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    A beginners guide to the roles and etiquette of SMITE (conquest) - Updated 11/4/2014

    Hello there! I'm Pentargonite and I'm level 30 in SMITE. You might be asking yourself why I made this guide and why it's useful to you. Short answer: I am... read more

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    by icy133 on April 12, 2014
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    ***bhakarna Awakes!

    by Hirez Bart | April 15, 2014


    In order to enable future functionality, Smite has been upgraded to a new version of the Unreal Engine 3 platform. This does not impact significant functionality now, but will enable a variety of improved functionality and game performance in the fu
    by Mowen on March 24, 2014
    News Views 1,923 News Comments 57
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