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    Beez In The Trap!

    This guide is already updated for the Ravana patch, When the actual patch is out, Ii'l probably make some changes to fit it more. Hello Smiters!, My name... read more

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    by Greenevers on July 5, 2015
    News Views 327 News Comments 3

    The 2015 Season Ticket is leveling up with new rewards and more opportunities to earn Fantasy Points!

    Already have all of the Season Ticket exclusives? Fear not! The 2015 Season Ticket now includes these new rewards:

    • Season Ticket Loading Frame Upgrades - Gold & Diamond
    • Hou Yi - Iron Crow Skin
    • Swagni & Nox Announcer Packs

    We're introducing more opportunities to earn Fant…
    by LevasK on June 24, 2015
    News Views 1,043 News Comments 1

    From today till Sunday June 28th, Gabe's slashing the prices on everything in the SMITE store! This sale is so hot, it's steam-y.

    Get ready to Chell out these gems because all items* are 25% off on both PC and Xbox! Skins, Gods, voice packs, and more!

    On top of that, we're resurrecting old legacy chests all week and doubling log-in bonuses.

    But we're not done yet! You can e…

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    Goodbye Smite, Welcome Paladins, You **********

    So,Yeah. Hirez announced that there developing another game, Which is rumored to be called "Paladins". Which means that SMITE reaches to an end. (Hirez cant handle 2 games a once, Ex:... Read more

    DarkMatterGaming Smite Blog
    July 4, 2015

    Planning on writing a Bacchus guide soon. Maybe.

    Title is pretty self explanatory, and I'll definitely have to play with it in more modes outside of 3v3 to get a remotely good guide out of it - unless there are 3v3 Joust guides? Anyway, back on... Read more

    DucksRock Smite Blog
    July 4, 2015

    We Need New Guides.

    Hey there! My name is DucksRock and i am a returning smitefire member who recently started doing guides. I noticed smitefire is lacking updated guides, So i decided to start working on some. The... Read more