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TITLE: Bodyguard
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Ayo, I'm a PC SMITE player that has been playing since the beta came out on PC. I took a break from SMITE for awhile then came back when it released on PS4 and have been hooked back ever since. I made the transition back to PC a little while ago where I play mainly Conquest, Arena, and Joust. My main role is support, with secondary being solo. My favorite god in the game by far is Terra, with Guan Yu, Amaterasu, and Bacchus being tied for second. My full personal tierlist can be found here. So far I have one in-depth guide on Terra and one casual outdated short build on Guan Yu. I hope to make in-depth guides on my other three mains in the near future, but with school it can be tough to find time. I'm hoping to start incorporating YouTube videos into my guides, so if you're interested, feel free to subscribe :D