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The Morrigan, A Dark Omen. (Updated For Patch 3.25)

January 16, 2017 by TheMrRay06
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All-Purpose Full Build

Smite God: The Morrigan

Item Purchase Order

Main build - Team Carry Style

Build Item Shoes of Focus
Build Item Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Pythagorem's Piece
Build Item Obsidian Shard
Build Item Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Spear of Desolation

Replace Pythagorem's Piece - Hit'n'Run Style

Build Item Spirit Robe

Replace Pythagorem's Piece - Safe Yet Deadly Style

Build Item Mail of Renewal

Relics (1st Sanctuary then 2nd Situational)

Build Item Sanctuary Build Item Sprint Build Item Purification

4+ Physical Build

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Breastplate of Valor Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Spear of Desolation

4+ Magical Build

Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Pythagorem's Piece Build Item Void Stone Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Spear of Desolation

God Skill Order

Deadly Aspects

Deadly Aspects 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Dark Omen

Dark Omen 1 4 6 7 10 key bind


Confusion 3 15 16 18 19 key bind


Changeling 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

The Morrigan, A Dark Omen. (Updated For Patch 3.25)

January 16, 2017


Welcome to my guide, this build is recommended for Patch 3.25 when The Morrigan was released. As of this patch I have been playing mostly Joust (and some Arena) and most of the games ended with the enemy team surrendering early. So without further ado here's the guide for the first Celtic goddess.

Since no one plays her because they think she's not fixed yet, I could pick her every game. She's a real team fight changer god with her unique kit, the poke she gets from her Dark Omen combined to either Deadly Aspects or most of the time a second Dark Omen is truly devastating ! Then there's Confusion, oh this escape... How many times have they used their attacks/ability on the decoy... And finally that ultimate, enjoying everyone's ultimate ally or enemy for her own.

So here's a build I suggest and is open to improvements (all you got to do is leave a comment with your recommendations I will check regularly ^~^).

This build is still being improved, if you wanna track the improvements check the comment section but we switched to PM recently so we could just post one last comment with our fully improved build"s" (since we are going to make this guide a bit more in-depth ^~^).

Pros / Cons

The Morrigan

........ Pros ........

+ Watching people using their ultimate on your decoy is satisfying

+ A real teamfight changer with her ultimate

+ Low CD and low mana consumption on her abilities
....... Cons .......

- Escape is hard to master as you lose your stealth if you are hit

- Ultimate depends mostly on your knowledge of other gods kit

- Really Squishy early and needs sustainability


With this build you will be focusing on early poke, spamming that ultimate, being as much as possible in teamfights to make use of those passives, burst down tanks with your penetration, enjoy huge damage (wait isn't that evil enough ?) and add in there some sustain and lifesteal so you will never die :).

Shoes of Focus :
Every mage first item (some go with Shoes of the Magi but here we will need these), some magical power and mana in the beginning is always welcomed but the main perk of this items is the little yet important 10% CDR !

Chronos' Pendant :
This items goes extremely well with Shoes of Focus since we are aiming for ability-spamming in teamfights *eveil laugh*. So even more magical power and a bit of mana over time but the main job of this item again is to give a maximum of CDR early (we want that ultimate as much as possible to be of use !).

Pythagorem's Piece :
As the best lifesteal item there is currently, here's our main sustain item, again more magical power for a maximum of damage and 30% lifesteal that will let you regen your health on minions or gods ! (15% of which is applied to allies within 70 units !). And guess what, 10% more CDR ! Now we got it a total of 40% CDR with a solid core build for only 6300g.

Spirit Robe :
If you are the kind to jump headlong into teamfights, the magical and physical protection this item gives should help you survive a bit longer and in case you need to escape, the CC reduction and the passive damage mitigation will surely save you. And guess what, 10% more CDR ! Now we got it a total of 40% CDR with a solid core build for only 6360g.


Mail of Renewal :
Sometimes you will want a little more health because few gods start hitting a bit too hard for such a frail queen The Morrigan is :P. Plus the passive that gives you health regen for any kill or assist on enemy gods and objectives feels so good right ? And guess what, 10% more CDR ! Now we got it a total of 40% CDR with a solid core build for only 6150g.

Obsidian Shard :
Best magical penetration for objectives and burst mages ! Magical power and penetration with that sweet passive. You will be bursting down objectives and gods !

Rod of Tahuti :
This item, oh well, when you get this item ... You will enjoy bursting down anything. 125 magical power!!! And that passive that will raise your damage to 683 total !

Spear of Desolation:
The most expensive yet the best item of this build as the magical power it gives you is enormous, and on top of that +20 flat penetration that will shred any protection stats ! Plus that CDR passive... What can I ask more ?

I will be looking for alternative builds of course and I'm planning on making this page a bit more lifeful with more bb coding in the future ...


Here's why y'all are here for !

Skills Presentation

Doomsayer :

What is this ? A broken Qin's Sais for a passive !? Yes it is ! 9% of maximum health in exchange of 3 AA hits (you don't even need to land your hits actually and it will still make the third hit on a god do AOE damage, truly an overpowered passive for a mage).

Deadly Aspects :

Main damage ability, one click summons two The Morrigan for everyone to see (it's kindof fun walking around with your twins in the lane) more than the aesthetic aspect it comes with a 1s stun that you can hit every 7 seconds (with my build) !

Dark Omen :

Yup this is where the title of the guide comes ! It's a long range doom laser *old cartoon music* ! Actually not so powerful but its utility comes from the bonus it applies to... everything. Either Minions to help you clear faster (so useful early) or escaping Gods hoping to be safe under their tower with 100~200 health, use this this to show them who's the queen ! But also this ability offers you a versatile playstyle ! You can be aggressive and combo it with Deadly Aspects or you can wait for its cooldown and use it again from afar to poke the opposing laner and applying the bonus again every 4s !!!

Confusion :

Well it is truly confusing... I swear I know every trick you could make with this ability but I still fall for them (my greedy player side probably...) This is like the best juking ability on Smite ! The Morrigan truly has a versatile playstyle I love !

For example, chasing low health gods, send your decoy in one way so that the god avoids taking a certain escape route then using your bonus movement speed to catch him where you wanted him to be.
Or another example, faking your escape into the jungle when you actually went under tower to B safely...

I trust you fellow Smite players to come up with amazing plays but if I teach you every trick of the book I might rage quit every time I will have to lane against The Morrigan :'(.

Changeling :

Finally !!! Well I got so many things to say about this one... As much as how many gods there is going to be on Smite! This is the best ability to show you how versatile The Morrigan can be... She can fit any situation any given time and i'm just so scarred they will nerf it since it's the most fearsome ability, why ? Because simply if you think there's a more fearsome ability than hers she can just copy it *duh* !
Anyway I doubt I will explain how to use it since it depends on way too many factors, the time, the place or the map, the possible escapes routes, the enemies, the allies, the score, the kind of play style, the build of the enemies, etc ...

But I will give you a tip, think out of the box, you can use this ult to copy any ultimate from 9 other gods (or 5 if you are playing Joust) which means you don't need to pop that ult only to take a damage ultimate because you wanna to deal more damage.

For example your allies are all low on health after a teamfight but now you need to take down those tower before they come back, there's a Chang'e in the opposite team... Use her to heal them ! There's a jungler chasing you and you'r sure Confusion won't be enough to flee, pick a tank with your ultimate to assure your safety or a god that's strong enough to face that mean jungler >_< !

Skills Sequence


(Will be here soon)

To sum up, I could go on for hours about how good she is for a team based playstyle and how amazing and versatile her kit is, she's the kind of god that could fill any role (well have you seen Ymir jungle xD well in a way more scary) with ease or any situation and any unexpected turns of events. She holds great potential for the juking mechanics of Smite (#JukeNation) and that's also what made me like her so much !


So wanna learn how to play The Morrigan !? Easy ! Or not exactly easy but after reading this you will at least know what you are doing.

The Poke :
Dark Omen + Dark Omen
Since the CD on this is extremely low (every 4 seconds) this is what you are going to use every time its up, trust me you are going to low enemy gods pretty fast in the laning phase.

The Stun :
Dark Omen + Deadly Aspects
This is literally the one shot combo, usually in case you are chasing someone or a 1v1 situation when it's okay to be close range this combo is most of the time deadly.

The Chase :
Confusion + Dark Omen + Deadly Aspects/ Dark Omen
Use the decoy to either get the enemy where you want or to make them think they can safely B because you supposedly left. The movement speeds let's you catch up to him or surprise him then apply your bonus, if he gets away try to take him down long range style with Dark Omen but if he's still near to you just one shot him with Deadly Aspects.

The Surprise :
Confusion + Dark Omen + Deadly Aspects
Leave your decoy somewhere no one would suspect its a decoy (behind creeps or even use your escape before getting in the enemy eyesight so you would be invisible) and get close enough to be able to use Dark Omen + Deadly Aspects to burst down the enemy and if he gets away finish him with Dark Omen again (the CD is quite low don't worry)

This section needs a bb coding update and probably some more combos or better explication, the basics are there but it can and will be improved soon.


This was a fast made guide and my first as well *dramatic sound*, I really wanted to be the first to make it since The Morrigan is a goddess I've been waiting to play for a long time (to be honest my girlfriend was more excited than I for The Morrigan since she is the real Celtic mythology fan) but I had fun imagining other Smite players reading it so I made it easy to read as well (hopefully xD, I'm not a native speaker so I'm ready to get bashed by grammar nazis), I'm also aware I made a lot of parenthesis, hope it wasn't too much ^~^.

Thanks you for reading my guide ! If you find this guide useful let me know with an upvote :3 !

Will be waiting for your comments <3 !

To-do List

- Combos part update (soon)
- Skills Sequence part (soon)
- A Changelog (later)

- Improve the guide with bb coding using xZeroStrike and nanoyam guides (on-going)
- Improve the build with the huge help of Bullfrog323 and Branmuffin17's item choice guide (on-going)
- Credit everyone that helped me (Papa Murmz; xZeroStrike; Bullfrog323)

If anyone wants to discuss or play with me just add me ,TheMrRay06, I will be updating regularly as well with personal experience playing The Morrigan or, using comments on the build or, if they ever happen to nerf her in the future patches ...

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