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    The Final Kiss [Season 2]

    Hello everyone to my Aphrodite build. This build will be one my biggest one due to my personal achievements. So this build will cover all three lanes Duo, Mid,... read more

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    Community Streams & Video

    by LevasK on February 2, 2016
    News Views 322 News Comments 1

    From Tuesday, February 2nd to Sunday, February 7th, earn double Experience, Worshipers, & Favor while playing in a party of 2 or more on both PC and Xbox. Grab your friends, get on SMITE, and watch the bonuses pile up!

    It's a great time to check out the new Joust map on PC with your friends and get rewarded for playing together!

    by LevasK on January 27, 2016
    News Views 692 News Comments 3

    Let’s end the season with a bang! From Thursday, January 28th to Saturday, January 30th, earn double Fantasy Points for games won and on Sunday, January 31st, earn triple Fantasy Points for games won! This is a great opportunity to reach that next Season Ticket reward before the season ends on February 2nd for PC, with the Xbox Season Ticket ending shortly after.

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    So, Yesterday I decided to give conquest another try after all my hate against it in s2, and boy did I enjoy it, So, I grinded all the top solo picks, and went on my way. First game, I went... Read more

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