic...

-The relentless evil murderer Mekali

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August 24, 2014
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Chapter 4
Okay, i've been really itching to do this, i uninstalled Smite, because the number of players there are just complete morons who only care winning and trash talking their own team mates. Shut up i uninstalled smite, end of my journey, no. I just did...

Plus there is "SeductivePower" Who is a creepy maniac that pretending to be a nice guy to his friends, he will keep using this emoticon "^^" just to make u feel better but the truth it will ****ing creep you, because my inticnt is saying that he's hiding something under his cold ****! So today for my birthday he just broke my heart because i got a phone call from a friend. I almost wanna tell him the he got no life... I'm going to mention the people who break my will to support:
  • FATTUB - I dont know what to say, but see you old friend, the greedy man.

  • Czarny1 - He was so gentle that he's saving me because he thought i'm a girl, one day he asked me if i'm a girl, i said no, i guess he was looking for a relationship, after that he sta

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August 19, 2014
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Pity for me i did't reach X before the patch for Artemis but i gotta admit, this grinding experiance taught me how to play conquest, i'm scared to play conquest due to reporters for being a newbie. But now i learned how to play it.

I learned a lot from Artemis and i had a lot of experience with her (No Nude things)
  • Artemis mid experience is fun, but you will lost a tower first before your enemy mid does. Plus most of all this will not work all the time, even if you have the jungler Freya.
  • Duo jungler with Osiris. I have to admit this is the most fun role i played, warding and ganking with Artemis is just plain surprise to the enemy of course. Everyone thinks Osiris will gank so they prepared the escape for him, but the unexpected Artemis gank is just fun. But still will not work on most games...
  • During the adventures with her, i've met 2 decent supports who really feed me for kills and sacrifice all their abilities to save me. They were morillas2001 which is spanish and neve

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August 15, 2014
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Chapter 3
First batch: Pwenta-chan - DucksRock

Pwenta-chan - My best moments with him is on Siege and Arena. He's so funnny everytime he uses VP of He Bo and Loki.

I don't remember when was our match with arena, so i entered the queue into a arena match (And Pwenta have no idea about it), so when were on the god selection screen, our team was good, Pwenta picked mid and i picked ADC. After the loading screen is done, he was like "Okay I'll go.. Well this was arena" and i said yes. Then i laughed so hard when he said "Well ****" XD. So moments later he started spamming VP of He Bo i laughed so hard of He Bo's VEW, VER, VEA... He was like "Schucssss schuscsssss" XD because of this... Pwenta made me click a Rep button.

Pwenta-chan & DucksRock - This was last night, we were on siege. We got invaded on this first try in the jungle when the game just started. We were all distracted by DucksRock's Hel's 73X tape, so all we did is just type and type so we lost, and, Pwenta just revealed my secre…
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August 01, 2014
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Chapter 2
Now, my math exam ended it started on July 28, 2014 (Written Exam) and Ended on July 30 (Oral Exam), 2014. The Math Teacher said i passed :DDDDDDD

Somehow, i manage to get the 200 gem last sunday, that Jordenito and HolyPudding witnessed. Right after the exam we had a connection problem.

So i'm sorry about that HolyPudding, i got DCed when we were playing together the rain must have damage the routers on the bridge but now it's fine, but in the morning it's gone then get back again. I got bored on Smite now, i play 1 match a day and after that i stick to Dawn of War II: Retribution.

So far so good the Smitefire is back to normal now except for some icons are missing and some Avatars doesn't load.
"And now it's August, My birthday draws near, which is all hell breaks lose Instead of enjoying my birthday, i have to work on a restaurant -_-"


- Da Space Cat Mekali

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