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Kriega1's Blog
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January 22, 2019 (Game mechanics guide) (LASBRA's jungling guide - a bit old though) (Conquest Guide) (Item's Guide) (More recent jungle guide) (Solo lane guide) (Support Guide) (Mid lane basics guide)

Some ADC tips from Barra:

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January 12, 2019
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Nothing too major, but for those interested I saw Adapting build: Golden Blade, Ninja Tabi, Stone Cutting Sword, Qin's Sais, Hide of the Urchin, The Executioner. I assume the pick was related to the recent Arachne buff and the introduction of Golden Blade. He also got Beads and Blink. And he rushed Golden Blade before boots.

Saw in in this video: (He played pretty aggressive early and blinked level 1 to mid, threw spiders and killed PrettyPrime)

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