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Smite Video: Brand New To Smite? No MOBA experience? This May Help

Submitted by Alluring Mystique on 2020-07-04 :: Created by Lady Abstract :: Viewed 413 times

Brand New To Smite? No MOBA experience? This May Help

413 views Created by Lady Abstract
With the new Avatar and Legend of Korra skins coming out there will be an influx of new players coming to Smite. One thing I have noticed with trying to get new people into Smite is that they say they've tried it but it was too confusing so they didn't stick to it. This game dose have a high learning curve but this guide has been made to help new players understand the basic and provide a way to make it feel a little easier. Also while setting the foundation to make you a better player in the long run. One issue holding back Smite from growing a bigger player base amongst other things is how the difficulty level turns alot of people off. I've been helping many friends get into Smite and I've compiled a video tackling the major things I've noticed that new players with no MOBA experience struggle with in getting into Smite. I have addressed all these issues. For a person that already knows how to play Smite or has MOBA experience this guide may seem redundant but trust me, based on my experience you would be surprised at how much this guide can be helpful. So if you find this guide to be useful for you or someone you know feel free to share it. Thank You

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