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MrCannonballs's Profile
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JOINED: January 10, 2021
LAST SEEN: November 17, 2021
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MrCannonballs's Bio

Hello, I'm Mr. Cannonballs. I played SMITE for the first time at a friends house back on 2015. As soon as it became available on my console I downloaded it. I played it every now and then and once in a blue moon. One day, about 2 weeks before the release of Season 8. Since then, SMITE has been in my regular rotation.

I exclusively play Arena and for 3 reasons:
1 - I am not good at any of the other modes. Plain and simple.
2 - I cannot STAND the toxicity of the community in the other modes. Especially in casual.
3 - Conquest simply takes too long and are too slow. I like my quick 20-25 minutes arena matches where its always action.

I will occasionally play Joust but its ehhhhh for me

I started as a Mage Main playing as Scylla. Once I got Scylla to 2000 worshippers, I decided to branch out. One weekend, I played EVERY SINGLE GOD in the game in 1-3 hard bot Arena matches. After I did this, I collected my next favorites. Since then, I have reached Rank X with Scylla, Pele, Jing Wei, and Da Ji.
Scylla, because shes my OG

Pele, because I thought her abilities were cool as f**k and I feel like nobody ever gave her a chance

Jing Wei, LITERALLY because I just liked hearing her say her own name. commitment.

Da Ji, because I played one match with her and realized I shred fools with Da Ji

Scylla will always have a special place in my heart but I've been playing Da Ji for about 3 months now and She has definitely dethroned Scylla as my number 1.

I am ALWAYS looking for new, fun, and chill people to play with so feel free to add me. I play on Xbox under Cannonballs#1109 and can be added on SMITE @ Cannonballs1109.
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latest September 21, 2021


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