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Thor Jungle

August 11, 2017 by DV-8
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Thor Jungle

Smite God: Thor

Item Purchase Order

Example Final Build

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Titan's Bane
Build Item Shifter's Shield

Core Items

Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Jotunn's Wrath

Starter Items

Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Bluestone Pendant Build Item Combat Boots


Build Item Warrior Tabi


Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Runeforged Hammer Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Stone Cutting Sword


Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Gladiator's Shield Build Item Shifter's Shield Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Masamune Build Item Magi's Blessing Build Item Void Shield Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Runic Shield


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Bracer of Undoing Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Sundering Spear Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Horrific Emblem Build Item Phantom Veil Build Item Cursed Ankh


Update Log

Welcome to learning how to play Thor in Conquest's jungle. Thor is an assassin with high single target damage and a decent amount of crowd control who can turn the tide of battles. Because he has several skill shot abilities that can be easily missed, it can be very difficult to play Thor well. The goal for this guide is to provide you with basic information and build ideas to maximize your effectiveness when playing Thor in the jungle.

Keep in mind that this is a Thor guide and not a, "How to jungle" guide. So future topics will be discussed under the assumption that you have a basic understanding of how the jungle role is generally played. In the case of Thor, we will be focusing on building him as a high-power assassin who tries to secure kills and setup killing opportunities for his team.

We will start by dissecting his ability kit:

Kit Analysis

In this section I will highlight the key component's of Thor's ability kit, as well as the implications it will have on building him.

(To view the full details of an ability, hover your cursor over the respective icon)

Thor's Kit Breakdown + Build Implications

Warrior's Madness
Thor's incredible mobility makes him excellent at getting in and out of fights. Warrior's Madness encourages you to dive into a group of enemies to pick off a squishy/low health target, then get out before being targeted.

At max stacks, it provides a significant power buff that is almost like having another item built. With this passive, you can really make an impact in team fights by bursting targets down quickly. However, you need to use caution that you don't get punished for being exposed. This is one of the factors that makes Thor so difficult to use for the inexperienced player.

Build Implications:
As previously mentioned, Thor is able to get into a group of enemies to do damage. Because of this, many people like to build some defense on Thor to help him stay healthy when engaging enemies. Being close to enemies also means that Thor can make use of crowd control reduction and relics such as Purification Beads.
Skill #1

Mjolnir's Attunement
Thor throws his hammer and has the option to activate the ability again to teleport to his hammer's position. This can also be done through walls. This functions as both a potent attack for Thor and an escape/engaging tool. If hit by the hammer's return, enemies can be quickly drained of health, which makes it a great tool to poke enemies out of their lane. It can also assist in clearing jungle camps and minion waves.

Build Implications:
To maximize the effectiveness of this damaging ability, power and penetration would be the most beneficial things to build. Cooldown reduction can also be helpful, making sure that Thor has an available escape at all times, or to keep outputting damage at a constant rate.
Skill #2

Tectonic Rift
This crowd control ability is a unique ability among assassins. Creating a long wall and stunning enemies hit, Thor can set up kills or provide escaping opportunities for himself and his teammates. Along with stunning them, you can trap enemies without escapes in some pretty unfavorable positions (under a tower, pinned against a wall, etc.). Awareness and timing are key when using this ability, as you don't want to block teammates when trying to block or stun an enemy.

Build Implications:
Thor has a lot of crowd control in his kit, so obtaining items that capitalize on this aspect can come in handy (items such as Runeforged Hammer). Additionally, cooldown reduction can keep this ability available often if you find yourself needing more cc throughout the match.
Skill #3

Berserker Barrage
Thor does damage in a decent sized radius over a period of time. Using this when close to enemies helps ensure maximum damage, given that they don't jump or dash away. Using Berserker Barrage in combination with one of your stuns can ensure that the enemy stays put for maximum damage. Thor also becomes immune to knockups during the attack, giving him added safety against certain opponents when engaging a target. Combined with your passive, you can also use this within a group of enemies with low health/defenses to disrupt their formation.

Build Implications:
Power and penetration will give this ability a punch against gods that decide to hang too close to Thor. Defense may also be desired as this attack requires you to be up close and personal with your target.

Anvil of Dawn
An incredibly long ranged ability that damages and stuns a large radius. A well placed Anvil of Dawn can turn the tide of a team fight, or be used to pick off a fleeing enemy. Anticipating enemy movement is an important skill to have for landing this ability, as it can easily miss a mobile target.

Build Implications:
Cooldown reduction is most beneficial here, giving you greater mobility around the map. Some power and penetration can also help this skill pack more of a punch at later levels.

Note About Skill Upgrade Order:

I personally don't like making a never-changing skill order chart, because different matches could call for different skills to be upgraded. This applies to all gods in my opinion. However, there is usually a general skill order that you want to keep in mind.

For Thor, you generally want to prioritize upgrading your skills in the following order:

Mjolnir's Attunement : Main source of damage and poking enemies out of lane

Berserker Barrage : High damage when engaging a target or group of enemies

Anvil of Dawn : High power fight initiator/kill secure

Tectonic Rift : Can upgrade periodically for a longer stun duration, but other abilities should be prioritized


Starter Items
At the start of a match, Thor is a damage threat but is also very mana hungry. In all levels of play, including pro leagues, it is widely accepted that Bluestone Pendant and Bumba's Mask is hard to beat. For this reason, I will not be going over other staring items.

About Thor's Starting Build Variety
Bumba's Mask

Gives Gold and Mana for killing Jungle monsters. As a jungler, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not picking up Bumba's Mask. The sustain, extra gold, and damage assistance you get for clearing camps is too beneficial to pass up for 500 gold. This can help you start out a match well and keep your farm efficiency optimal.
Bluestone Pendant

MP5 / Deal additional damage with abilities. Bluestone Pendant makes the most sense for Thor as an ability based assassin. The power and passive can help you capitalize on your early aggression as well. Known to be mana hungry in the early stages of a game, Thor also makes use of the mana and MP5.
Combat Boots

Power / Movement Speed. The cheap benefits provided by Bluestone Pendant are hard to pass up, but you do have the option to start with tier 2 boots. This will allow you to get your build online faster if you think that you can jump to an early lead, as well as provide you with early movement speed.

Shoes provide an inexpensive source for both movement speed and power, both needed by Thor in the early stages of a match. As far as Thor is concerned though, there is really only one best choice for shoes.
Warrior Tabi

Power / Movement Speed. Warrior Tabi makes the most sense for Thor. Your kit is not auto attack focused, making other shoes like Ninja Tabi an unneeded pickup. With Reinforced Greaves, you lose out on a lot of power for such a small amount of gold, and don't really take advantage of Thor's strong early game. Warrior Tabi's cheap power and movement speed allow him to be an early game threat for ganks or invading buff camps.

In terms of offense, penetration is perhaps Thor's main focus. Power is beneficial too, and is included in most penetration items. That being said, there are other interesting options as well with unique passives and stats that Thor can make use of.
Jotunn's Wrath

Cooldown Reduction / Physical Penetration. This item satisfies Thor's checklist for the perfect item, and is always going to be included somewhere within your build. It gives flat penetration, power, mana, and cooldown reduction. As an ability based assassin, Thor has no reason to neglect building this item.
Brawler's Beat Stick

Anti-Healing / Penetration. Brawler's Beat Stick is great for shutting down healing enemies and targets being healed. This item can help secure kills against opponents whose health can be tough to drain. Also, it provides great power and flat penetration to give your abilities added power.
Titan's Bane

Physical Penetration. Titan's Bane is a great item for shredding through the defenses of tanky opponents like guardians or warriors. Whenever you see two or more enemies building physical defense, you generally want to look to start building Titan's Bane to keep the threat of damage relevant to the enemy.
Runeforged Hammer

Deal increased damage to target afflicted by Crowd Control. Runeforged Hammer takes great advantage of the crowd control contained in Thor's kit. Increasing your damage output by 15% when targets are under the effect of crowd control, you can pack a serious punch with combo attacks. Additionally, it supplies you with some power and health for surviving fights.
Hydra's Lament

Using an ability gives your next Basic Attack bonus damage based on Physical Power. The power and cooldown reduction from Hydra's Lament is good in itself, but to truly take full advantage of its passive, you need to be able to auto attack cancel your abilities (discussed later). This can add a significant amount of damage when dumping your kit onto an opponent, but can be difficult to do. Especially if the enemy has dashes or jumps to quickly escape out of your auto attack range.

Build stacks to deal bonus ability damage. Heartseeker provides power, penetration, movement speed, and an interesting passive. The passive requires building stacks of auto attacks, which can be done on minion waves, jungle camps, or (if you're unleashing a combo) enemy gods. The stacks are consumed when using an ability, not when making contact with a god, so you can potentially waste the stacks if you miss your attack. When executed properly though, it can be very effective.
Stone Cutting Sword

Basic Attacks steal target's Physical Protection. For a high cost, Stone Cutting Sword provides you with great power and up-close fighting ability. Also containing additional movement speed, it is a solid item for Thor. As mentioned, the passive encourages you to be within auto attack range of enemies to apply the protection steal. This can be great when picking off isolated enemies, but becomes very risky in the late team fight stages of a game. Because of this, you could potentially lose out on some value compared to other items, and would be better off with similar items like Masamune.

Due to Thor's kit, he is encouraged to get close to enemies to deal damage and get out before being focused. Because of this, he benefits from defensive items with offensive aspects to them. Unless you snowball into a crazy lead where you can build pure offense safely, you are usually going to be building at least one of these defensive items.
Winged Blade

Periodic immunity to Slow effects. The inexpensive stats from Winged Blade make for a fantastic item. As we have already discussed, Thor likes to get up close and personal with his targets. Winged Blade gives you health to survive close encounters, crowd control reduction, and a passive to combat slows. When getting in and out of fights quickly, this item will assist Thor, as well as give him extra movement speed. An overall fantastic defensive item.
Gladiator's Shield

Power / Physical Protection. This bridge item actually works well for Thor to combat early physical aggression. Providing solid defense, power, and cooldown reduction, this can be an inexpensive tool to help you play aggressively with a safety cushion of protection.
Shifter's Shield

Provides Physical Power or Protections based on missing Health. Although this item is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, the stats that it provides you with are solid. This is a great pickup as a Thor because it provides you with offense when you want it and defense when you need it. You will often find yourself quickly switching between offensive and defensive postures as Thor, so this item lends itself to suiting your needs in a given moment.
Spirit Robe

Grants Damage Mitigation when hit by hard Crowd Control. If you are being hit with crowd control often, you should consider picking up Spirit Robe. Not only giving defense and crowd control reduction, it has a passive that gives additional damage mitigation when hit with hard crowd control. To top it all off, it also has cooldown reduction to keep your abilities available more often. Great for added protection when diving into the fray of things.

Gain Protections when near enemy Gods. This gives good power and movement speed to keep Thor relevant. It also provides Thor with some health and a defensive passive to aid in his survival when fighting near a group of enemies. Consider getting this if you want high power to pick off targets and to mitigate damage while doing so.
Magi's Blessing

Absorbs a hard Crowd Control effect. When diving into a team fight, Magi's Blessing can provide you the crowd control immunity you need to safely retreat before being focused. It also helps your general defenses by giving you a ton of health and some balanced protections.
Void Shield

Physical Protection debuff Aura. Rather than a penetration item, Void Shield functions as a protection reduction item. This can be helpful if you have a team of mostly physical damage gods, as the passive allows them to deal more damage as well. Aside from shredding defenses for you and your team, it also gives you some power and physical protection for a good balance of offense and defense. However, it costs a very large amount of gold for what it does.
Mantle of Discord

Strong Protections / Cooldown Reduction. Mantle of Discord is a late game pickup if you find yourself needing more defense. Because of how expensive it is, it can take a while to build, though. In addition, it has a passive that applies a stun and crowd control immunity when your health drops below the 30% threshold. Do note however, that this has a long cooldown of 90 seconds.
Runic Shield

Magical Power debuff Aura. This is a good pickup when enemy magical gods are giving you problems. While also giving you some power and health, it also provides you with magical defense and an aura that reduces the magical power of enemy gods near you. Consider picking up if the enemy team has lots of threatening magical enemies like a strong mid laner or magical attack damage carry.

Like many other gods, Thor has many options to choose from for Relics. Depending on what the situation calls for, different relics could be needed.
Purification Beads

Removes Crowd Control Effects. When jumping into a group of enemies, you want to do your damage and get out before being focused and burst down by the enemy team. Sometimes, you can be caught by enemy crowd control and prevented from escaping, resulting in death. Purification Beads enables you the ability to remove the crowd control and escape to safety.

Upgrade: Reduced cooldowns means more crowd control immunity more often. Consider upgrading early on if you are being heavily focused with crowd control.
Bracer of Undoing

Restores Mana and Health. Bracer of Undoing can give Thor extra survival ability in fights. In close encounters, it can help you outlast your opponent in health to secure a kill.

Upgrade: Thor gets good benefit from Bracer of Undoing's upgrade. When using Mjolnir's Attunement in a fight, Thor uses up his escape ability. With the cooldown reduction from the upgrade, Thor gets his escape ability back online quicker, as well as his other attack abilities. This enables him to do more damage in a shorter amount of time and still have an escape option available. Overall, this relic can be beneficial if timed properly.
Aegis Amulet

Invulnerability for a duration. If timed properly, Aegis Amulet can help you negate large amounts of damage. Also allowing you to move while in use, it can help you escape undesirable positions to get to safety. Like most relics though, it also has a long cooldown, which requires a solid knowledge base of when it is absolutely necessary to use this relic.

Upgrade: Reduced cooldown means having damage immunity more often. Consider upgrading earlier in the game if you are being burst down and focused.
Sundering Spear

Fires Damage Increasing Projectile. Sundering Spear can help with your overall damage output in doing 15% true damage of the target's maximum health. The drawback to this relic though is that you can miss the projectile shot and waste value.

Upgrade: When upgraded, hitting a target before you unleash a combo can deal significant extra damage. Great to use against tanky targets to burst them down.
Blink Rune

Short range teleport. Blink Ruin is an interesting option for Thor, as it allows you to engage without using Mjolnir's Attunement so that you still have an available escape afterwards.

Upgrade: After teleporting into a group of enemies, Thor can take large amounts of damage if the enemies turn their attention to him. The damage mitigation after blinking can help you stay healthy when disrupting an enemy group before escaping or chasing a kill.
Heavenly Wings

Increases ally Movement Speed. As opposed to a selfish relic such as the previously listed ones, Heavenly Wings is more of a team focused relic. It can help your team engage or retreat as necessary in different scenarios. It also makes you immune to slows, allowing you to escape without worrying about having your movement speed reduced.

Upgrade: When upgraded, Heavenly Wings give you and your allies a Fatalis effect for 5 seconds. Can be great in a team fight when used near your attack damage teammates.
Horrific Emblem

Reduces enemy Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Mainly functioning as a counter to auto attack based gods, it can also be used to engage or chase down enemies in certain situations.

Upgrade: Horrific Emblem also reduces the damage output of enemies to help you to soften their attack or render them weak when you decide to engage them.
Phantom Veil

Ghostwalk. Phantom Veil, or as it's also known; The Odin Counter, is a solid choice against specific team compositions. It can also help against Ymir walls and other player made objects.

Upgrade: Phantom Veil applies a 15% damage output reduction on the enemy, giving you better survival ability in sticky situations. In addition, the duration of the relic is doubled.
Cursed Ankh

Reduces enemy Healing. Cursed Ankh is effective against targets being healed by the likes of gods like Aphrodite, Guan Yu, or Hel. When combined with items like Brawler's Beat Stick, you can halt the healing and regeneration of almost any opponent.

Upgrade: Upgrading this relic increases the mana cost and cooldown of enemy abilities, which gets the most effectiveness when used on a large group of enemies, which Thor is known to jump in the middle of.

Combination Attacks

Important Note!

Difficulty: Easy
Breakdown: First, stun the enemy with Tectonic Rift. While the enemy is stunned, use that as an opportunity to land both hits of Mjolnir's Attunement. The further away the enemy is from you, the quicker you will land both hits of the hammer, so try to catch the enemy as close to the end of the Tectonic Rift wall as can when poking. The quicker you can get the hits off, the better, as your Tectonic Rift has a short stun duration at low levels.

Note: You can also reverse this order for the same effect. By throwing your Mjolnir's Attunement foward first and stunning the target in place with Tectonic Rift immediately after, you ensure the return hit to land. However, this is a bit more difficult to execute.

When to Use: As a ranged poke combo, it is best to use this when you see an opportunity to deal damage, but don't want to commit to a full-on attack. When coming out of the jungle, you can catch a squishy opponent off guard with this combo to force them to retreat under their tower and lose farm. Avoid using this when in an exposed position though, as you exhaust all of your escape abilities, other than your ultimate.

Hit and Run
Difficulty: Easy
> >

Breakdown: When getting close to the enemy or group of enemies, use Berserker Barrage when close to land as many ticks of damage as possible. After that, use Tectonic Rift to stun an enemy in place. Once stunned, throw Mjolnir's Attunement to get a hit of damage on the target, then teleport to the hammer at max range to continue your escape. Remember to ability cancel with auto attacks whenever possible.

When to Use: If you are able to sneak in behind an enemy or group of enemies, you can unleash some damage while keeping your escape ability available. It can be great for catching an unsuspecting enemy off guard to pile on some damage and flee.

Difficulty: Medium
> >

Breakdown: The beginning of this combo starts the same as your poke. Use Tectonic Rift to stun the enemy in place, then Mjolnir's Attunement to land both hits of Thor's hammer. This time though, to engage, teleport to your hammer right after the second hit of damage strikes the opponent. After teleporting, use Berserker Barrage to land as many ticks of damage as possible. The closer that you teleport to the target, the quicker you can execute this combo.

When to Use: This is a great combo for securing kills on isolated targets and ganking. Like other combos, using Mjolnir's Attunement spends your escape ability, so use this attack wisely to where you won't be punished. Although not much different from your poke combo, this is a bit more tricky to execute properly. This is because you have to time the teleport to your hammer correctly so that it gets the second hit of damage off and you aren't too far away from the target, especially if you want to throw in a basic attack.

In and Out
Difficulty: Medium
> > >

Breakdown: The attack starts with an Anvil of Dawn into a group of enemies. Landing this will stun all enemies, leaving you an opening for getting multiple ticks of Berserker Barrage off. The more enemies you land on, the more this will power your attack with Warrior's Madness. After your Berserker Barrage is done, quickly lay down a Tectonic Rift on one of the opponents, followed by Mjolnir's Attunement through the stunned target, and then teleport to your hammer at max range to retreat from the group.

When to Use: This is great for disrupting a team fight, getting up close and personal, and unloading some great damage before escaping back out to safety. This can be more difficult to execute, because depending on how quickly you pull off this combo, the enemy has chances to crowd control you and keep you pinned down while they focus and burst you down. There are certain items you can get for added safety though if you find yourself using this combo often.

Engage and Flee
Difficulty: Hard
> >

Breakdown: First, use Mjolnir's Attunement to land both hits of your hammer for maximum damage. Immediately after the second return hit, teleport and follow with a Berserker Barrage. After doing your damage, you can retreat by landing Tectonic Rift, using the stun and positioning of the wall to give you a chance to flee.

When to Use: Like most of Thor's combos, he uses his mobility to get close, do some damage, and then leave. This is to be used when you want the full damage of your engage combo to hit a target, but you also want to retreat afterwards (maybe there are a group of enemies nearby who could ambush you). Similar to Thor's engage combo, this gives him a small window for a retreat, whereas his engage combo doesn't leave him with many escape options. This can be difficult to pull off though, for several reasons. First, you don't have a stationary enemy to hit with Mjolnir's Attunement, which can be tricky to land both hits on a mobile target. Then, after your attack, you have to execute Tectonic Rift properly on whoever begins to chase you to allow you to escape.

Unload the Kit
Difficulty: Hard
> > >

Breakdown: First, land on a target with Anvil of Dawn, stunning them in place. While stunned, use Mjolnir's Attunement to add up damage, auto attacking before and after using it. Immediately after this, drop Tectonic Rift to stun the target again, allowing the second hit of Mjolnir's Attunement to come back and hit them, and follow up with another auto attack. Then, use Berserker Barrage while the target is close to get max ticks of damage off, followed by a final auto attack.

When to Use: This is Thor's ultimate damage combo that will level just about anybody when properly executed. Use this to burst an enemy down quick and catch them off guard. With an ally nearby (if you use this as a gank attack), this should almost always result in a kill. The combo itself can be difficult to pull off, especially when landing auto attacks for maximum damage. It is recommended that you practice this and other combos in jungle practice mode to get a feel for them.

Gameplay and Item Build Order

Early Game:

Build ideas:
As previously discussed, starter items other than Bluestone Pendant and Bumba's Mask don't offer Thor much benefit. In almost every match, this is going to be your start, unless you are trying to rush your build, in which starting with Mask and Combat Boots is possible.

For Relics, it really boils down to preference. If you want to up your aggression, something like Bracer of Undoing can help you in your fights. For a more defensive start, you can pick up something like Purification Beads or Aegis Amulet.

Possible Early Game Build Examples
Standard Start
Build Rush

In the early stages of the game, you are quite powerful compared to most other gods. Using your poke or engage combo can deal high amounts of damage when ganking to secure a kill or force an enemy to return to base.

Thor is very mana hungry in the early game. Bluestone Pendant should be helping a little bit, but you should still be very conservative with your ability usage. When you execute an attack, make sure it lands. Clearing camps will help your mana replenish quickly, especially if other teammates help you clear camps at a faster rate.

Mid Game:

Build Ideas:
Thor has a lot of viable item options for approaching the middle game. After the first few minutes of a match, you should get a pretty good feel for how the game will continue to play out. If you feel that you need it, Thor can even build into a defensive item right after finishing Warrior Tabi. If instead you want to continue to build on your offense, you have a multitude of options, like your core item Jotunn's Wrath for example.

Possible Middle Game Build Examples
Hybrid (Power and Defense)
Aggressive (Anti-Heal)

You should be utilizing Thor's fantastic mobility to fly around the map ganking and clearing camps. Thor is a constant threat, mainly due to Anvil of Dawn. He can gank suddenly and unexpectedly, as if out of nowhere, and delete gods with his Unload the Kit combo.

Counter jungling is also a good idea, as you can escape pretty easily once enemies figure out that you're in their jungle. For the benefit of your team, you will also want to drop Wards while you are busy running around the map.

Late Game:

Build ideas:
Depending on the team you're going up against, several different item choices could be called for. At this point in the game, knowing what items to pick up largely depends on your own judgement. Generally, you want to get some more penetration if enemies begin to build lots of physical defense. Depending on the situation, you might also need more defense, utility, cooldown, etc.. Knowing what to build against a team is a skill that comes with practice and familiarity.

Possible Late Game Build Examples
Movement Speed
Ability Cancelling / Combo Master

At this stage of the game, you want to do what you can to secure and set up kills for your team. At the same time, you want to make sure that you don't put yourself in a position to be easily killed, so plan your attacks wisely. Bursting enemies down and killing them will create a numbers advantage for your team, which you can then use to push lanes, take objectives, and hopefully, win the game.


As your knowledge about general jungle gameplay progresses, so will your ability to perform with gods in that role. So to further enhance your ability to use Thor in conquest, learning the details of the role you're playing him in will in turn improve your ability to do well with him.

That being said, Thor is an fun and challenging god to use in the jungle role. When used well, he can have a big impact on a team's ability to win games. With practice on landing his skill shots, he can become a great god to have in your arsenal.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide and found it informative. Feedback is appreciated if you are able to give it, and I thank you for your time.


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