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Arena Build

3 1 1,307
by Zagbok updated December 29, 2020

Smite God: Danzaburou

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Build Summary

The build

Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Poisoned Star Poisoned Star
Build Item Wind Demon Wind Demon
Build Item Fail-Not Fail-Not
Build Item Malice Malice
Build Item Ichaival Ichaival
Build Item Potion of Power Potion of Power
Build Item Aegis Amulet Aegis Amulet
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings

Danzaburou's Skill Order Notes The reason I max Tanuki Trickery Danz's 3 skill, is because you want it max by the time you get Malice.


The reason I max Tanuki Trickery Danz's 3 skill, is because you want it max by the time you get Malice.

Fool's Gold

1 X Y
Fool's Gold
1 4 6 7 8

Alluring Spirits

2 A B
Alluring Spirits
2 9 10 11 12

Tanuki Trickery

3 B A
Tanuki Trickery
3 13 14 16 17

Uproarious Rocket

4 Y X
Uproarious Rocket
5 15 18 19 20
Fool's Gold
1 4 6 7 8

Fool's Gold

1 X
Danzaburou rolls out 3 money bags that pass through and damage Enemy minions but stop on Enemy gods, slowing as they travel. Gods hit are damaged and Intoxicated, dropping a gold coin that Danzaburou or his ally gods can pick up to provide him 10 gold.

When a money bag stops moving, it reveals to be an explosive which detonates after a short delay. Subsequent hits of the money bag or explosions deal 20% damage.

Ability Type: Projectile
Damage: 70 / 125 / 180 / 235 / 290 (+80% of your Physical Power)
Explosion Damage: 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+30% of your Physical Power)
Intoxicate Duration: 0.6 / 0.8 / 1 / 1.2 / 1.4s
Cost: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90
Cooldown: 12s
Alluring Spirits
2 9 10 11 12

Alluring Spirits

2 A
Danzaburou takes a swig of his sake bottle, gaining health, before hurling it in front of him dealing damage to Enemies in the inner circle. The bottle of sake applies stacks to Enemy gods in the area slowing, and upon reaching 3 stacks, taunting (with no diminishing returns) them towards the sake bottle. Enemies that take more than 30% of their max. Health while taunted are broken out early.

Ability Type: Ground Target
Healing: 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 (+20% of your Physical Power)
Damage: 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+70% of your Physical Power)
Slow per stack: 10% for 1.5s (3 stacks max.)
Taunt Duration: 1s
Hits to Break: 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 / 4
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
Cooldown: 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12s
Tanuki Trickery
3 13 14 16 17

Tanuki Trickery

3 B
Danzaburou creates a field where he moves faster, is slow immune, takes less basic attack damage, and has no basic attack penalty. Enemies in the field are slowed by 20%. If Danzaburou leaves the field it fades turning him into a leaf with other decoys that mimic his movement. As a leaf his movement speed is increased, he is slow immune and can pass through Enemies. After a short delay from transforming, any hit from Enemy gods or if Danzaburou himself attacks, he will revert back.

Ability Type: Ground Target
Movement Speed: 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20%
Leaf Movement Speed: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
Reduced Basic Attack Damage: 20%
Field Duration: 5s
Leaf Duration: 4s
Cost: 70
Cooldown: 16s
Uproarious Rocket
5 15 18 19 20

Uproarious Rocket

4 Y
Danzaburou summons a magical leaf which transforms into a large bamboo rocket! While preparing, Danzaburou can aim the rocket within 180 degrees to lock onto Enemy gods or he can refire this ability to become the rocket, also becoming damage immune.

Once fired the Rocket will pass through and damage Enemy minions, stopping on the first Enemy god hit damaging and stunning them while dealing 50% damage in a larger area.

Ability Type: Projectile or Charge
Damage: 300 / 360 / 420 / 480 / 540 (+110% of your Physical Power)
Stun Duration: 1 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4s
Cost: 100
Cooldown: 90s

Extended Build

Brief Overview of Build...Guide will come later with video's.

I am just posting a build for now, I'll update and change it to a guide later. So for now i'll explain the build. I mean it is pretty straight forward if you look at it, also I don't main nor am I that great at ADC gods, granted Danz is first ADC I think I have Diamond skin for. Mostly I play frontline warriors or assassin, people you are more aggressive with. Though I do enjoy danz as I feel you can be more aggressive with him due to his kit, so this is the build that is working for me well in arena, and yes I know there is no Life Steal, but it is arena I feel that LS isn't really necessary.

So the idea behind this build is to eventually max cdr added with the 3 sec reduction from malice proc every 5 sec, this is why I max the 3 before Danz's Ult, allowing you essentially constant up time on your 3 and almost constant on your 1 and 2. While also having high crit chance, buffing yourself and debuffing the enemy. The debuffs play to your favor with the constant uptime on your 3 skill, since it provides already a 20% dmg reduc to basic atks + a 20% movement spd reduction, which stacks with the debuffs. This allows you to be more aggressive as long as you aren't taking a bunch of skill shots to the face.

Now depending on who you are up against, either take beads or aegis your choice, but the 2nd item should be Upgraded Heavenly Wings. This allows you to apply a lot of pressure to the enemy team back line, also with the constant uptime on your 3, it frees up a spot to not have to take Atalanta's Bow. Games have not lasted long enough to change out boots for spd pot, so as far as a "Full Build" I have not had a chance to really run one nor do I know what I would change the boots for yet.

For reference, without aura's coming from your allies and assuming you hit your basics for the proc's off your items, your looking at:
402 basic atk dmg
310 from physical items
2.2 atk spd
75% crit chance, 90% after you hit someone with your ult and atk them from Failnot
20% pen + 10% pen from Wind Demon
40% CDR + 3 sec reduc every 5 sec from Malice

Effects Assuming everything Stacks:

Poisoned Star- 15% dmg reduc and 20% slow + Danz 3 assuming these all stack= 15% dmg reduc + 20% basic atk dmg reduc + 20% slow from item and another 20% from 3 skill. = 35% basic atk dmg reduc (if they attack with basis) while in your leaf field and a 40% spd reduc if enemy is in your field

Wind Demons- 10% pen + 20% atk spd and movement spd + Danz 3 skill 40% movement spd in leaf form at max rank = 60% movement spd if wind demons is active while in leaf form for 5 sec. 30% pen + 20% atk spd with no movement spd reduction + 20% movement spd from WD while inside your 3's circle and not in leaf form.

Ichaival- 3 stacks max +15 pwr per stack and enemy atk spd reduc 10% per stack = 45 pwr and -30% enemy atk spd.

Malice- 3 sec skill reduc every 5 sec if you crit with basics, this does not affect your ult cd. 30% cdr (40% if you have Potion of Power or Blue buff active which you should) Danz's 3 last 5 sec and leaf form lasts 4 sec so total ability time is 9 sec, it has a natural 16 sec cd without any cdr and a 10 sec cd with 40%, if you max the timer on your field before turning into a leaf, you essentially will have 1 sec left after exiting leaf form. If you max the leaf field's 5 sec + 3 sec reduc from malice, you basically have your 3 up about 2 seconds after becoming a leaf.

Now as I said I am not an expert ADC, this build works for me and I have not seen anyone post it yet, so I felt like sharing what I use, granted I change it up for LS and other normal ADC builds from time to time, but this build has been the most fun so far.

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Arena Build
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