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SMITEFire Special Christmas Giveaway Winners!

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Permalink | Quote | +Rep by Hades4u » January 7, 2021 6:58am | Report

Christmas Giveaway Winners!

It's time to reveal the winners of our Special Christmas Giveaway! 🎄

Many community members celebrated together by sharing stories and beautiful pictures during the Christmas holidays. We've enjoyed going through all of them and we're finally ready to show you our favourites!

We would like to mention that everyone's stories and pictures were wonderful. They made our Christmas better and we hope you've also had a great time taking part in this event. We look forward to more community events in the future!

You can find all the winners below. Make sure to click on the images to view them in full size for the best experience! :)


I don't have a specific Christmas story, but every year, my whole family would get together and we would all eat a huge meal, so much that we could barely move! And then after we would do a gift exchange where we could steal presents from each other! It would get very chaotic but we would always laugh and have a good time. It sucks that we can't do that this year, but I will always remember the moments we had in the past!

Happy Holidays, I wish everyone and their family good health and happiness! :)


I don't know if this works but its a picture of my best friend/dog and my Christmas tree. WE usually travel for Christmas because our family is far away but we are stuck here this Christmas. At least it is cozy.

Also favorite classic Christmas movie is home alone 1 and 2. However if you haven't seen 4 Christmases it is hilarious and become a tradition to watch every Christmas for us.


I'm not much of a cook or baker, but I LOVE baked goods and it will always be my comfort food.
This year I came home for Christmas and asked my mom to help me make my absolute favorite dessert, Dobos torte or "Torta" for short.

The reason why it's so special to me(us), other than it's deliciousness, is because this particular recipe was passed down through the generations and I wanted to pass it down to my relatives when the time is right.

I've tried other versions but this one is superior.

The recipe came from the Hungarian settlement, specifically a nunnery, near my hometown within our province of Canada. It's funny because there are cakes that share the same name as my hometown - both of which were named after the Austro-Hungarian Lineage that settled here.


Hi guys!
I am happy to share some Christmas moments and info with you:

I live in Czech republic, which means we have traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas eve. The dinner is simple - potato salad and a slice of fish (carp), but I dont like fish so I had chicken instead. We also bake Christmas cookies and typical "vánočka". If you are interested in more info about the food, I liked this web.

After the dinner we open presents. I wished a new PC mouse and I got it! Anyway I dont have any dream gift, my only wish is to finish my masters degree in parasitology and then find some good job.

Typical "Christmas time" movie I watch with my friends is Lord of the Rings - its a tradition to have a marathon of extended versions but this year we rather stayed at homes due to covid...

In the picture you can see our outdoor "real" Christmas tree, inside we only have a small plastic one. Also there is a photo of a snowman I did myself at the beginning of December. We went to check a cottage and it has been the only snow since then.

On 25th and 26th December my family and I visit grandparents. It is calm, we give each other gifts and eat "chlebíčky".

It was fun to share a bit of my "culture" with you guys. If it is too long, sorry. Happy holidays and amazing year 2021!


Well, this seems like fun! The amazing tradition I love doing is something relatable to many people. It would be watching Home Alone movies with the family while drinking my favorite Hot Cocoa!!

I don't think the family would be able to gather this year due to the tough times of COVID-19. However, looking at the bright side we're all well. So, I have plans to host the movie online so we can all join in and watch it virtually together. I guess this would be a nice, and a safer way to still have an enjoyable night together.


I must've be around 11 years old when this story happened, and it was Christmas morning. My sister and I ran out into the living room, and we were dancing around in excitement. It had snowed lightly the night before, the tree was all lit up and twinkling, and my mom had a few candles burning that smelled like baking cookies. We were really feeling that Christmas cheer, literally dancing around the living room and, of course, the candles.

At the time, I had long hair that went almost down to my waist and I never tied it back. I guess I got too close to one of the candles and caught my hair on fire. I didn't feel it or notice it, and then my mom and sister started screaming. My mom jumped up and poured her cup of water over my head to put me out, soaking me and the carpet. I had burned a huge chunk almost up to my shoulders, but only on one side of my head. I was fine, but my hair was *super* messed up.

That was the Christmas that we opened up presents while the house smelled like burned hair and cookies.


I'm thankful for this event because I know have the opportunity to talk about the best Christmas movie of our time.

A Muppets Christmas Carol.

This is frankly the only muppets movie I have seen and the only one I need to see. You go into this expecting a silly romp, and yeah it is just a good old time for most of it, but Michael Caine decided he wanted to try to win a golden globe or whatever for this performance or something, because this man BRINGS it for this role. This man is surrounded by nothing but hand puppets and is not ashamed to scream and sob in their face. Rizzo the rat gives scrooge the middle finger at some point so I've heard but can't recall. This is the only incarnation of this story in which I've cried because tiny tim is surprisingly more depressing when he is a miniature frog. The only problem with this movie is that original the ghost of Christmas future was originally going to be grover, and would essentially look like the reaper aside from a blue noise sticking out of the hood, and I will never forgive disney for cutting that out.

Its not a movie, its a film.


Around the holidays, my grandma used to always make Nanaimo bars. If you're not familiar with what they are, they're a canadian dessert that consists of a layer of wafer, nut and coconut crumb base, custard icing in the middle, and chocolate on top. What made my grandma's Nanaimo bars special was she always kept them in the freezer and we would eat them frozen (whereas they're normally eaten around room temperature). She's since passed away, but now my sister makes them every Christmas with my grandma's recipe to keep the tradition going :).


My favorite Christmas movie is without a doubt "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Once it is the time of year, and it gets all cold and my family and I sit down to watch a movie we start with this one. We have been doing this for many years, and even through our rough years we have still found time to watch it. No matter how many times we watch it we are laughing at least twice every scene. Its sentimental value and all its comedic moments are why it is my favorite Christmas movie.


Each year during Christmas Day, I enjoy listening to the 13 albums of The Beatles. They aren’t really Christmasy, but each song brings even more joy to my day. It does start getting sad once the last album plays, knowing that it’s about to end, but by then it’s usually around Christmas supper time and I’m too busy thinking about all the delicious food that was had.

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