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    Top Smite Guides (30 Days)

    Spring Loaded Crocodile Gun (Conquest - Support - S2)

    Welcome to my guide for Sobek, God of the Nile My name is Zilby. I am a casual player who primarily plays conquest. My preferred role in conquest is the solo... read more

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    by LevasK on March 31, 2015
    News Views 517 News Comments 1

    What is “Meta”?

    In every RPG you will find various ways to complete your objective. Most RPG’s have a wide variety of weapons, playable characters, skill trees, and itemization. Hi-Rez Studios has done an amazing job at giving us a variety of all of these options. But just as every game, SMITE has preferred characters, items, and abilities that get picked above all… Read More...
    by LevasK on March 27, 2015
    News Views 687 News Comments 3

    This Saturday March 28th through Sunday March 29th, all gods will be unlocked and playable for all accounts. During this time, players will earn Double Worshipers for all games played. Players will also receive 30 Bonus Gems for each first win and 100 Bonus Gems for completing all 6 first wins on both Saturday and Sunday. This means that you can earn up to 280 Gems each day fo… Read More...
    by LevasK on March 25, 2015
    News Views 790 News Comments 2


    This week marks the 1 year anniversary of SMITE's official release.

    To celebrate, from Wednesday March 25 to Friday March 27 we will be offering the following sales and promotions:

    Gem Bonus

    Purchasing gem bundles in the below increments will grant bonus gems!

    Gem Purchase + Bonus Gems:

    • 1500 + 200

    • 2500 +

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