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Neith Arena

February 22, 2013 by FourthNeith
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Neith BuildBuild 1

Arena Neith,

Smite God: Neith

Item Purchase Order

Intro to arena. Level 2 boots.

Build Item Warrior Tabi


Build Item The Executioner

Then for Tanks and extra AD

Build Item Titan's Bane

Then for sustain

Build Item Qin's Blades

more sustain, AS, AD

Build Item Death's Toll


Build Item Rage

God Skill Order

Spirit Arrow

Spirit Arrow 1 2 key bind


Unravel key bind

Back Flip

Back Flip 3 key bind

World Weaver

World Weaver key bind

Neith Arena

February 22, 2013

About this build

I use this build every game.. i never loose unless my team drags us down. This is built for focusing on AS and AD with a little boost from CS's in the end. Focusing also on your spirit arrow and backflip, i max both of those asap. spirit arrow will slow them enough to get that AD into play and do some real damage, and backflip is a nice escape as well as intimidate from the damage it outputs.
I don't see very many people who know how to play this amazing god so i thought i'de share.

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