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Ares by Moreton22

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By: Moreton22
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2021
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Ares - Rework idea

I Like Ares, but I don't feel like his current abilities really do justice to the tile: "The God of War", And I certainly don't picture him as a guardian, to me a God of war is someone who leads the charge, hounding for the blood of his enemy's and so, I have decided to make Ares a Warrior in my "Re-work".

Passive Ability

Blood lust
Ares smells the blood of his injured foes, and he wants more... no amount of suffering is enough to quench his taste for blood.

for each 10% of missing health to a nearby enemy (55 units) Ares gains stacks of Blood lust, Each stack of blood lust provides ares with the following:

1% Damage mitigation per stack (max 5 stacks)
1% increased total damage per stack (max 5 stacks)
1% increased movement speed for Ares per stack (max 5 stacks)

At max stacks Blood lust may trigger additional affects from abilities.

Primary Abilities

This is Ares' line move, and primary form of Clear.

Ares raises his flaming Sword and drives it down into the ground, sending a flaming fissure forward; damaging all enemies in its path.

Damage: 80/140/200/260/320 (+ 50% of your physical power

If Blood lust is active, enemies caught in the damage zone will also be Crippled for 0.8 seconds
Arrow Storm
Ares Calls down a volley of flaming Arrows at a target location, Causing Damage over time and applying a slow.

Damage: 10/25/40/55/70 (+ 5% of your physical power per 0.5s for 2 seconds

Slow: 20% for 2 seconds

if blood lust is active enemy armor is sundered, making them take 3% increased damage from all sources for 2 seconds.
This is Ares's mobility option.

Ares bashes his shield with his sword and lets out a ferocious War cry, signalling his desire to charge the enemy, after the initial phase (duration 1s) Ares leaps, crashing down at his target location and knocking up anyone in the landing zone.
The war cry rally's his troops, gifting courage which provides them with Mitigation's and movement speed buffs.

Damage: 60/110/160/210/260 (+55% of your Physical Power)

Teammate mitigation's (doesn't apply on Ares): 6% for 2 seconds - 50 units

Teammate Movement speed (doesnt apply to Ares): 7% for 2.5 seconds - 50 units

If Blood lust is active Ares becomes Slow immune & knock up immune from the moment of War cry, until 3 seconds after he has landed from his leap.

Ultimate Abilities

Ares Hate for his enemy's empowers him, he grows in size & immediately gains max stacks of his passive Blood lust.

Ares gains a Health shield for 30% of his current max HP

Becomes CC immune

Gains protections: 30/55/80/105/130

Provides 5% Extra damage to all teammates on any Tower, phoenix or jungle boss. 70 units

Gains a passive health regen of 3% of his max health every 1 second

Reflects 20% of all damage back to its sender.

In this form Ares can only make use of his basic attacks, however they are empowered and are now AoE: 60/115/170/225/280 (+15% of your physical power) Cooldown = 1 second

Ares has no other offensive capabilities during this form, and is unable to use any relics, or carry the affect of any relic used prior to his transformation.

Duration: 10 Seconds

Chapter Title

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CuresedDrakon | February 18, 2021 5:27pm
As a support main myself I feel at tho he is in a good place and doesn´t need to be changed. The reason why is simple Hi-Rez interprets them how they see fit and essentially have created their own universe that makes it a little different from being accurate and they make gods and goddesses based on what they feel as though the need in game to balance it. All in all I like your rework and the depth you have gone into I just don´t see it becoming plausible.
Moreton22 (3) | February 18, 2021 7:27pm
This was never intended to be plausible, this is literally just a fan fiction of sorts.

I also think Area is in a good place ATM, however hese just so Zzzz. He's supposed to be "The God of War" but all he does is shoot chains and fire out of his shield, it's just... Boring
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