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December 3, 2012 by LordAras
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Hades BuildBuild 1


Smite God: Hades

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Spear of the Magus
Build Item Reinforced Greaves (Deleted)
Build Item Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Sovereignty
Build Item Void Stone
Build Item Warlock's Sash

God Skill Order

Death From Below

Death From Below 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Shroud of Darkness

Shroud of Darkness 3 15 17 18 19 key bind

Devour Souls

Devour Souls 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Pillar of Agony

Pillar of Agony 5 9 13 16 20 key bind


December 3, 2012



You can play agressively and you are making enough damage for kills!

Guide Discussion
Quote | PM | +Rep by dlloftin » December 5, 2012 12:46am | Report
you buy the items to 3 stack each or buy 1-2 stack of each one and upgrade them throughout the gameplay?


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Quote | PM | +Rep by LordAras » December 6, 2012 12:10pm | Report
i bought the items up to 3 stack


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Quote | PM | +Rep by MonsterTrain » December 9, 2012 5:28am | Report
Solid build, but warlock's sash isn't really a late game item if you're going to take it, the sooner the better to get those stacks up. Apart from that the protection is great and you have enough penetration to get through the moderately protected.

Could do with more of a guide about how you play him aggressively focusing on skills, etc.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Silvercp13 » December 21, 2012 6:00pm | Report
i like it +1 for me Monster is right though the sooner the better with the warlocks stash


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