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Celestial Wedding Patch TL;DR

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Greenevers » August 20, 2015 12:02am | Report

Training Map
  • In the first step towards improving our new player experience within SMITE, we are introducing a Training Map. The Training Map will take players through a series of single player matches intended to ease a new player into the game. These training matches are currently existing modes within the game already:

    • Joust 3v3 Practice
    • Arena Tutorial
    • Arena Practice

  • These modes may change over time as we continue to tweak and improve the new player experience.
    The matches on the Training Map will give players a bonus of Favor and XP upon completion.

Jungle Practice - Updated
  • We have updated the Jungle Practice map, adding some requested features as well as making sure everything is up to date.

    • Updated visuals and Jungle Camps
    • Added the ability to reset back to Level 1
    • Added Invincible Odin Target Dummies
    • Items are now purchasable/sellable everywhere on the map

  • Changes to the Refer-a-Friend rewards.

    • Play Together Bonuses have changed

      • 20 hours for 200 gems has become 15 hours for 200 gems
      • 30 hours for 200 gems has become 20 hours for 200 gems
      • Triumph & Agni Skin now rewarded at 10 hours played together.

    • All changes will be retroactively applied.

  • Event Master

    • We have awarded gems (based on progress) to those who had progress on the Event Master achievement and have removed the achievement from the game.

  • Fixed issue with saved login information not persisting through a service or PC restart.
  • Fixed “I like you” Achievement not working.
  • Spectators in Joust League match lobby will now have a delay.
  • Emotes will now automatically play when purchased in the match lobby.
  • “Jolly Roger” Achievement added – Win a match with all Pirates on your team.

God Changes
There were quite a few god changes made this patch. If you're looking for a certain god change be sure to read the full patch notes.


Khepri was over performing but we wanted to be careful about how we brought his strength down. He is a character that focuses on protecting allies, but was slightly too potent as well as had other strengths. We chose to reduce some of his ability to protect, while focusing more on lowering some of his durability and damage.

  • Fortitude

    • Reduced Shield Health per tick from 3% to 2%. Reduced maximum Shield Health from 15% to 10%.
    • Fixed buff tooltips not showing.

  • Abduct

    • Reduced base damage from 80/140/200/260/320 to 80/130/180/230/280.
    • Fixed Khepri not being affected by Silence during Pull.

  • Rising Dawn

    • Reduced allied Damage Mitigation from 30/35/40/45/50% to 20/25/30/35/40%.

  • Scarab's Blessing

      Fixed buff tooltips not showing.

New God Skins
  • Sun's Bride Chang'e
  • Moon's Groom Hou Yi
  • Daimydon Odin
  • Wrath of Olympus Zeus

Once again, this is an abridged version of the official patch notes. For every single detail please read the official patch notes!

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