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final test tread.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by All4Games » August 9, 2013 10:22am | Report
i these are the end results of all the test's i did over the last week.

the reason i did these test's are to see for my self if hirez is telling the truth about some of the pysical gods, what i mean by that is when they give a god a pysical role and they say "does low damage" if they are telling the trueth and if gods who are actually squisy and ment to fill a squishy role have a advantage over bruisers and another squishy

but i also wanted to see how gods effected their own classes and that was where the why i made 3 seperate test treads so that they wouldedn't directly get effected by the other tests. see for your self trough these test results.

here i will explain how i did the test and why i did it in this spesific way.

the build i used was warrior tabi,heart seeker, devo gloves, rage, deathbringer, focused void blade.

i used this build for all 3 test's so i could compare them.

i rage and void blade for a spesific reason, rage gave me a high crit rate so that way it sped up the process.

i picked focused void blade for the pen so that i could get true damage or i was pretty close to true damage.

the test meat was the gold fury, she has very low protections which let me get as stated above true damage or close to true damage.

buff's have been noted seprate, buff's like red and fg were not used, swing cains are not used all numbers are from normal hits.

DISCLAIMER! i had to use the same build for the test. this means that some gods can do more damage with different builds. for example vamana's passive gives him pysical power if he gets pysical protection so if you build anhk of the bear you get a lot more damage.

here are all the test results.

apollo 835
anhur in sands 1035, out of sands 863
art 828
cupid 840
neith 840
xbal without passive stacks and without his 1 on 855, without passive stacks but with his 1 on 980, with passive stacks but without his 1 on 930, with passive stacks and with his 1 on 1055.

Arachne 843
bakasura 838 without 3 leveled. with 3 leveled 913
bastet 840
fenpup 848 without buff. with buff (not runed) 973. with buff (runed) 1035
hun batz 841
kali 843 without self buff. with self buff 984
loki 843 not buttstab. buttstabs are 1026
nezha 845

herc 848
odin normal 845, in ult 1133.
thor 855
tyr defence stance 848, assault stance 973.
vamana baby form 906, giant baby form(aka ssj 1) 1268.

as you can see the bruisers have the highest normal damage without any buffs and the tank bruiser's get the most damage out of all in their ults.

so why does hirez say that tyr, odin, vamana have low damage when in the same situation as other bruiser's or even assassins do more damage?

why does anhur only need 1 large AOE buff to do the same damage as fenrir who needs his double buff and come close to do the same amount of damage?

realy bruisers do the most damage and have the highest protections when assassins do less damage with less protections.

and out of this whole test ARTEMIS DOES THE LEAST AMOUNT OF DAMAGE?!

bruisers have higher damage and higher protections, ranged carries as their name suggest have range. but assassins need to come close to do damage and that damage is less than bruisers, they have less range so the ranged carry can get 2-3 shots in before the assassins are even close enough.

i know that skills have a say in the role's BUT most skills come close to another in multiple ways. vamana has a cone nuke same as tyr, fair enough they are in the same class but hun batz has a cone nuke to... neith and xbal both tecnacly have a cone nuke but they just have a secondary effect.

multiple gods have a leap, self buff, dot's and nukes skill and some are just carbon copies of each other.

well you thoughts what does this test tell you?
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Bushwahkhan » August 13, 2013 12:55pm | Report
wow. very informative. I can't believe assassins don't do more damage than tank bruisers. A little strange on how some gods that should be OP really aren't :/ - Follow :)

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Quote | PM | +Rep by All4Games » August 14, 2013 6:35am | Report
Bushwahkhan wrote:

wow. very informative. I can't believe assassins don't do more damage than tank bruisers. A little strange on how some gods that should be OP really aren't :/

it amazes me to but i will take abilities in to acount when saying OP. odin get's very high damage in his cage but it is easy to avoid him and easier to escape the cage. vamana can't use abilities in his ult and gets a very big hit box. tho there are gods who i will just call OP straight form the get go because of the same abilities like anhur.
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