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Clash of Titans by jilah

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Clash of Titans

By: jilah
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2023
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Clash of Titans

When size matters

New Game Mode : "Clash of Titans"

Concept: "Clash of Titans" is an epic game mode in Smite that focuses on large-scale battles and strategic conquest. It brings together multiple teams, each controlling a powerful god-like Titan, and challenges them to dominate the battlefield.

Passive Ability

Titan Ascension
As the match progresses, Titans have the opportunity to ascend and unlock additional powers and abilities. This can be achieved by earning points through capturing objectives, defeating enemy gods, or successfully defending their own structures. Each level of ascension grants new and more potent abilities, creating a sense of progression and power.

Primary Abilities

Titan Selection
Players form teams and select their titan from a diverse range of mythological deities. Each titan possesses unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, adding depth and variety to the mode.
Conquest Map Expansion
The Conquest map will be expanded to accommodate multiple teams and larger battlegrounds. New lanes, jungle zones, and objectives will be introduced to enhance the scale and intensity of the battles.
Team Objectives
Teams will compete to control and defend key objectives across the map. This can include capturing and holding strategic points, destroying enemy structures, or amassing resources to empower their titan.
Titan Abilities
Titans will have their set of abilities, similar to regular gods, but on a grander scale. These abilities can range from devastating area-of-effect attacks to team-wide buffs or debilitating crowd control effects. Proper timing and coordination of titan abilities will be crucial for victory.
Minion Armies
In this mode, each team will have an army of minions marching alongside their titan. These minions will assist in battles, push lanes, and capture objectives, providing additional strategic opportunities.
Resource Management
Teams will need to manage resources, such as gold or mana, to upgrade their titan's abilities or unlock special bonuses. This adds a layer of strategy as players must decide when and where to invest their resources.
Epic Clashes
Throughout the match, intense clashes will occur as teams converge on objectives or engage in large-scale team fights. The mode will prioritize epic battles and encourage high-intensity gameplay.
Titan Customization
Players can customize their titan's appearance, abilities, and loadouts using in-game rewards or earned items. This allows for personalization and strategic adaptation to different playstyles.

Ultimate Abilities

Victory Conditions
The game ends when one team's titan is defeated. The winning team will be rewarded with unique cosmetic rewards, titles, or other exclusive bonuses, showcasing their dominance in the "Clash of Titans."

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