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Scáthach by jilah

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By: jilah
Last Updated: Aug 9, 2023
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The Warrior Maid of Ulster

Mbeë eirr óengaile,
When you are a peerless champion,
arut-ossa ollgábud,
great extremity awaits you,
uathad fri h-éit n-imlebair.
alone against the vast herd.
Cotut- chaurith -céillfetar,
Warriors will be set aside against you,
fortat- brágit -bibsatar,
necks will be broken by you,
biëd do chalcc cúlbéimmen
your spear will strike strokes to the rear

From the Irish poem , Verba Scathaige , Circa 650


Idea : Figures of legendary warriors inspires you . Under their shadow , dominate the battlefield !

Scáthach is a figure in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.
She is a legendary Scottish warrior woman and martial arts teacher who trains the legendary Ulster hero Cú Chulainnin the arts of combat.
She's ofter referred as The Shadow . She is associated with the Isle of Skye where her castle , Dún Scáith , the fortress of shadows , stands .

Weapons :
Left arm : Shield
Right : Spear

Skins : Wakanda Okoye / Type Moon Fate Collab / Baywatch suit with harpoon / Amazonian warrior princess / Captain Carter

Emotes : Waving Spear / Celtic haka like provocation dance

Passive Ability

Fortress of Shadows
Visual : The shadowy silhouette of a scottish castle taking shape which acts as a shadow meter

How it works : Upon doing damage with her abilities , Scáthach gains stacks of shadow .

* Each stack of shadow adds extra time on her ultimate

* Each stack of shadow increase the size of the Giant

* each stacks increase the stun duration when the enemy hits a wall with Shield Bash

Note that Thrust can consume one stack of shadow

Primary Abilities

Iron Butterfly
Type : Damage / stacks Shape : Butterfly

Description : Scáthach shows her skills when delivering a violent attack using her spear , combining slashes and thrusts

Her attacks is so fast it comes in a blur .

When performing under the shadow of the Giant , the range of the attack is doubled and the damage done to physical protection is increased
Shield Bash
Type : Dash / Knockback Shape : Line

Description : The Battle Maid dashes in a direction , lifting her shield to meet violently her opponent .

When performing under the shadow of the Giant , strength and knockback are increased .
Shield bash can be performed again , as long as Scáthach stays in the shadow .
When performing next to a wall , the enemy is knockbacked against the wall and temporary stunned
Spear Thrust
Type : Damage / Cripple Shape : Line

Description : Thrust her spear to an enemy , slowing him ( or her )

Refiring the ability pulls the enemy back to you but at the cost of one stack of shadow .

When performing under the shadow of the Giant the pull 's stronger and does not consume shadow

Ultimate Abilities

Shadow of the Giant
Type : Buff ( self) . Debuff Shape : Anthropomorphic

Description : The shadow Scáthach casts changes and become the shadow of a giant figure , wielding a battle hammer

Every enemy caught in the shadow cast have their movement speed reduced while the range of Scáthach 's attacks are increased

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