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I've thought about some items with weird mechanics that could turn the game around on some chars and open up some possibilities for gods to fill different roles.
(Names will be changed into something good some time soon, I just thought about the mechanics nothing else. :P)

The Relic of critting
+100/200/300 Health
+5/7/10 Health regen
For every 1% health missing, you get 1% crit chance on your basic attacks.

The Gem of Movementness
+5/7/10 Health regen
+5/7/10 Mana Regen
Whenever you move sideways or backwards, the movementspeed penalty is halved.

The timelessly fashionable watch (This one's gotta be expensive, 3500 or something)
+100/150/200 Mana
+10/10/10% Cooldown reduction
This item raises your cooldown reduction hard cap to 50% (CDR normally hard caps at 30%)

The pillow of cowardice
+10/15/20 Physical Protection
+10/20/30 Magical Protection
Whenever you're hit with an ability, your movementspeed is increased by 15% for 2 seconds. (Can only proc once within 2 seconds)

The collar of Fenrir
+10/20/30 Attack damage
+5/10/15 Mana regen
If you have pets (Arachnaes broodlings, Artemis' boar, Bastets cats, Bakasuras eaten minions etc.), they deal 10 true damage on every attack. (In artemis case, if the boar rams a target.)

That thing
+5/10/15% Movementspeed
If your autoattacks are ranged, that thing doubles the range of your autoattacks.
If your autoattacks are melee, you hit an additional target in close range for 90% of your usual damage. (resistances are still applied normally.) (This procs on hit effects like "The Executioner")

Tell me how you like it, wich chars you'd buy these on, tell me your item ideas or just leave a comment. :)
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