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Baldr by vision34

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By: vision34
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2022
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The Pure God

God Description

Passive Ability

Blessed Touch
Baldr leaves purity and blessings wherever he goes. Whenever Baldr uses an ability, he cleanses an ally of a CC effect, puring them, depending on the ability he is using. Baldr can only pure the closest ally. The duration of the pure is 4s and while pured allies are blessed and can not be hit with the same CC effect while being blessed by Baldr.

If Baldr is alone, he receives the purity effects instead.

Primary Abilities

Slash of Purity
Baldr swings his sword, sending out a horizontal slash, hitting enemies in the line. Enemies hit by the slash receive impurity, leaving them more vulnerable to CC effects. When an enemy is impured, CC effects on that enemy last 2s longer. Impurity can not be cleansed by effects or relics.

If Baldr uses the slash on his allies, they are pured, removing all slows inflicted on them, making them immune to the next slow as long as they pured. If Baldr is alone, he is pured instead.
Sword of Divinity
Baldr places his sword in a field at a target location. The sword will then emit divine energy and Baldr's Light, sending out an aura that damages, slows and decreases protections on enemies in the area.

The closest ally to the field when it is deployed is pured of any ticking damage and is invincible for the next 2s. If Baldr is alone, he is immune to damage instead.
Forgiven Sins
Ability Description Baldr remembers his brother's accidental killing of him and forgives all sins done on the battlefield. Baldr emits an aura of forgiveness for his allies, increasing their HP5 gained by items and lifesteal by items and abilities.

The first ally this aura touches, is cleansed of any hard cc effect and can not be hit by hard cc for the next 2s.

Baldr does not forgive the sins of his enemies. Enemies who are near the aura have their protections lowered for the duration of the aura and receive ticking damage for as long as they are nearby Baldr.

Ultimate Abilities

Light of Purity
Baldr channels all Light and Purity in a single slash with his sword, slashing all enemies vertically, impuring them on hit and making them unable to use relics for 3s. The more enemies Baldr hits, the longer the impurity lasts. (1s for each enemy hit)

The first ally who is nearby Baldr when he slashes, is bathed and blessed by his light, making them pure, removing any cc effect and make them immune to either any cc effect or damage for the next 2s.

After the ult, Baldr keeps an aura around him, increasing his HP5 and MP5 gained by 1,5% and increasing his protections by 20% for the highest protections he currently has.

Chapter Title

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ZingZang1235 (1) | March 27, 2022 10:45am
I think for this concept of yours it's cool but it has a lot of op stuff like for example giving 2 sec to dmg immunity is a little much as well as a passive that just randomly makes one of your allies immune to cc for 4 whole seconds. I think it would be cool if each ability granted an ally cc immunity to one or two specific kinds of cc.
vision34 | August 4, 2022 7:27am
Yeah I was thinking about that. I wanted him to be a more supportive Warrior like Horus while still being able to play in Solo but I know CC Immunity is a pretty hefty protection and for Solo can be frightening I might be rerolling it thx for your thoughts!
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