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Don't rest on your Laurels- Solo Conquest build update

January 17, 2017 by newbiemj
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

General build order

Smite God: Nike

Item Purchase Order

Item 1 (Pick 1)

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Reinforced Greaves

Item 2- Protection Item (Pending opponent)

Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Genji's Guard

3rd Item

Build Item Jotunn's Wrath

Item 4 (Damage)

Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Heartseeker

Item 5 (Protection or Damage)

Build Item Runic Shield Build Item Void Shield Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Genji's Guard Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Stone Cutting Sword

Last Item (Protection or Damage)

Build Item Runic Shield Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Void Shield Build Item Shifter's Shield

Alternative Damage Items (If don't like my selection)

Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item Titan's Bane

Alternative Magical Protection Items

Build Item Bulwark of Hope Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Ancile

Alternative Physical Protection

Build Item Void Shield Build Item Breastplate of Valor

Alternative Utility items

Build Item Runic Shield Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Frostbound Hammer Build Item Runeforged Hammer Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Witchblade

Example build

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Hide of the Urchin Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Void Shield

God Skill Order


Rend 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Plan of Action

Plan of Action 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Valiant Leap

Valiant Leap 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Sentinel of Zeus

Sentinel of Zeus 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Don't rest on your Laurels- Solo Conquest build update

January 17, 2017



1/17- Added some changes from feedback from Branmuffin. Added combos, renamed/reworked more things.

Old changes



Hello all, Welcome to my build guide for Nike, The Greek Goddess of Victory.

I am shooting to give a short, sweet and simple explanation on how/ why these items work well with Nike. I will assume you know the basics to Smite like, Buff camps, minions, rotating etc. If not feel free to check out any of the Overarching Guides done by Branmuffin17 to get a feel of the tactics used in Smite.

Nike is mostly an ability based warrior who can help slow down her opponents with her ultimate Sentinel of Zeus which also serves as a good initiator to taking down towers. She has pretty good wave clearing with her Rend when it is buffed with Plan of Action. She is a popular choice at the moment with about 1.62% pick rate which places her 18/84 according to SmiteGuru.

........ Pros ........

- Good initiator with Rend
- Can tower dive well
- Good in team fights
- First two Auto attacks deal AOE damage
....... Cons .......

- Squishy early game
- Can be Mana hungry
- Long cooldowns
- Rend can be easily disrupted with CC



Nike sets out 3 goals. Each goal achieved brings more power and movement speed.
    Goal #1- Eliminate 10 Gods as a team.
    Goal #2- Eliminate 250 minions as a team.
    Goal #3- Have two allies at level 20.
Her main damage option. This is her best ability in my opinion. It has great range and power. This enhanced is your final blow usually
Max this first.
Your enhancer buff. Makes your ability deadlier and a special effect. Rend gets 3 hits instead of 2. Valiant Leap is quicker and Sentinel of Zeus gets bigger shields and more slow.
Max this second.
A leap that can be used as a poke or escape.
Max this last.
Enemies caught in her shockwave are slowed and take some damage. You also gain a shield. The damage is not the greatest, but can secure you some kills.
Max this when available.

Combo Wombos


Nike has an unlimited number of combos possible since she has variations of using Plan of Action or not on different abilities. I will only go through a couple basic ones, with the alternatives being when you want to use Plan of Action





Items for Non-Conquest

Build Items for Joust/Arena/Clash/Siege

Nike is mostly an ability based god. So all of my builds have full CDR or very close to it. I feel she is weaker earlier game and really shines mid to late game when everything comes online. You will be high defensive with good disruption with Rend


Usual go to boots for most physical Gods. It provides 40 power and 18% movement speed. The extra power will aid in minion clearing and also providing a little more muscle to your attacks.
Little extra protection. Nike seems a little squishy especially since she has to get in the thick of the fight to do her damage. Have had success with these.

Second Item (Protection)

I go protection item as my second item, since Nike is squishy early game without her ultimate. Depending on the makeup of other team, is what item I get. Examples of items I have used:

High CDR, affordable, Mana, and physical protections. Usually get this when more physical gods than magical.
Good balanced protections. Cheaper alternative than the other dual protections items ie Mantle of Discord Spirit Robe]. Takes a bit to get stacks online and will put you behind damage wise, since no CDR and stacks, but high defense when fully stacked. You can take a lot of damage with this fully online and [[Reinforced Greaves making you essentially a tank with good damage capabilities late game. In games like Arena where it is quick, this would more than likely be my only defense item. For other modes, I would get this you are going to be the main focus of damage ie Joust with Mage and Hunter teammates.
Some CDR that Nike likes, good magic protections and MP5 since she is mana hungry early game.

Third Item

Little bit of everything. Mana, power, penetration, CDR. This is always my 3rd item. Can be used as item 2 though if confident on protections.

After item 3, it varies on what you can do from here. If you are getting punished to easily, go another defensive item at 4 possibly 5. If faring well against enemy team, go damage at 4 and do protection at 5

A list of usable damage items

With your slows, you can basic attack to reduce protections from target and increase your own. Has really good power. Consider using it when more physical than magical gods. Since it reduces the physical protections, it would be less effective on magical enemies than physical.
This gives good health and slows enemy attack speed. She does have a lot of slows in her kit but those can be countered with Winged Blade or Sprint
More power and penetration for attacks. A decent penetration item, but is kind of inefficient with Rend's protection shredding.
This is one of my favorite items on her. With the movement speed she can chase down people. The passive is decent as long as you use Plan of Action before you hit 5 stacks, otherwise it will trigger the passive already. Her first two auto attacks swing out in a cone, so you can hit numerous minions in one swat which makes the stacks come online quickly. This item gives a little extra power to your abilities. Probably not the best item on her, but something that could work for her in the right hands.

If you are getting pummeled by Magical enemies try any of these listed below.

Magical Protection Items

Little bit of health, 60 magical protections, and some Crowd Control Reduction. The shield is also nice as well. Its a great item if you do not have any other additional health items since her ultimate's shield is based on her health.
Gives you a little bit of power and 50 magical protections. Also it reduces magical power of enemy in aura and reduces their attack speed as well which works great against multiple basic attackers and also the high attack speed magical enemies Freya [Ao Kuang]]
Gives CDR, MP5 and good magical protections. Relatively cheap as well.

If you want more balanced protections get one of these:

Dual Protection Items

Balanced protections +CDR. The passive can get you out of some situations. Pricey though
Gives you what you need when you need it. Gives you more power when above 50% health or +20 Magical and Physical protections when below. Plus it already comes with power and protections
Little, cheaper sibling to Mantle of Discord. It gives nice balanced protections and some Crowd Control reduction.

Mostly physical gods or just need some more physical protection beef. Use one of these:

Physical Protection Items

Power, Protections and protection shred. Good complement to Nike's up close and personal style. This with Rend you are shredding good amount of protections
Gives you some physical protections and health. If facing basica attackers, you have a 30% chance to slow the enemy movement and attack speeds. Be a good item against AA Bellona for example.

Substitute an item for an utility item to counter enemy gods:

Utility Items

Good against high attack speed gods. Helpful that it reduces the physical power as well as attack speed.
Gives health, Crowd Control reduction, Movement and Attack speed. The passive is nice if facing a bunch of enemies with slows.

Decisions, decisions

Which items to consider?

First off, one build is NOT perfect for every situation. You need to tailor builds with a few things in mind. However, I do run mostly a heavy protection build.

Enemy Team makeup- This will help tailor your protection items. If mostly magical, you would focus more on Magical protections and vice verse. If a team is mostly squishy enemies, you could get away with a higher powered build, but if they are burst type gods, you could just bog down on protections.

Own Team makeup- If you have other tankier teammates, you could get away with a more higher powered build. On the flip side, if you are the only Warrior or Guardian type god, you would build tanky so you can provide protection to your teammates.

With the recent nerf to Sentinel of Zeus, Nike is not near as tanky as she used to be especially early game. I usually build heavy protection items (usually ones with power) on her (lately around 3 to 4 items since last update) since she has to be in the thick of things to do damage.

A safe build would be heavy protection build if you are just starting out. Something like Reinforced Greaves , Hide of the Urchin , Jotunn's Wrath , Shifter's Shield , Damage item, Void Shield. This gives good overall protections and decent power. It only has 20% CDR which hurts since her Cooldowns are long, but you should be able to survive well enough while providing support.

Conquest items

Conquest Items

Nike excels as a Solo laner in Conquest. She can jungle, but I have no experience with Jungling with her so I will not discuss it as this time. With her Rend and Plan of Action she can clear the minion lane fairly well but can be shut down with CC. If Death toll is your starter item you could focus on doing two AA (which produce AOE damage) to trigger the passive more helping you sustain. With her Ultimate she can damage towers when most people would die trying. I will mostly talk about the items to choose and why instead of on how to play Conquest, since I am not very experienced with Conquest. If you need that you can always look at BranMuffin's Overarching Conquest guide to get tips on how to Solo Lane.

Starter Items

Starter item for a more aggressive approach. It helps with wave clearing early. The mana helps, but not necessarily needed if you have potions and the Mana buff. The downfall is that Rend can be stopped by CC which would make this item less effective.
I like this item for more sustain in your lane. Since it gives you health and mana on basic attacks. It gives the same power as Bluestone Pendant, but just doesn't affect your abilities. This is not your normal starter item in solo but I like using it to help stay in lane longer. Early game, Rend will do most of the damage to the minion but won't kill them. Nike's first two basic attacks deal AOE damage. SO when clearing minions, head to the side of the line and do two cleaves then finish with Rend if needed or keep auto attacking if not pressed by enemy. Each cleave will hit multiple minions giving you the passive for each enemy hit.


More power than Reinforced Greaves. Helps clear minions better. Get if feel comfortable with your opponent.
Little extra protection from God damage. Gives CC reduction and health. Its power is lacking, but the other attributes make up for it. Get this if you are behind and need some early extra protection.

Items 3,4

A good item after your boots are finished. Gives CDR which Nike needs, some penetration, and power. Pick after boots if handling solo enemy fine. If pressed, pick defense based on your enemy.
In Solo lane with a physical opponent, this item is vital. Good protections, some mana and finishes out your Cooldown Reduction. Pick if behind to give yourself a chance to push when the enemy goes back to base
Pick this if facing a Magical God in Solo. Cheap, Good magical protections and some CDR with MP5. Pick if behind to play give yourself a chance to push when the enemy goes back to base

Items 5,6

I really like Heartseeker on Nike. With her first two strikes, she hits multiple minions so getting the 5 hits is easy. The movement speed and the attack speed from the Passive help chase down opponents. It is affordable as well. The downfall is that you have to have Plan of Action going before the 5 strikes or else it triggers it early. This is usually my 5th item.
A nice item that gives you what you need when you need it. Gives you more power when above 50% health or more protections when below it. Has both Magical and Physical protections to help even out your protection scheme.


Item 7

Sell Starter Item for it.

Decent power, and gives physical protections. The passive is nice and can act as more penetration for attacks
Gives power and Magical protections, get this if you need some more magical protection help
If you are feeling comfortable with your protections, you can always use more penetration items.
More Magical Protection beef. Gives a shield when below 30% health


Situational Items (Pick at 5,6 or 7 if needed)

If you are facing a healer in your solo lane. This will help slow that down.
Another anti-healer item. The base stats are really nice to with 40 power and 20 penetration
It'll slow down your opponent's attack speed and power. Be good counter against Bellona or other high attack speed solo laners.
Fallen behind and need to do damage to towers? Get this and that problem will be crushed (sorry for the bad joke)



Special thanks to the following:

Zerostrike for his Spruce up your words guide and helping out with some coding issues.

Technotoad for his Color Compilation guide

Zilby for his Template Guide

Branmuffin17 for feedback when asked.

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