May 13, 2019

Baron Samedi Tier 5 skin "Age of Music"

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I have seen alot of the sub reddit posts and I have been seeing alot of ideas on music, I have been thinking about it for a while and I have now made a choice. So here is the full description of Baron Samedi AGE OF MUSIC.

Let's start off with disco a simple, shiny part of the transformation that is only levels 1-4.

1st ability.
Summons disco balls to shoot colorful beams

2nd ability
Summons a giant disco ball to smash down on the ground.

3rd ability(every stage will have this but with different textures so I will only say the textures of this)
Throw a microphone at the enemy, wrapping the enemy in its cord(as baron samedi will be carrying a mic stand)

Now its time for jazz... a smooth sounding tier as it starts at levels 5-9

Ability 1: summon saxophones and fire a smooth sounding tone that has music note particles

Ability 2: this ability will have skeletons or at least the undead, surround the AOE and play saxophones with a smooth tone.(to keep the baron samedi type of look to it).

Ability 3:
Throw a microphone...again

Ability 4:
I picked this one for starting the 4th ability because I thought of baron samedi playing the instrument of the theme on top of a giant AMP, I mean, disco would be best for dancing so I wanted him to play instruments. So he will be playing a saxophone until someone touches the giant AMP.

The next transformation will be a rock/metal theme starting from level 10-14.

1st ability: baron samedi summons drums to play and shoot out the sound it makes, so just imagine the "bah dum tsss" or something.

2nd ability: baron summons the dead again, but this time has them play the base guitar around the AOE,

3rd ability:
throws the microphone.

4th ability:

Plays a guitar solo on top of a giant AMP, ending it with a bang.

The final theme, is a futuristic electric piano player(daft punk style) through levels 15-20

1st ability:
Summons floating robots to his sides to play a futuristic guitar, the guitar sounds are like lazers firing through the air.

2nd ability.
Baron samedi summons a giant robot head above the AOE and it fires a futuristic sound wave

3rd ability:
Baron samedi throws a futuristic looking microphone from his mic stand

4th ability: Baron samedi jumps on top of a futuristic AMP that looks like a blue version on ANT MANS FIRST TIME MACHINE...y'know, when it was in the orange van. So that should give a clear idea on what I am talking about.

I love the ideas that everybody is putting out and I wanted to refine them as best as i can. I hope you like my idea!


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