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Orcus by ZingZang1235

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By: ZingZang1235
Last Updated: Aug 1, 2023
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God of Broken Oaths

A demon and a god of the underworld. Punishes liars, traitors, and betrayers in the underworld.

Passive Ability

In an area around Orcus he occasionally marks enemies as liars. If Orcus were to hit an enemy with this mark on them he deals bonus dmg based on their max hp and grants himself protections. Lasts 3 sec. Has a 10 sec cooldown per enemy god.

Primary Abilities

Join Me!
Orcus sends forth a ball of dark thoughts. If it hits an enemy it deals dmg and causes an explosion to occur around that enemy which deals dmg and slows. Any enemy hit is then maddened and gains attack speed for the duration. He heals himself based on the number of enemies hit by this ability.
Silent Oaths
Orcus selects an ally. Upon doing so the selected ally gains attack speed and increased penetration based on a portion of Orcus' protections. This links both gods to each other indefinitely until either one dies or Orcus uses this ability on a different allied god. These buffs are only active if both gods are within a certain radius of each other. This ability gains a recast if both gods are in range of each other. Recast causes Orcus and his ally to gains movement speed. This empowers Orcus' next BA to deal bonus dmg, allow it to hit multiple enemies, and stun. Allied god gains an empowered BA that travels further and deals bonus dmg to stunned enemies.
Broken Chains
Upon casting cleanses himself of any cc, gains movement speed, and increased protections. BAs now deal bonus dmg based on his bonus hp, gain attack speed, and slow enemies hit.

Ultimate Abilities

The Ultimate Betrayal
Orcus selects an enemy god and applies Madden to it and grants it attack speed while it's maddened. Any enemy hit by the maddened enemy is marked or any enemy hit by Orcus while the Madden is active. This ability gains a recast if any enemy has this mark. Upon recasting Orcus can dash to one marked enemy through a hole in the ground. This stuns and deals dmg. Then Orcus drags that enemy back to his casting position. Allies and Orcus then gain attack speed, movement speed, and penetration against the grabbed enemy for 3 sec.

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