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    Everything You Need to Know to Play Susano

    Welcome to The Ultimate Susano Guide This guide's objective is to teach you everything you need to play Susano at his full potential. I'll be going over... read more

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    by Dash on August 30, 2016
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    Ao Kuang, Dragon King of the Eastern Seas

    Regal, powerful, the Dragon-God of the Eastern Sea commands storms and tides with the flick of a claw, yet he seethes with rage for past humiliations.

    Cabrakan, Destroyer of Mountains

    Feel the earth trembling beneath your feet? Only a titan of tremendous power could cau
    by Dash on August 30, 2016
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    Welcome to Camp Lazy Day! Bacchus is out cold (again) and we want to wake him from his slumber. We have several quests planned to help you with this task, so grab a hot dog and a cold one ’cause it’s ’bout to get rowdy in here.

    Quests have to be completed in order and are only available for a limited time. Complete all of the Camp Lazy Day quests and unlock Hoot β€˜n Holler B… Read More...

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    ThePerfectPrism Smite Blog
    August 24, 2016

    Ode for the Olympics

    So, since I'm brazilian, and the olympics are over, I'm gonna post here the translation of the most "world known" song from Brazil, which is PaΓ­s Tropical. A.K.A Tropical Country. In... Read more

    TheZodiacWolf Smite Blog
    August 24, 2016

    Fenrir Guide Update Help

    felt like it was time to update the old fenrir guide. though i have been coming across a bug, don't know if it's common on the site or not. though basically it's in the item build section. it adds... Read more

    SilentWolf251 Smite Blog
    August 10, 2016

    Updated List of God Masteries + My Favorite Roles

    Current Mastered Assassins: Ratatoskr 4 Bastet 1 Fenrir 1 Possible Mastery Assassins: Nemesis Kali Awilix Arachne Current Mastered Guardians: Ares 1 Possible Mastery... Read more