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Atropos by jilah

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By: jilah
Last Updated: Aug 5, 2023
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The Inflexible One

General Idea : Old but not without ressources . Tricks the enemy and drinks the tears of long time veteran players

Mastery/ skill : Easy


Somewhere ... over the rainbow

A sky of infinite darkness . The homeland of the Fates

She stands there . One bow in one hand . A couple of scissors in the other .

To her duty . To cut the myriads of threads that fills that sky . One by one . Knowing that each one will fall under her fingers .

Eventually .

She's there. Patient . Precise . Dedicated . Knowing intimately ,even between dead eyes, when a life comes to an end .

" er .. sister ? "

Even if she wasn't blind she wouldn't have flinched or turned a head at Lachesis voice . Not even a "what is it that you

want ? ". Little does she care about Middle anyway . The old one knows that her immobility talks for herself .

She 's not the inflexible one for nothing.

And of course , she has already noticed and identified the newcomer . Standing seven feet behind her sisters .

" sister ? . Sister, please " that's Baby . Clotho had always followed Lachesis ' footsteps like a stupid goose . Baby meets an

infinity of silence , which is Atropos ' usual answer to any question .

And as expected , the newcomer looses patience and pushes her sisters to the side .

" Lady Atropos " she starts " goddess of Fate , daughter of the Night , I am Athena of Olympus , and I salute you "

There is no salutation back , off course , so she pursues " the thread you're holding into your fingers is that of Jason of the

Argonauts . I ... " she hesitates before explaining " I need him to fulfill a mission . A mission I ordered .

And very aware that many have pleaded for your pity , without success as it seems , but nonetheless I , Athena, daughter of Zeus ,

am asking you , from one goddess to another , to spare in life " she pauses before delivering the final bow " I'm not coming

empty handed . I 've already talked to my father and he 's keen to grant whatever wishes you ..."


The cut is neat . Precise , as always . As it should . the fibers of the thread unraveling , floating weightlessly before a sky of

infinite darkness . Only that , this time , a golden light wraps around the fibers , reforming the thread .


This time , Atropos is furious . Really furious . Her face says it all " What - the - hell - are - you - doing - Baby ? "

" I am sorry , Old One " she ears Athena say in a fresh tone . A hand on Clotho's shoulder . " I need this very soul and I will do

whatever it takes to get my hero back into his mission " The goddess of war and wisdom sights before adding " If you keep this case as

a matter of discord , you may meet me on the battlefield "

"Oh . that game you're playing between gods ? " question the stupid goose and direct to Athena " I heard some gods say that you're very

toxic in it and that you've been reported many times for intentional fee..."

" No !" shouts Middle . Supporting Atropos , which makes the old fate even angrier . " Our sister won't go anywhere .And certainly

not to your battlefield ! her mission is here . She ... hell, she 's way too old to fight anyway !! "

" oh , but... ". Baby Goose speaking . " the wishes you were talking about . Can they be addressed to...someone else ? " she asks with

the stupidest smile ever .


All heads turns at once .

And there she stands .

Under a sky of infinite darkness .

Armor on . Weapons clear . Ready for battle

She have not spoken for years or decades .

Off course it is a hoarse

" All right , Goddess .

You and your stupid battleground .

I'll meet you there . And a promise .

I 'll wreak your face , you ******* B... "

A T R O P O S . The Inflexible One

Smite season 12

You don't mess with Fate

Skins :

Gothic Chick ( Harrowhark Nonagesimus) / Ozworld's Witch of the West / ShadowRun collab Dark elfic Cyber Priestess / Kill La Kill Funky Pop

Trivia : As crazy as it sounds , Atropos met love in the battleground . her soul mate is Ogun . Ogun is the God of Iron in the Yoruba pantheon. It is Ogun who designed her winged arrow .

Passive Ability

Atropos passive is Cancellation .

Each of her abilities can be cancelled midway for a secondary effect.

Every cancellation consumes points of cancellation .

She gains points of cancellation upon doing damage

Primary Abilities

Explosive Shot
Type : Line / Zone / Buff / Mobility

Atropos shoot an arrow from her quiver that goes through minions and explode at the first enemy god hit

Cancellation : Her arrow fall flat on the ground and explode after a delay . In addition, Atropos gains attack speed and if she stands within the explosion radius she may propel herself to a location
Winged Arrow
Type : Line / larger line / Debuff

Atropos shoots a special arrow that deploys steel wings after being shot , dealing damage on its path on a larger line .

Cancellation : When the winged arrow pass through them, all ally minions become ghosts for a duration . They still can be targeted by a structure but not by enemy gods or minions
Type : Mobility / Large Line / CC

Atropos jumps backward and land on a thread crossing the sky before going down slowly to the ground

Cancellation : The thread ripples before whipping violently into the ground, dealing damage in a large zone, applying knockback

Ultimate Abilities

Strings attached
Type : Line / Debuff / Zone / Debuff / Damage

Atropos shoots an arrow with a string attached to it . When the enemy is hit the string spreads and multiplies linking itself to the enemy's closest allies , revealing them . Enemies allies are slowed down and takes a percentage of the damage done to the initial enemy god, depending on distance .

Cancellation : reduces significantly the cooldown of the next ultimate ability

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