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    What's a god to a queen? - Aphrodite Solo - Season III

    Hello everyone, this is ThePerfectPrism and I'm here with my 8th SmiteFire guide ! This time, it'll be for the same goddess as in my 2nd guide, which is... read more

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    by Dash on July 26, 2016
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    Chiron, The Great Teacher

    Chiron is a being of conflicted duality. Two opposites in one form. For all appearances, he is a centaur, bearing the torso of a man, and the body of a horse. Brutish, crude, and violent, the centaurs are not civilized creatures.

    Geb, God of Earth

    Behold the rumble from the deep, for i
    by Dash on July 26, 2016
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    It’s time for a Cutesy Icon Giveaway! From Friday to Sunday, unlock the Cutesy Freya Icon for free! To unlock the Cutesy Freya icon, you must win 3 First Wins of the Day between July 29th and July 31st on Console and PC.

    Event starts Friday, July 29th at 5 am EDT until Monday, August 1st at 5 am EDT.
    by Dash on July 20, 2016
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    The Odyssey is around the corner and Hi-Rez wants YOU to help choose the Limited Tier 5 Odyssey skin that will be available as the last reward of the event. The community vote begins today and will run until August 22nd when they announce the God and Theme of the chosen skin concept.

    Last year, Hi-Rez introduced Ragnarok Force X Thor and the year before that they unleashed Archon … Read More...

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    Bran's Newbie Adventures in ConquestLand - Episode OneZero

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    July 25, 2016

    Xbox SMITE Community and Taking A Break

    I have 6 loses in a row and more behind those with 1 win. I'm sick and tired of people pairing in two and surrendering/giving up in Joust. I'm extremely disgusted when people just slightly fall... Read more