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    The Overarching Conquest Guide (S3)

    Recent updates: 2016/4/29: Standard corrections, additions, revisions, etc. 2016/4/28: Guide published! Foreword Welcome! This is a guide for... read more

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    by Wayne3100 on April 28, 2016
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    God Remodel: Arachne

    Arachne has undergone a visual upgrade. This means she now has a new model, textures, animations, FX treatments and new card art. Her mastery skins will be modeled in her new style.

    Arachne Masteries

    New God Skins

    Grim Weaver Arachne

    Grim Eclipse Hou Yi

    Grim Shadow Nox

    Hunter's Moon Chang'e

    Legion Hercules

    Amaterasu Masteries

    by Dash89 on April 27, 2016
    News Views 400 News Comments 2

    From Friday, April 29th to Sunday, May 1st, earn double Experience, Worshipers, & Favor while playing in a party of 2 or more on both PC and Console. Grab your friends, get on SMITE, and watch the bonuses pile up!


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