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    Knowledge is Power

    From my experience so far with Thoth, from what I've seen, his three is crucial. Aim to shoot abilities and basics through it if at all possible (and... read more

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    Top Ymir Guide Last 30 Days
    Top Ymir Guide Last 30 Days
    Top Ymir Guide Last 30 Days
    Top Ymir Guide Last 30 Days
    by Dash on November 29, 2016
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    Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Seas

    Regal, powerful, the Dragon-God of the Eastern Sea commands storms and tides with the flick of a claw, yet he seethes with rage for past humiliations.

    Hun Batz, The Howler Monkey God

    A grudge, like any wound, left untended will fester. Hun Batz and his twin brother H
    by Dash on November 29, 2016
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    It's time to grab your friends once again. Starting Friday, December 2nd to Sunday, December 4th, you can earn double Experience, Favor and Worshipers by playing SMITE in a party of two or more.

    This event will begin Friday, December 2nd at 8:00 am EDT and end Monday, December 4th at 8:00 am EDT.


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    It's coming.

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