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    A Guide to Making Item Builds (Conquest & More - S2)

    Welcome to my *special edition* guide for making item builds! My name is Zilby. I am a semi-competitive player who primarily plays conquest. My preferred role... read more

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    by LevasK on May 25, 2015
    News Views 165 News Comments 4

    SMITE is coming to Momocon 2015! You can catch Hi-Rez devs in several panels throughout the weekend and meet other members of the SMITE community. You can also visit the SMITE booth on the showfloor where you can get your photo taken with the gods, receive giveaways, and watch a livestream of the SMITE Pro League.

    by LevasK on May 22, 2015
    News Views 464 News Comments 1

    The Warriors of SMITE are joining forces to celebrate Memorial Day. From May 22-25th, select Warrior skins and voice packs are 50% off on both PC and Xbox!

    There will also be special Warrior Weekend Match of the Day queues:

    Gladiator's Glory

    Take to the Colosseum and prove your worth against the other Warriors of the realm.

    Date: 05/23
    Map: Arena
    Gods: Warr…
    by LevasK on May 22, 2015
    News Views 213 News Comments 1

    After going through the last screen shot and video contest we found that most screen shots and videos were not up to the standards we needed to select a winner. As such we have started the contest anew with higher prizing to help give incentive to players to get the best screen shots they can!

    What we are looking for:

    Big team fights, perfect ganks, Fire Gian…

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