March 13, 2017

Theory Time: Chalices

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I'll be looking to make posts like this every so often so if there are things you want me to go over let me know in the comments and questions are welcome as well.

So there's been a lot of controversy lately in the smite community over whether or not the chalices are good. Most of this happens to focus around Chalice of the Oracle, but the debate carries over nicely to the other two as well. TLDR at bottom. This is solely based around uses in conquest.

Overall problems with chalices

They are very expensive at the start
- The cost 300+ gold which is a large amount early
- You lose out on 3 potions at the start
You lose a consumable slot
- You can't buy normal and sentry wards at the same time
- You have to decide between wards and strategic rituals
- If you buy two chalices you can't buy sentry wards at all
Potion chalices don't stack duration
- If you miss click you can lose out on a full potion use
No return gold on selling it
- No return gold means you need to get use out of it

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