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SMITEFire Special Christmas Giveaway Winners!

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Hades4u » January 5, 2022 3:03am | Report

Christmas Giveaway Winners!

It's time to reveal the winners of our Special Christmas Giveaway! 🎄

A few community members celebrated together by sharing stories and memories during the Christmas holidays. We've enjoyed going through all of them and we're finally ready to show you our favourites!

We would like to mention that everyone's stories were wonderful. They made our Christmas better and we hope you've also had a great time taking part in this event. We look forward to more community events in the future!

You can find all the winners below. Let us know which is your favourite! 😊


Favorite Christmas movie? The Muppet Christmas Carol. A classic Christmas tale retold by the Muppets, it truly captures the spirit of the original work while also providing loads of laughs. Michael Caine does a spectacular turn as Scrooge, bringing him to life with every bit of the cold and miserly aspects intact. It's a movie I watch multiple times per holiday season, treasuring each viewing as much as the last.

Master rudolf:

So favorite Christmas meal. Ever since I can remember we have been a nontraditional food for Christmas family. My father makes this incredible prime rib (to the point I cant order it from restaurants as it just doesn't match up), of course with mashed potatoes or salad of choice (need some veggies of course). You know its Christmas time when the prime rib get purchased. Even now with my own family we have started this tradition, though I am no where near the cook my dad is and may never be but smelling the rib in the oven is as much Christmas to me as the tree or lights.


Where do I begin? My favorite Christmas movie must be The Polar Express or Elf. The Polar Express has AMAZING animation as well as some super memorable scenes. Elf is not only funny but heartwarming. If I had to choose one it would be... Home Alone. It's iconic, funny and a must-watch.


I've always dreamt of having a high-tier gaming PC.
Way back in 2013, when I was just about to enter junior high school, I discovered this game called "SMITE" and I installed it and immediately got hooked. The main problem was I was playing on an atom laptop. Despite this, I remember waking up every day around 5 AM just to play smite. The LAG, the struggles of playing on a 10-inch laptop, I would put up with any problems just to play smite.

Now I'm in my last year of University I have a better laptop that I can game on but I never had a PC that was made for gaming alone. It would be a dream come true just to receive one this Holiday.

To the SMITE team, I would just like to say thank you for being a huge part of my life. Happy Holidays!

Han Shishman:

The Muppet Christmas Carol never fails to warm my heart. First, I love the muppets - where will you find a more colorful and charismatic group of characters? Their take on a Christmas Carol, which for my money is one of the greatest tales of Christmas as a celebration ever written, is both hilarious and very, very touching and moving. Tiny Tim's story always brings a tear to the eye. Fantastic performance by Michael Caine as well, genuinely underrated, that really captures the heart and soul of the tale. Recommend it to absolutely everyone.


One year for Christmas, my parents lost power for multiple weeks. While this doen't sound much like a fun Christmas story - and indeed there were definite downsides to it! - there were still many fond memories from this year.

The best part is where my mom had charged her laptop at work to bring home, and then we'd huddle near the gas fireplace and watch Christmas movies. Thus was born our tradition of watching "Elf" ever year at Christmas.

Parallax Joker:

Here in Brazil we a have a local dessert called "doce de leite"; it is essentially a condensed milk cooked in pressure pot for some time (cooking time vary between family recipes). This was my 4th Christmas without grandma, the family matriarch. Since her passed away, we always tried to recreate her recipe, using her own old pressure pot and for 3 christmas we failed. Yesterday, we finally got it right and it brought back so many memories! We havent enjoyed christmas like that for a while!

For everyone who still misses someone during holidays: someday, you'll rejoice with memories and, at least for a while, the grief will go away and make room for a memory lane night - hopefully, with a side dish of a family recipe to warm everyone's heart!

Merry christmas everyone!


My dream Christmas gift would probably be a little frog teapot, with the tadpole cups. Maybe some lavender for the tea too.


Favorite movie: Home Alone
Favorite song: "Silent Night" - Kelontae Gavin and The Fellas
Favorite Food/Candy: Peppermint Bark

I know songs and foods weren't required, but I felt like in order to acquire at least some of the Christmas-y spirit you need a plethora of things!


My dream gift is a computer desktop or I'm top I've never had a computer before and I would like to start playing computer against what I've never had one that is my dream gift.

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