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How to get the Accuracy of a Grand Master ~ Season 4 2017 for patch 7.3

September 11, 2017 by azureblaze4
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Smite God: Skadi

How to get the Accuracy of a Grand Master ~ Season 4 2017 for patch 7.3

September 11, 2017


Most projectiles (auto attacks, projectile abilities) have a travel time they take from point A to point B. For auto attacks, point A is from your God to the max auto attack distance for Smite. This means the closer you are to your enemy, the less time the projectile needs to travel to hit said enemy, thus reducing the chance you will miss. This also means, when enemies are farther away, it's a good idea to position your projectile attacks slightly to where the enemy is traveling to.

The slower your enemy moves the better chance your projectile will have enough time to reach said enemy. The faster your God moves the better chance you can dodge a moving projectile by getting out of the way of it. This also means to get the best results for dodging projectile attacks, it's ideal to position oneself farther away from the enemy providing you more time to dodge said attacks.

In fact if you are completely out of the enemies attack range, then they can't hit you normally at all. Easiest way to dodge enemy attacks is to simply move out of their attack range.

I'll link some accuracy training material I made for you guys.

So you've watched the accuracy videos and hopefully have learned a lot. The basic concepts of good accuracy.

Tracking movement
Projectile speed

A bit of history of video games that could aid you in getting near perfect accuracy. In many shooter games like gears of war, when you played as a sniper. Generally when an enemy is moving towards you in a straight line, it's one of the easiest to land a headshot on. Also very easy to land headshots on enemies running in a straight line in different directions at about the same speed.

This last split when I returned to Smite my accuracy was of a gold 5 level and I was mainly relying on techiques to land my range projectiles, however a great halo player, who might of been really high ranked. I had watched his video about accuracy and it occurred to me that tracking enemies with your cross hairs a head of time and not doing flick shots greatly improved my accuracy back up to a gm accuracy level. I'll be honest I was losing to other grand master adcs at that time in 1vs1 fights and after I fixed it, there's only like 1 gm who can even beat me in a 1vs1 in conquest. This doesn't apply to duel just an fyi.

If you are looking for easy wins in Smite, it's a good idea to be able to beat anyone you verse in conquest, that way you normally always win lane and provide a lot of value for your team.

If you are wondering who I am and about my credit ability. I was a gm in s2 and s3, I've been number 1 in the world before and I'm known for being able to build talairia boots on any gods an easily beat spl players on a daily basis doing it. In s4 I was 2nd-3rd gm for a time also. Any who, it's not about bragging or anything like that, I'm just saying for past couple of years my daily has been to beat the best smite has to offer, so maybe you should try some of the stuff I explained, it's up to you, gl.

I mean Smite rank for me in basically a lan party verse, incon, barra, jeff, andy, taco, antoli, shing etc... I've actually had times where I've fought zapman like 10-12 times ina day lmao.

If you have any questions at all about Smite, getting good etc.. feel free to ask me on my youtube videos, I check that pretty often. I probably won't check back here just saying. So please direct any comments/questions to my channel if you want an answer back.

Disclaimer: wismbrowaifepo

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