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Amazing Monkey's Blog
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Amazing Monkey
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December 23, 2012

Been awhile since I've been on Smitefire

Views: 1980 Amazing Monkey
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I know! It's such a sin!

But I just CAN'T believe that my Bastet guide is still one of the top guides! One of these days I'll have to put in the ample knowledge that I've picked up since then!

But yeah, how's it hanging Smitefire? Anyone feeling a game? Hit me up: AmazingMonkey69

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October 28, 2012

Just Played 2 (Possibly 3) Pro Teams and...

Views: 1608 Amazing Monkey
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Ok, I was playing with a couple friends, and I have this awful player from China that wanted to join us. He's very new to Smite and I know him in person, so I didn't want to be a **** and say no. Then we invited randoms from lfg and they were terrible! (not to mention none of the randoms had no way to communicate, uggggh)

So we stuck Anson (Chinese guy) with Ymir and he laned with Arachne. They didn't do too bad, but they weren't pulling through. And then my other friend and I were both using Gods that were weren't all too great with. Not bad, but not amazing, ya know? Well, we got raped because it! It didn't help that I was just having a bad day for games...

UUUUGGGGH! And they were streamed! QQ

Sad day =(

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September 14, 2012

Bastet Guide Update

Views: 1501 Amazing Monkey
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Finally starting to get around to putting more detail in my guide. More builds (theorized) and line dividers and such. Keep an eye out, if you're intrigued.

(btw, idk why my signature sags....if anyone is good with coding, think you could help me out with that? Thanks! =3 )

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September 02, 2012

Favorite Gods So Far

Views: 1593 Amazing Monkey
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This kitty can really land some kills! Whenever I play with her, I usually end up doing the best on my team!

Ao Kuang

This is my favorite caster so far! He has a ton of AoE damage and can push lanes like crazy! His ult is also intense!

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September 01, 2012

New Bastet Guide Published!

Views: 1006 Amazing Monkey
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Yes, yes. I just started playing Smite and I already had the effrontery to create a guide. Although it's not as flashy as my published works on Mobafire, it should be somewhat informative and useful for beginners to Bastet! Here's the link!

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