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boogiebass's Blog
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January 03, 2020

You may all line up and hug me

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September 17, 2019


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It's time for me to close this chapter. It was great working with all of you. I wish you the best of luck in your futures. If you care, you have me on discord. Stop by and say hi.

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June 04, 2019
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Thanks for your coaching, Bran!
So I was against a Pele. I got 2nd blood, and I think 3rd blood, but was still being outfarmed by Pele. My mistakes:
1) Didn't split farm with mid laner.
2) Didn't pay attention to mini map to see that my support was clearing the red buff. So when I got to red buff, I was left a bit dumbfounded. I caught him in the act the 2nd time, which is how I figured it was him.
3) Probably didn't take the most efficient jungle route. Bran was explaining how I needed to auto attack and take a step back to draw the buff monster towards me, so I can save a few steps.
4) To all the Junglers out there (I'm looking at you DV-8), Is the common start Mace first item? Or is Cudgel acceptable on Fenrir? I've had success with Cudgel start, and I see andinster did a cudgel start once.
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March 09, 2019

Happy Birthday Bran!!!!

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Happy Birthday Bran!!! Everyone wish him a happy birthday.

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January 23, 2019
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Bran, I'm sorry you put so much time and effort today, only for it to be wasted So to eliminate your bad mood, I'll participate in your quiz. Other members, please feel free to join in. Put your answres in a spoiler. No cheating.

1) What is the difference between "penetration" and "protection reduction"?

2) What are the "caps" for the following? Cooldown reduction. Flat penetration. Attack speed.

3) What kind of damage (magical or physical) do minions do? Towers? Phoenixes? The Titan?

4) From first to last, put these in order based on how the game calculates in determining end damage: flat penetration, % penetration, mitigation, flat protection red

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