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Smite build guides for every god in every role created and rated by Smite fans. Browse or search our massive database of Smite strategy guides to easily find builds and guides to suit your requirements. Use the filters to help sort and find the ones you are most interested in. You may also create your own Smite strategy guide. Please help the authors and share your opinion by rating and commenting on the strategy guides you view.

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Smite Guide
22 Votes
Freya Build Guide
53 Votes
Smite Guide
27 Votes
Medusa Build Guide
39 Votes
Athena Build Guide
67 Votes
Smite Guide
64 Votes
Bacchus Build Guide
34 Votes
Loki Build Guide
43 Votes
Thor Build Guide
17 Votes
Hun Batz Build Guide
12 Votes
Izanami Build Guide
12 Votes
Awilix Build Guide
128 Votes
Bakasura Build Guide
27 Votes
Ah Muzen Cab Build Guide
23 Votes
Osiris Build Guide
I'm Goin' Ghost! : Osiris Guide (S5)
By Stuke99 updated March 11, 2018
32 Votes
Bellona Build Guide
This Means War: Bellona Guide (S5)
By Stuke99 updated March 10, 2018
32 Votes
Smite Guide
Become the Deadliest Warrior (S5)
By Stuke99 updated March 8, 2018
31 Votes
Scylla Build Guide
19 Votes
Ah Puch Build Guide
21 Votes
Discordia Build Guide
Season 5: Discordia
By Rvynn updated March 1, 2018
18 Votes
Thanatos Build Guide
15 Votes
Anubis Build Guide
15 Votes
He Bo Build Guide
10 Votes
Aphrodite Build Guide
14 Votes
Artio Build Guide
13 Votes
Terra Build Guide
8 Votes
Thoth Build Guide
7 Votes
Hachiman Build Guide
[ADC] Hachiman Build Guide
By DV-8 updated March 16, 2018
11 Votes
Ratatoskr Build Guide
35 Votes
Sun Wukong Build Guide
75 Votes
Smite Guide
Color Compilation
By Technotoad64 updated March 6, 2018
7 Votes
Smite Guide
88 Votes
Janus Build Guide
Janus, The 2-Faced Bastard
By Tlaloc1050 updated February 28, 2018
7 Votes
Cupid Build Guide
15 Votes
Mercury Build Guide
20 Votes
Odin Build Guide
36 Votes
Guan Yu Build Guide
34 Votes
Susano Build Guide
6 Votes
Ao Kuang Build Guide
By Matheusfirmi updated February 15, 2018
6 Votes
Chaac Build Guide
S5 Solo - Total Domination
By PickleSanchez updated January 31, 2018
6 Votes
Cu Chulainn Build Guide
9 Votes
Mercury Build Guide
Ludicrous Speed! - Mercury 5.3
By Cyberhawk94 updated March 6, 2018
9 Votes
Ullr Build Guide
9 Votes
Ne Zha Build Guide
5 Votes
Susano Build Guide
5 Votes

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