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New in SMITE: Trickster’s Illusion

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Greenevers » July 25, 2015 11:04am | Report

Loki Visual Rework
  • Loki has undergone a major visual update.
  • Due to this major change, all players will be refunded for their purchases of the Golden, Legendary, Diamond, and Ssslither skins for their favor value. Players who own Loki’s voicepack will also receive a refund for its gem price.

New God Skins

Season Ticket

In honor of our upcoming Summer LAN event (July 24-26) two additional items have been added to Season Ticket rewards!
  • Dr. Vanus Sylvanus
  • A 4th Season Ticket frame upgrade, with new base art.

  • Added optional Spectate Password to Custom matches.
    • Adding a Spectator Password will block anyone without the password from spectating in real time, or viewing a replay of the game without the required password.
  • Fixed Spectator still showing Gold Fury and Fire Giant execute ranges at 25%.

God Changes
There were quite a few god changes made this patch. If you're looking for a certain god change be sure to read the full patch notes.

Hun Batz
  • Added additional voice lines for VGS

  • Magna Bomb
    • Warm up is now team colored.
  • Inferno Cannon
    • Fixed being able to place Cannons inside collision.
  • Earthshaker
    • Warm up is now team colored.

  • Updated grammar in tooltips for the following gods: He Bo, Hel, Hercules, Hun Batz, Isis, Janus, and Kali.
  • Increased voice volume for the following gods: Agni Infernal, Anubis Stargazer, Apollo Curse Voice, Athena Liberté, Chaac Standard, Cupid Lucky Baby Fuwa, Chronos Super Chronos 64, Fenrir Lord Slashington III, He Bo He Bro, Hou Yi Standard, and Sobek Standard.
  • Fixed persisting FX after cancelling recalls on the following: Poseidon, Rama, Sun Wukong, Thanatos, and Tyr

For every single detail please read the official patch notes!

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