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Marki's guide to Mercury [10.15 Patch]

October 16, 2013 by BestMinionEver
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Mercury BuildBuild 1
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Mercury Guide

Build : Gotta gank fast!

Smite God: Mercury

Item Purchase Order

Starter items

Build Item Hand Of The Gods
Build Item Potion of Physical Might
Build Item Bumba's Mask

Early Game

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Frostbound Hammer

Mid Game

Build Item Rage Build Item The Executioner Build Item Bloodforge

Full Build

Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Frostbound Hammer Build Item Rage Build Item The Executioner Build Item Bloodforge


Build Item Fist of the Gods Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Girdle of Inner Power Build Item Blink Build Item Creeping Curse

Situational Items

Build Item Asi Build Item Void Shield Build Item Golden Dagger Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Qin's Blades Build Item Runic Shield Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Witchblade Build Item Hastened Fatalis

God Skill Order

Made You Look

Made You Look 4 10 11 12 14 key bind

Maximum Velocity

Maximum Velocity 2 3 6 7 8 key bind

Special Delivery

Special Delivery 1 15 16 18 19 key bind

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Marki's guide to Mercury [10.15 Patch]

October 16, 2013


Mercury "Messenger of The Gods" is a Roman god and is melee physical assassin.
This guide is made for jungling.

About Mercury's Skill Set

Fastest God Alive (Passive)

As the name says this passive has to do with speed. He gets 25 percent of all movement speed as physical power (so speed buff, items, actives etc.) and for every ft traveled (up to 500ft) he gets 0.1 percent more physical power on his next basic attack (50 percent fully stacked).
He also got an attack chain first swing doing x1 damage, second swing doing x0,75 damage and the third and final swing doing x1,25 damage.

My thoughts about the passive and how I take advantage of it

When it comes to the 25 percent physical power you get from movement speed and builds all I do is rush Warrior Tabi, I like going Heartseeker as well but it is risky and paints a big target on your back. I don't like building other items just because they have movement speed on them, but if you are considering building physical protection you could build Witch Stone instead of Focused Voidblade if you are up against a fed Bakasura or someone else who has built a lot of attack speed. But it is all situational and items like Fatalis, Boots of Celerity and Winged Wand (maybe if slows are the reason for you getting killed, but your Maximum Velocity should be more than enough to save you) are just not useful enough on him to be worth picking them up. When it comes to buffs on the other hand getting speed buff is a big focus, try to be able to counter jungle enemy speed as much as possible and your own speed (keep the timers 4:00). This lets you give red to mid or your Hunter/ADC. This is also some of my reasoning for maxing Maximum Velocity at lvl 9, because of the 10 percent movement speed increase.
When it comes to the 50 percent increase on your next basic attack after walking 500ft, the only time I think about it is if I'm chasing a target with very low health. If I'm not 100 percent certain that a basic attack will kill the target (and I know that the target isn't leading me into a trap or got any way to jump over a wall or something), I will just chase to charge the passive so that I'm going to hit harder when I use a basic attack. A scenario for this would be if someone is running to their tower and I got enough time to get one basic attack before they reach the tower (like if I hit once and don't kill them I won't be able to catch up with the target before he is safe under the tower due to the movement speed debuff you get from basic attacking). Then i will chase them all the way to the tower before basic attacking. Other than that I don't put any thought into it.
When it comes to the attack chain I might do one basic attack x1 damage, activate Maximum Velocity then my next attack will also be x1 instead of x0,75 this will make you do a bit more burst damage. It is good for jungle clearing and ganking though, it doesn't help to much without Hydra's Lament but all damage is good damage. You can do the same thing with Made You Look.

Made You Look

It is an aoe ability with short cooldown and relatively low casting cost. It has a relatively low base damage and just a +50 percent of you physical power, but the big thing about the ability is that it can apply "on-hit" effects and it can do critical hits. As you put points into the ability the area of the ability increases, which makes it easier to hit.

My thoughts about the ability and how I use it

Early game I use it as a finisher to secure kills and to reset the attack chain when clearing buffcamps or ganking.
I max this second because it is good in teamfights with the huge area, and you are not going to have many items with "on-hit" effects or teamfights before you are about lvl 15.
I think it is the "on-hit" effects that makes this ability interesting. My favorite (for jungeling) is the slow from Frostbound Hammer, you can use it for chasing targets or for getting away from someone if you are getting chased. Other "on-hit" effects that I would say are good combined with it is Rage, Bloodforge and The Executioner (Golden Bow would be great for laning) and due to the ability to do critical hits Deathbringer is a great addition to your build.

Maximum Velocity

Steroid that gives you 30-70 percent increased attack speed (with Mercury's 1,0 attack speed it will boost your attack speed wit 0.3-0,7 attacks pr second) for 3-5 sec and removes roots ( Neith's Spirit Arrow), slows and makes you immune to slow and roots for the duration. It also gives you an 2-10 percent increase to you movement speed (witch combines great with your passive Fastest God Alive). For 60-80 mana and 18-14 sec cooldown.

My thoughts about the ability and how I use it

This is what makes Mercury a beast that he is, early game it is very good for when you are chasing kills (with the passive movement speed) and it helps a lot for jungle clearing (just activate it and jab away on the main mob and use Hand Of The Gods to kill the camp without being in danger of getting it stolen by and Odin or something. Combined with Rage and Frostbound Hammer the damage is so high.
Normally I activate this as soon as I'm engaging someone, but if I'm ganking a Neith I will save it until she tries to root me to the ground. The same applies to gods with slows as well, like Zhong Kui. Max it first because "Gotta go fast!".

Special Delivery

This is a dash/pull kind of like Sobeks Charge Prey, just with a shorter throw that you can aim (1 sec aiming time) and you can go through minions with it. You will dash until you hit a enemy god, then you start spinning him dealing a 4 ticks of very low damage over 1 second (40 damage + 60 percent of your physical power total at rank 1). After the 1 second you throw the enemy the way you are facing. The ability has a 15 sec cooldown on all lvls and the damage to enemy gods increases at such a low rate that I max this last (for clearing waves it might be worth maxing earlier, but I doubt it).

My thoughts about the ability and how I use it

Can we get a "OMG OP, NERF THIS SH**!!!"? No just joking, but it is at least one of the strongest abilities in the game IMO. I put a point in this first because it is so strong in lvl 1 fights (if one should occur), combined with lets say Ao Kuang's Tornadoes or Hercules's Driving Strike.
It is also very good for ganking, early game you can throw an enemy into your minion wave then have your teammate kill the enemy. When the early game is over I normally throw someone into a wall, and then move to body block them while beating them to a pulp when I gank. Unless there is some good combo you can do with your teammates (like throwing them into Artemis's Transgressors Fate or something like that, but I'll give some examples on that later).
You can also use it as an escape if something goes bad, or for chasing an escaping enemy.

Sonic Boom

This is another dash with a range that increases over time while you charge it up (you can dash as far as you want (almost), but you can't go through walls). The distance is traveled instantly and you deal a fair amount of damage to everyone you hit, and they are disoriented for 1 second.

My thoughts about the ability and how I use it

The ability can be a bit awkward to use due to the fact that you can't stop the charge up, so if you charge it up to far you have to cancel it and start the charge up again. But when you get a hang of it (you will start to know from when in the jungle you can start to charge it up depending on how far you have to travel), but normally I just start to charge it when I get to the lane etc.
I've found that the best use of it is for split pushing (using it to dash back down your lane), ganking someone who is pushing your tower (dash followed by Special Delivery into your tower, and then followed by a Fist of the Gods stun), in teamfights to dish out some damage and cc or to take down a nasty enemy 1v1.
Just be careful to charge it up enough.

Pros and Cons


High dps
Good mobility
High Attack speed
Insane early game ganks
Good splitpusher
High Lifesteal
Good utility


No jump
Medium penetration


In this chapter I'll talk about all the different items that I usually pick up when I play Mercury and try to explain my thought process behind the items and why I find it useful. The item choices comes down to your play style so you can of course play really well with other builds, this is just how I like to build due to how I play him.

The Core Items:

In my builds the core items are Frostbound Hammer and the famous Rage/ Deathbringer combo. The reason for me picking this items as my core items is to be able to keep my target in range while dishing out insane amounts of damage.

Frostbound Hammer

The extra health is good for giving you some more meat on your bones, which can come in handy when you are up and close to people dealing damage. And the passive works very well together with Made You Look, when you get this done you are going to be almost impossible to escape from.


The critical strike chance combined with the attack speed from Maximum Velocity will increase your dps significantly. It will also increase the damage from Made You Look a lot as well, due to the ability's ability to do critical hits.


Just because Deathbringer really. Combined with Rage your dps can be ridiculously high (600-1000 damage critical hits with an attack speed of 2,5 with all stacks applied from Bloodforge, The Executioner and buffs etc). If you are getting fed and don't have a problem with sustain or enemies with physical protection, building Deathbringer after Rage can be a good idea to keep you snowballing.

Addition To Core Items:

On top of my core items I usually put a lifesteal item (preferably Bloodforge) and some penetration item (like The Executioner), but the order I pick up the different items and even the item will depend on the match.

The Executioner

Combined with Maximum Velocity and Frostbound Hammer you will be able to apply the debuff stacks from The Executioner very fast unfortunately you are going to go 0,12 over the attack speed cap at lvl 20 (with Rage and The Executioner finished you will hit the cap at lvl 15), but I think the passive is worth it (and 0,12 isn't that big of a deal, you basically buy 12 percent to much attack speed). In teamfights the passive from The Executioner is great due to Made You Look.


This item gives you insane damage (65 physical power) when you have built up the stacks on it, which with both Made You Look and Maximum Velocity is ridiculously easy. And on top of that damage you get a huge amount of life steal as well (30 percent). Combined with Rage and Deathbringer this gives you some nasty critical hits.

Situational Items:

The situational items are items that I would replace with Bloodforge or The Executioner (and maybe the Deathbringer, but then there is something insanely messed up stuff going on with the match). The most likely scenario you will be encountering is lack of penetration or that you are to squishy.


Here is the different items I would consider switching with The Executioner and my thought behind why and when I would pick them up.

Titan's Bane

If my team is behind on the tower war (if the enemy team has destroyed more towers than us) and we don't have a adc that can split push (so if we have Apollo I will most likely not pick up this item) or if the enemy team is stacking physical protection (unless they stack more than 125 physical protection The Executioner is a better pick). The reason for picking it up against towers is that The Executioner doesn't apply to towers, and Mercury is a great split pusher with Sonic Boom. Take in mind that you wont hit the attack speed cap without The Executioner.

Focused VoidbladeFocused Voidblade Focused Voidblade

This would be a item I would pick up if I have a difficult time with a enemy physical god. Even though the flat 25 penetration is lower than the physical protection debuff you get from The Executioner it is instant and you don't have to build any stacks (not that getting the stacks takes more than about a second). Same as with the Titan's Bane you are going to lose out on some dps due to loss of attack speed.


These items would be switched out with the Bloodforge, I will walk you through my thought process when it comes to picking up the different items.

Focused VoidbladeFocused Voidblade Focused Voidblade

If I only have a problem with physical damage, and I don't need lifesteal (maybe my team has a good Hel, Chang'e or Aphrodite etc) this could be a nice pickup. But you are going to lose out on some damage (unless the enemy team is building a lot of physical protection, in that chase you might even do more damage with the extra penetration).

Runic Shield

Same as with Focused Voidblade just against magical damage.

Witch StoneWitch Stone Witch Stone

This also goes under the same general conditions as the Focused Voidblade and Runic Shield, but it is also more focused on enemies with a lot of attack speed in their build.


It is insanely cheap and gives you a really good early sustain, attack speed and some flat penetration. The only problem with it is that you lose out on the damage from Bloodforge and combined with The Executioner and Rage you are way over the attack speed cap. But if you are going to build the Titan's Bane as your penetration item it can be a quite good pick (towers will go down in no time). So it would be a decent pickup if you are going against a team that stacks physical protection. And due to how cheap it is (900g cheaper than Bloodforge and Titan's Bane 600g cheaper than The Executioner) you are going to be able to build the Deathbringer earlier than you normally would. You can also pick it up instead of The Executioner if you are up against a squishy team with no physical protection. This will give you an insane amount of lifesteal.

Other Situational Items


This would of course be a early item to pick up (preferably as your first item), but you would most likely be skipping either The Executioner or Bloodforge (depending on what you feel is least necessary). If you are having a hard time keeping your stacks up I would sell it and get Bloodforge, if that was the item you switched it out with. And if you switched it out with The Executioner and the enemy team has started to build to much protections for you to deal enough damage I would sell it and get The Executioner or some other penetration item.

Golden BowGolden BowGolden Bow

This would be more for if you are laning with Mercury (combined with Made You Look), but the passive can be very useful in teamfights as well. If there is 3 enemies grouped up together they are going to take one tick of damage each from the ability and 2 Golden Bow passive hits each due to the fact that each tick of damage from Made You Look counts as a separate basic attack (hopefully they will change it so that the passive can only proc once every time you use Made You Look) I would switch it out with The Executioner, Rage or Bloodforge, depending on what you feel like.

Qin's Blades

A good item if the enemy team is building a lot of health and not a lot of protection. I would most likely switch this out with The Executioner due to the attack speed ( The Executioner and Rage + Qin's Blades will putt you 37 percent over the cap). It can be switched with Bloodforge if you are going for Titan's Bane or Focused Voidblade as your penetration item.


So as with all builds it is very situational, and there is a few things you have to take in mind when picking what you are going to build. But the main items will most of the time be Warrior Tabi of course, Frostbound Hammer, Rage and the Deathbringer.

Jungle Route

In this chapter I'll talk about my jungle route when I play Mercury (this jungle route would work very well with Hercules as well, but other gods will most of the time have a harder time with step 5) of course there is no thing as a set route, but it will at least give you an idea about where to go. A key skill for jungling is to be able to counter jungle and that reacquires good map awareness, so keep warding.

Warding and the rest of the team:

You would want to have a Ward at your speed (to scout for enemy invading and at left mid harpies (because that is where the enemy is most likely to start). Your mid can do right baby harpies (if he is Ao Kuang or for some reason got Hand Of The Gods. The duo lane can either take the enemy blue or do their own blue (depending on if the mid god can solo baby harpies or not. If he can't, doing left blue and having mid leach some exp from it would be a good idea (invading enemy blue with mid is a bit risky because he is vulnerable on his way back to lane and will most likely be quite late for the minion wave). Or mid can just wait in lane to get a early push (but that might make step 5 a bit difficult)

Red Path (before spawn and until 1:00 ish):

On this path you are going to be accompanied by the solo lane (which have to have Hand Of The Gods). This path will help you deny the enemy jungler and give your mid a huge early lead. Step 1 and 2 are crucial for this to work because if you get spotted you most likely have to abort the invade, at least you should (unless you can see where everyone is with Wards).


Wait here and scout for enemies up the lane. Wait until you can see enemies at some of your Wards or until 10 sec before minion spawn (00:00), if you don't have any Wards or vision of the enemy with your Wards. Then you move to step 2 or just straight to step 3 if you waited until minion spawn.


Wait here again to see if the enemy is rotating (they might have a Ward in the cross path at step 2). Wait until 10 sec before minion spawn here as well then move to step 3.


Pop the Potion of Physical Might and agro the camp (you don't need to use any skills) and let the solo laner use Hand Of The Gods on speed and you take the buff (now the solo laner can either go to lane or wait at speed for step 5).


Use Hand Of The Gods on enemy baby harpies (and one basic attack on the big one). This will get you to lvl 2 and give you a huge advantage at step 5 (save the skill point though, just in case you need Made You Look to secure the kill).


Now you are lvl 2 and everyone else is lvl 1 and hopefully the enemy mid lane is somewhere in the middle of the lane and an easy target to gank (If the enemy is Agni you have to wait for the Path of Flame). The concept is easy enough, you go into lane (either by yourself or with the solo laner) open up with Special Delivery and throw the enemy into your mid laner and kill him if it looks like he is going to get away (never happened to me) put a point in Made You Look and secure the kill. Then you move to step 6 with the mid laner (solo laner goes to lane if he joined in the gank). This step will make your mid be miles ahead of the enemy mid, and as long as he doesn't screw it up he should win the lane.

Green Path (1:00 until 1:30 ish):

This path will also deny the enemy jungler (step 6) and help the solo laner to get ahead as well.


You and mid do mid harpies (at about 1 min) this will make them respawn at 2:40 instead of 1:50-2:00 as usual. So the enemy jungler will waste a lot of time waiting for the camp to spawn. And the mid can help you with doing it because he doesn't have to worry about being pushed (because of the gank at step 5), which will make it a very fast clear. Then mid goes back to lane and you move to step 7.


Now you either gank the solo lane (just repeat step 5) if there is an opportunity for it or you just help him push so that you can move to step 8.


Now that the enemy solo laner is either dead or pushed you can invade the enemy blue (solo lane should have Hand Of The Gods of cooldown again to secure it). You are most likely going to meet the enemy jungler at this point, but you and solo lane should be so far ahead that he can't do anything, be careful if the enemy solo laner rotates though. If the enemy blue is go straight for step 9 instead.

Blue Path (1:30-2:00 ish)

Now you have to position yourself for the mid harpies again, you have to be there at 2:00 (1:50 if that is possible). Do the camps you got time for on the way (using Hand Of The Gods can be risky because then it will be down on the mid harpies, but you will most likely be alone on the left camp), so if you did step 8 going for the baby harpies might be your best choice.


If the enemy blue was taken by either enemy jungler or enemy solo laner you get help from your solo laner at blue buff, then he helps you at red because the solo lane is pushed (solo laner uses Hand Of The Gods, you need yours for later), red buff goes to the mid lane. Then if you got time (most likely you doesn't) you do the right baby harpies and move to step 10.


You do the mid harpies on the left side first (because right side isn't going to spawn in at least 40 sec), with help from mid lane if he can. Save Hand Of The Gods in chase enemy mid and jungler rotates. No you have to chose if you want to move forward to step 11 or repeat step 6 (do the right harpies, which will spawn in about 30 sec).

Purple Path (2:00-3:00 ish)

This is the last path of the route and depends on how you are sitting when it comes to health and mana. If there is an opportunity to gank the duo lane you go to step 11 (just remember that you have Potion of Physical Might for 2 more minutes so not worth doing some crazy risky play to maybe get a kill), if not you go to step 12 and 13 before you back and spend some dough.


Just repeat step 5 basically (try to get someone without a jump/dash, someone who just used it or is out of mana). If you get a kill and the left blue is still up, the support should help you take it (he uses Hand Of The Gods if it is of cooldown). Then you move to step 12.


Use Hand Of The Gods if you didn't use it on the mid harpies and take the buff. Be aware of the minimap, so you don't get ganked. Then move to step 13.


Do the baby harpies and get up what you are going to buy when you back (at least x2 Wards, which you are going to ward enemy speed and red with).


This rout (when everything goes as planned) will give you and your team a big lead in the early game. The only problem is the respawn of the right mid harpies, hopefully your mid will manage to do it while you are doing your speed (so you kind of need a decent mid player who knows how to time the mid harpies, which IMO is the most important task the mid player has). After the route is done you should go and ward enemy speed (maybe gank the solo lane, if you just force the enemy solo laner back stay and do some tower damage so that the enemy solo laner is forced to waste 200g on a Teleport). Then ward enemy red (maybe gank a lane, do the same thing as if you gank solo lane). And just stay on top of the mid harpies, every 1:40 (100 sec) and counter jungle the **** out of the enemy speed (and red). Pick up enemy blue as often as you can as well even though it is most important in the early game, it's still a good exp and gold deny to the enemy jungler especially.

Ability Combos

In this chapter I'll make some examples on what you can do with Mercury's skill set and who to best utilize it together with your teammates. I'll start at lvl 1 fights and then move along to eary game, mid game and late game. With teamfights, ganks, escapes, engages, chasing etc.

Lvl 1 engagements

Mercury has one of the strongest lvl 1 fights, right up there with Hercules, Sobek, Fenrir, Anhur, Poseidon, Isis etc.
The most important thing to remember about lvl 1 engagements is to save your abilities. For example:
Of course a Charge Prey---> Special Delivery---> Driving Strike---> Impale combo is pretty dam hilarious, but now you wasted everything on one kill. It would be a lot better to for example start with a Charge Prey into your team, this will most likely turn into a kill without even using any skills (maybe burn a Impale to get it done clean and easy). Then you can pick up someone else with Special Delivery (maybe Sobek is getting Brutalized by an enemy Fenrir or there is a easy target for you) and have Hercules follow it up with a Driving Strike.

Mercury and Hercules
Special Delivery---> Driving Strike "So I Heard You Liked To Get Caught?"

If an enemy is out of position just use Special Delivery and throw him into your team and have Hercules following up with Driving Strike if you have your team with you its a 100 percent kill. And if it is just you and Hercules stumbling over someone in the enemy jungle it should be a kill as well, but then you have to make it so that you thow the enemy into a wall, that way Hercules can Driving Strike without pushing the enemy out of range and together you can bodyblock the enemy while you kill him (spam some [vel] or [vet] to show that you are manly men that don't care about anything).

Mercury and Sobek
Charge Prey and Special Delivery "Do You Even Pull?"

This time you should have Sobek to engage with Charge Prey and if your team is ready that should be a kill. So in this situation the best play would be to hold of on the Special Delivery in chase the enemy miraculously manages to get out, or you could try to pull another enemy into your team. As I said in lvl 1 engagements it is important to hold on to your abilities to when they can have the biggest impact on the fight.

Mercury and Anhur
Special Delivery---> Impale "Didn't Know You Stuck To Walls!"

You engage with Special Delivery and have Anhur to follow up with Impale for a free kill, try to throw the enemy into a wall close to you if it is just you and Anhur that way you can easily bodyblock the enemy and just kill him.

Mercury and Isis
Special Delivery---> Spirit Ball "Oh Look A Shiny Yellow Ball Of Stun!"
Special Delivery---> Wing Gust "Yes Do The Chicken Dance Everyone!"

This is a bit harder to pull of at least if you go for the Special Delivery into Spirit Ball, but if you have communication its pretty easy. You can have Isis aiming and timing the Spirit Ball to hit before you throw the enemy (preferably at maximum range to get the x1,5 damage) or you can inform of where you are going to throw it (throwing into a wall makes it easier for Isis to hit). If Isis is going for Wing Gust, just throw the enemy right to her so that she can't be dodged.

Mercury and Ymir
Special Delivery---> Frost Breath "Freeze! Ymir Is Here!"

It might be better to use Ymir's Frost Breath where you can get a stun on more than one target, but this combo will at least secure you with one easy clean kill. All you do is engage with Special Delivery on a target that is out of position and throw him/her into the team and have Ymir to follow up with Frost Breath.

Mercury and Tyr
Special Delivery---> Fearless "The Mailman Is Fearless Today!"

This combo works just as the one with Driving Strike, try to push the enemy into a wall and body block him then kill him.

Mercury and Poseidon
Special Delivery---> Whirlpool "Should Have Kept To The Shallow Waters!"

Either start with a Whirlpool if someone is way out of position (so out of position that you won't put yourself in danger by fighting where he is) then follow up with a Special Delivery to keep the target in the Whirlpool and throw him into a wall while your team kills him without a chance to escape. Or you can open up with Special Delivery and throw the enemy into your team and have Poseidon following up with a Whirlpool where he is going to land to secure that he can't escape.

Mercury and Ao Kuang
Tornadoes---> Special Delivery "So You Like Tick Damage?"

This will work kind of like with Poseidon. Ao Kuang puts a Tornadoes on someone and when they try to leave you follow up with a Special Delivery to keep them in the tornado and throw them back to your team through the Tornadoes.


So in lvl 1 fights Mercury works pretty much like Sobek, the only difference is that Mercury does mad damage as well as pull someone. There is of course other combos you can use but I don't want to make a example with every god in the game, this is just some of the once I think are the better once. Use your imagination and try out new stuff!


In the early game you have to remember that minions do scary damage, so using Special Delivery into you minion wave is a good place to start. And because of the movement speed bonus from speed buff (which you should have on you) and Maximum Velocity no one is able to outrun you. You can basically just pick combos from the "lvl 1 engagements" when it comes to followup from your teammates. But early game a successful Special Delivery will most likely turn into a kill unless the target has a jump ready (so have look out for jumps on cooldown etc). Her is a list of my favorite combos (when it comes to duo lanes, I'll just give examples with the gods that I fell got the most synergy).

Mercury and Hercules

Special Delivery---> Driving Strike---> Maximum Velocity followed by Earthbreaker if needed and Made You Look to finish if needed.
This is probably my favorite combo when ganking, it is so strong early game. With a full minion wave (lets say lvl 1-4) your target will most likely be dead before the cc-chain is over. In mid game the power of the combo is reduced a little, but your basic attacks will hit a lot harder so it should be a easy kill.

Special Delivery---> Driving Strike---> Excavate to finish.
This will be if Hercules is lvl 5 of curse and you want a fast and clean kill. Try to throw the enemy in a way that makes it easy to Driving Strike the enemy in position for the Excavate double hit using the walls in the lane. Even though the Excavate might seem a little overkill there are scenarios where it is viable. Maybe Hercules is low on health so that he has to be careful about any enemy abilities or you know that the jungler is in the other side of the map and you want to do some tower damage.

Mercury and Agni

Special Delivery---> Noxious Fumes---> Flame Wave---> Maximum Velocity and Made You Look and Path of Flame to secure the kill if needed.
This will be the early game gank on mid if its Agni mid. With the help of minions the damage from Flame Wave and your basic attacks should be enough to secure the kill. The only thing you have to be careful about is for Agni to place the Noxious Fumes correctly.

Special Delivery---> Rain Fire---> Noxious Fumes---> Rain Fire---> Maximum Velocity---> Rain Fire---> Flame Wave and Made You Look and Path of Flame to secure the kill if needed.
This will be when Agni has hit lvl 5, the amount of Rain Fire depends on how many he got saved up. In this scenario it will be a good idea to throw the enemy into a wall to make it easier for Agni to hit the second and third bomb (if he got any) while you try to body block the enemy. If Agni got three bombs there wont be need of any followup, but with one or two bombs Flame Wave and Path of Flame should be enough to do the trick.

Mercury and Anhur

Special Delivery---> Shifting Sands---> Impale---> Maximum Velocity and Made You Look to secure the kill if needed.
This will most likely be a duo lane, so you can have a support in the lane as well to help securing the kill with more cc etc. Before engaging you should know that Impale is ready and not on cooldown. If the Anhur has good reactions he will be able to do the Impale into obelisk combo before you even throw the enemy, but in chase he is a bit slow make sure that you throw him in a path that will make it easy for him to hit the obelisk (preferably straight towards the Anhur). The extra damage from Shifting Sands and Enfeeble will make it a easy kill.

Special Delivery---> Impale---> Shifting Sands---> body block ---> spam [VEL].
This is just a bit more advanced version of the combo above, that is 100 times as fun and a lot more effective as well when pulled of correctly. This time you are going to throw the enemy in a path that makes it easy for Anhur to Impale into a wall, then he puts a obelisk to help body blocking while you and the support close in on him to make it impossible to escape. Then you can just basic attack him and spam some [VEL] to humiliation the poor guy even more and to establish big peepee status (alpha male status).

When Anhur hits lvl 5 Desert Fury can be used if you want to some overkill madness.

Mercury and Athena

Preemptive Strike---> Shield Wall---> Confound---> Special Delivery and Made You Look to secure the kill if needed.
This will be a early game gank (or for when you want to save ulties). Athena will engage with her 3-2 combo ( Preemptive Strike can be skipped if it's not needed for gap closing), when the taunt from Confound wheres off you go in with Special Delivery, the second hit from Shield Wall will take affect while you are spinning the enemy and then you throw him back down the lane to either minions or your carry. If done correctly it will secure the second hit from Shield Wall (which does the most damage), just be careful with the timing so that you don't throw him out before the second hit.

Defender of Olympus---> Sonic Boom---> Shield Wall---> Confound---> Special Delivery and Made You Look and Preemptive Strike to secure the kill if needed.
This is pretty much a wombo combo that can throw any lane completely off track when done properly. You can for example gank the lane the Athena is stationed in or a completely different lane. The idea is for Athena to channel Defender of Olympus on you while you are in the jungle (channel time is 4 sec) at the same time you should be ready with Sonic Boom. Just remember to time the charge up, so that you don't dash to far for Defender of Olympus to hit the target. The stun from Sonic Boom will help you to position if you miss slightly and you can also burn a Special Delivery to gap close if you missed a lot (if your totally of target it's just ggwp, go drunk your home). Then you just repeat the early game combo.

Mercury and Poseidon

Special Delivery---> Whirlpool---> Maximum Velocity and Made You Look and Tidal Surge to secure the kill if needed.
This will also be a early game gank or when Release The Kraken! is down. The idea is to start off with throwing the enemy down the lane into a Whirlpool, activate Maximum Velocity and try to body block the target inside the Whirlpool if you can manage to sustain the damage you are likely to take from the enemy. Then Poseidon can secure the kill with a Tidal Surge or give you the kill.

Whirlpool---> Special Delivery---> Release The Kraken! and Made You Look and Tidal Surge to secure the kill if needed.
Now Poseidon will be the one initiating with his normal 3-4 combo, you are simply going to make it impossible to miss. They way it is going to go down is that after the Whirlpool is put on the enemy you are going to dash in and keep the target from moving and making it a free center damage Release The Kraken! which with Spear of the Magus should be a 100-0 kill. If not you got Made You Look to secure the kill with.


Of curse there is a **** ton of other combos you can use, this is just some of them that I myself like. If there is any other combos you want me to try out and give my opinions on just let me know in a comment or pm.


I've made this guide with the intention to teach (to my best ability) I would recommend watching streams of "pro" players when they play him and of course play him a ton if you want to truly master Mercury. But I've at least tried to give my view on the god and how to utilize him and hopefully the guide will help you on your way to that god rank 10.

Leave a comment if there is something you think I should add or explain more in debt!
Cheers Marki

Guide Log

I'll do my best to keep the guide up to date, this is just to show what I've added/changed etc. lately.

Published (Build): 16.10.2013
Made the "Jungle Route" chapter: 16.10.2013
Finished "Jungle Route" chapter: 16.10.2013
Made the "About Mercury's Skill Set" chapter: 16.10.2013
Finished "About Mercury's Skill Set" chapter: 16.10.2013
Made the "Items" chapter: 16.10.2013

Finished "Items" chapter: 17.10.2013
Made the "Ability Combos" chapter: 17.10.2013
Made the "Guide Log" chapter: 17.10.2013
Made the "Summary" chapter: 17.10.2013
Finished "Summary" chapter: 17.10.2013

Added more to the "Ability Combos" chapter: 18.10.2013

Hasted Fatalis FTW: 27.10.2013

Guide Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Grimskull » October 27, 2013 2:19pm | Report
All that purple coding is really difficult to read. I would consider switching to a lighter color to make it easier on the eyes.

Aside from that, Great Guide.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by BestMinionEver » October 27, 2013 2:55pm | Report
Grimskull wrote:

All that purple coding is really difficult to read. I would consider switching to a lighter color to make it easier on the eyes.

Aside from that, Great Guide.

Hope the yellow is easier to read (makes me physical ill though) :P

I'm guessing you are referring to the "ability combos", I know there is way to much bb coding (with the different abilities) for a experienced player who knows all the different abilities etc. It is mostly for players that's not that well known to the different gods and what you actually can do with them (I read some guides that had that when I tried to play league ages ago and they really helped me unlock the real potential of the champions. Like you can play a character as pro, but if you have no clue what you can do with your team you are pretty much less than useless).

Thanks for the feedback, let me know if it helped or if there is some other color you think would work better (maybe just remove the bb coding for all of Mercurys abilities and just have coding for the abilities that you can combine them with). :D


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Grimskull » October 28, 2013 5:10am | Report
The amount of BB coding isn't really a problem, just the color. If you turned it all to blue or green reading the guide would be much easier.

Also the presentation of the skills and abilities is incredible. All those icons must have taken a long time to write. Really shows you put a lot of work into this. :D


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Luddixz » October 28, 2013 5:23am | Report
Great guide! Ended up 14/0/4 last game using the build provided here.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by BestMinionEver » October 28, 2013 8:06am | Report
Grimskull wrote:

The amount of BB coding isn't really a problem, just the color. If you turned it all to blue or green reading the guide would be much easier.

I'll try out blue then (I just like to make it easy to see what's abilities, items and gods) hopefully that will be easier to look at.:)

Luddixz wrote:

Great guide! Ended up 14/0/4 last game using the build provided here.

Sweet man! Glad I could give you some help :)


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Grimskull » October 28, 2013 9:49am | Report
It's way better with blue. Nothing preventing me from giving this guide a well deserved upvote now :D.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by BestMinionEver » October 28, 2013 11:41am | Report
Grimskull wrote:

It's way better with blue. Nothing preventing me from giving this guide a well deserved upvote now :D.

Thanks man, for the help with it (never thought about the purple being hard to read) and the up vote :p


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Quote | PM | +Rep by forntonio » October 29, 2013 5:45am | Report
I can see all the hours you put in this. You seem to be an extremely passionate smite player, which I like.

For your passion, your awesome guide, +1 and favorite!


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Quote | PM | +Rep by BestMinionEver » October 29, 2013 9:40am | Report
forntonio wrote:

I can see all the hours you put in this. You seem to be an extremely passionate smite player, which I like.

For your passion, your awesome guide, +1 and favorite!

Thanks bro!

Put a couple of hours in it yes, but as long as ppl can make use of it it's all worth it :)


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Quote | PM | +Rep by MrSharpshooter » November 6, 2013 4:56am | Report
You did a good job, providing us with alot of knowledge.. Its good to see that someone is taking his time to explain how and when.. +1


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