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''The Ragnarok Rises'', an almost in-depth guide for Fenrir.

December 15, 2013 by Dark Jaw
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Leader of the Pack( Bruiser) - Recommended.

Smite God: Fenrir

Item Purchase Order

Start With:

Build Item Tabi
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion


Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Void Shield Build Item The Executioner

Late Game/Situationals.

Build Item Hydra's Lament Build Item Hydra's Demise Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Rage Build Item Malice Build Item Magi's Blessing Build Item Qin's Blades Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item Shield of Regrowth

Final Build Example:

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Void Shield Build Item The Executioner Build Item Magi's Blessing Build Item Malice Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Elixir of Power

Useful Actives:

Build Item Creeping Curse Build Item Girdle of Inner Power Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Purification Beads (Old)

God Skill Order


Unchained 4 15 16 18 19 key bind

Seething Howl

Seething Howl 2 8 11 12 14 key bind


Brutalize 1 3 6 7 10 key bind


Ragnarok 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Hello, folks! This is my first guide in SmiteFire! English is NOT my native language, sorry if I make any spelling issue. I enjoy playing with all the Builds listed above, but I've found more sucess with the Bruiser one. Thus, without delays, I present you Fenrir, The Unbound.

Check it out my other guides:
Sobek Guide: http://www.smitefire.com/smite/guide/sobek-guide-swimming-on-turbid-waters-2217
Anubis guide: http://www.smitefire.com/smite/guide/anubis-guide-getting-souls-2522

I recommend you to listen to that music while reading my guide for Fenrir. Or when playing Fenrir. Or when Ragnarok happens, whatever.

Why and when to play Fenrir?


He is a badass wolf. Everybody likes wolves, right? Just kidding, Fenrir is one of the best tanky-assassins( Bruisers) in game, with a lot of tankyness and power if built correctly. Fenrir must do well in the Early-Mid phases to not have problems on Late Game.


When to play Fenrir? Good question! You shouldn't simply instalock that god, just because you like him and want to try him out. You need to watch your team composition( that usually doesn't work now, people are instalocking Fenrir a lot). If your team is in need of more physical power, or maybe some tankyness and damage, pick him! On Conquest, Fenrir works as an amazing Jungler, with good ganks pre-5 and pos-5.

Pros & Cons!


  • Can be squishy.
  • Melee.
  • ALL abilities are Melee.
  • Requires to basic-attack 5 times to full effectiveness on his abilities.
  • Very bad at pushing a lane.



Fenrir is one of the most badass-looking playable deities available on SMITE. His skills makes him an amazing Bruiser, Assassin and Jungler. He is one of the Top Tier Junglers, and you probably raged on a Fenrir Brutalize'ing your face. His stats scales him as a Bruiser, but his skillset is of an assassin. That's why Fenrir is so versatile, and you should consider getting him. NOW.


Unbound Runes

Thus Fenrir is reliant on Auto Attacking. That passive makes Fenrir quite unique: His abilities are improved after 5 sucessful Auto Attacks! Similar to Rengar's Ferocity System, from the game League Of Legends.

Try to get the 5 Runes before ganking. It's pretty easy if you're jungling. Below, you'll find more abilities affected by Unbound Runes. Oh, if you kill a god, all your Runes will be activated once again, so look out for some kills.


Fenrir's escape engaging and disengaging mechanic is called Unchained. It's a leap, that deals damage. As mentioned, it's good to initiate ganks, or just for clearing Jungle Camps. At 5 Runes, the Unchained ability stuns the enemy gods in the targeted area.

You can use this to initiate a gank. And is also pretty good for escaping. Do not be afraid to use it to clean your jungle camps. I like to max this ablity last, due the fact the stun duration is not increased( always 1 sec).

Seething Howl

This is Fenrir's self buff. Fenrir howls, inspiring himself with Physical Power and Lifesteal buffs. That ability is extremely useful when Jungling, be aware to pop-up this ability always when possible. I prefer to use it before the Passive, Unbound Runes become up. But be wise, it's situational. You may be about to die, and Seething Howl may save your life in the Jungle. At 5 Runes, the Buff is empowered.

I like to max this ability second due the fact Physical Power and Lifesteal buffs are too strong, and are too much to give it away. I recommend you use this ability after Brutalize.


''Oh shat ***gt tean fenrir is so op plz nerf'' - Someone ganked by Fenrir.

Tons of Damage, I say. Fenrir is known to be a Brutalize machine, but it's much more than that. Brutalize ''suppress'' Fenrir, sacrificing his positioning to deal a ********on of Damage. At 5 Runes, the Damage is increased and creates a Small AoE.

Now, when Ganking, you'll have to choose between: Brutalize and Unchained. Personally, I prefer to initiate with Brutalize. But if the target is low, and the Laner is *****ing about kills, then initiate with Unchained and let him do the rest.

It's an early-mid game ability, really. The damage scaling of this late game is terrible, not mentioning people will not ''panic'' when you Brutalize anymore. YOU will be the one to panic.


''ohgad beads on cooldown fair play'' - Someone ganked by Fenrir's Ragnarok.

Now, this is why Fenrir is the GanKING( har, har). Fenrir grows, becoming a giant-*** Wolf, fetching the enemy he choose. Perfect for ganking ANY lane. Also useful for engaging, disengaging, capture high-priority targets, etc.

Sadly, Fenrir becomes a walking ultimate late game. The only thing you'll be able to do at this point of the game is, to capture the Squishy and bring him to your team. No, I'm not saying this is bad. But Late Game, people will buy Purification Beads against you, and your Ragnarok will be screwed.

Friendly Reminder: Ragnarok ends when you bite someone with CC immunity. Be aware of Hel's trolly Hinder / Cleanse and other CC immunity abilities.



Warrior Tabi
~ Penetration, Power, Attack Speed, *Increases Movement Speed.
~ All you need for a good start. The Movement Speed makes up for escapes, and Penetration is a must-have for Bruisers. Attack Speed and Power is always nice, as well. You're free to pick Ninja Tabi if you'd like. I hope you have in mind that Boots does not stack.

Focused VoidbladeFocused Voidblade
~ Penetration, Physical Protection, Power.
~ This supplies great part of your needs. As mentioned, Penetration is a must-have for Bruisers. The Physical Protection is worth buying, due the fact Bruisers are a mix of Carries/Assassins with Tanks, creating a mix of Durability and Power.

The Executioner
~ Power, Attack Speed, *Reduce Target's Physical Protection.
~ Fenrir is a Damaging Bruiser, which buys more Power instead of Defenses. Thus, Fenrir can jump on the carry and take him out. Power is always nice, and the passive of this item makes up for it.

Hydra's Lament // Hydra's Demise.
~ Power, Cooldown Reduction, *Empowered basic attack after using an ability.
~ Hydra's Lament and Hydra's Demise branches from the same Item. Both of them gives Power and Cooldown Reduction, but have different passives. Hydra's Lament empowers your next basic attack with 175% of your current Physical Power for every 4 seconds, but does not applies items and buffs.
On the other hand, Hydra's Demise does applies items and buffs. But the base Physical Power contribution is reduced. I prefer Hydra's Lament, but it's just personal preference, really. Feel free to choose between those two.

Brawler's Beat stick
~ Power, Lifesteal, Health, *Reduce Healing effects on Targets.
~ More of a trully, trully situational item. I usually take this if the enemy team has about 2~5 Healers. The good thing about this item is, Lifesteal and Health increases your Survivability, plus you also gets Power.

~ Power, Power, Power, Power, Critical Strikes, Power, Power, Power, Power, Power, Power, *Increases Critical Strike, Power, Power.
~ I think the title speaks by itself.

Rage // Malice.
~ Power, Critical Strike, Attack Speed, *Increases Critical Strike chance after sucessful basic attacks.
~ Two branching items. Feel free to choose between those two! Personally, I prefer Malice, which has improved stats of Rage, but without the passive.

Magi's Blessing.
~ Protections, Health, Crowd Control Reduction, *Removes Crowd Control effects.
~ I really like this item on my little puppy, Fenrir. Specially because of the passive! With it, people won't stop your Brutalize... every 45 seconds, of course. Not mentioning the Protections for both Physical and Magical power.

Qin's Blades // Qin's Sais.
~ Power, Lifesteal, Attack Speed, *Deals additional damage based on Target's MAXIMUN health, *Deals additional damage based on Target's MISSING health.
~ Two branching items as well. Qin's Blades and Qin's Sais can really impact your Gameplay, thus it's important to make the right choice. And I'm here to help! Qin's Blade is good against a Tanky Team, with high amounts of Health. Qin's Sais is better pick if the enemy team is full of Squishies.

Shield of Regrowth
~ Power, Magical Protection, Health Regeneration, *Hit by an ability increases your Health Regeneration.
~ Surprised to see this over Runic Shield? Yes, indeed. I prefer Shield of Regrowth over Runic Shield, unless the enemy team is full of Mages, then you should pick Runic Shield. Why? Shield of Regrowth increases your Health Regeneration when hit by an ability. On Runic Shield, only the Magical Protection is increased when you're hitted by an ability, therefore it won't be useful when facing a Physical Damage Dealer.

Bumba's Mask
~ Jungling Starting Item.
~ Must-have if you're Jungling. Grab this, a Potion of Physical Might and a Healing Potion. It's enough to finish your clears!

~ Power, Movement Speed, *Each stack increases your Power.
~ A snowball item, Heartseeker is such a good item if you're leading the game. Power is always nice, and so is Movement Speed, but you're primary buying this item for the passive. Each sucessful minion kill grants you 1 stack; and 2 stacks per god kill, increasing your Power each stack, maximun 50 stacks. Be aware: You lose half of the stacks upon death, so if you die 3~5 times already, it's better to sell Heartseeker and buy something else instead.

~ Power, Lifesteal, *Sucessful basic attacks increases your Power and Lifesteal.
~ Similar to Deathbringer, but instead of Critical Strikes, you get Lifesteal. I don't like this item a lot, but that's because I don't like Lifesteal in general. If you like Lifesteal, it's worth the purchase. But buy it late game, because that's way expensive.


Girdle of Inner Power.
~ Greatly Increases your Power.
~ The burst of this Active is INSANE. Consider getting it late game, if you get an Open Spot on your Actives options, due the fact your Damage falls off a lot late game, even with the Assassin items.

Hand of the Gods
~ Damages nearby creeps.
~ Must-have if you're Jungling. Can be used to secure high-priority buffs, such as The Fire Giant and The Gold Fury.

Aegis Amulet // Aegis Pendant.
~ Makes you invencible for a few seconds.
~ Incoming Ao Kuang's Spirit's Tempest? He Bo's Crushing Wave? NO PROBLEMO, use this and you'll be safe! The Aegis items makes you invencible for a few seconds.

Weakning Curse // Enfeebling Curse.
~ Slows nearby enemies, * Reduces Healing, * Reduces Attack Speed.
~ I thought that item was bad on Fenrir. ''Curse'' me! I was so wrong. This is good for ganking, must-buy if your team lacks on CC. Weakening Curse is better against a team with 3~5 Healers, otherwise pick Enfeebling Curse.

Purification Beads
~ Makes you immune to Crowd Control for a few seconds.
~ One of my favorite actives in the game. Must-have against Ares, and sometimes against an annoying Ymir.

Your combo.

---> ---> ---> .

Here it is my perfect combo combination. You may ask me, ''Dark Jaw, why not start with Unchained I luv stuns''. Simple: You'll stun then, but there is a problem, they'll dash/jump out and you'll be not able to use your Brutalize. That's why you'll prefer this combo instead. I usually use this combo on game modes such as Arena.

---> ---> --->

Ganking combo. Preferably used on Conquest. Get behind your prey, use your Ragnarok and fetch them to your tower/ally. Brutalize his face. If he manages to get away, use your Unchained and finish off with Seething Howl.


During TeamFights, you'll be probably aimed. Although you're tanky enough, you shouldn't initiate. If you're the tankiest, then you didn't follow what I say: ''Watch your team composition''.

But anyway, you can initiate with your Ragnarok if needed. Try to go for Mages or AD Carries. One more thing: Be aware when using Brutalize on a TeamFight. You'll be following the enemie, so he can get closer to his team and kill you with ease.

Tl;dr: Grab the enemy AP or AD Carry, bring them to your team. Keep fightin'.

Good Partners and Counters.

Your Friends:
Those gods goes well with Fenrir! Try to convince one of your Teammates to pick one of those in the God Selection.

~ / ~ Sobek ~ / ~
Synerging: 3/5
Kill Potential: 4/5

They see me charging'

Synerging: 4/5
Kill Potential: 3/5

~ / ~ Aphrodite ~ / ~

~ / ~ Ares ~ / ~
Synerging: 3/5
Kill Potential: 4/5

More Pulls PLS

~ / ~ Ymir ~ / ~
Synerging: 3/5
Kill Potential: 3/5

Chill out man

~ / ~ Ra ~ / ~
Synerging: ?/5
Kill Potential: ?/5


~ / ~ Bacchus ~ / ~
Synerging: 4/5
Kill Potential: 3/5

The Drunken One

~ / ~ Athena ~ / ~
Synerging: 4/5
Kill Potential: 4/5

Russian Greek Goddess

~ / ~ Hercules ~ / ~
Synerging: 2/5
Kill Potential: 4/5

The Douchebag

Tl;dr: Gods with heavy CC goes nicely with Fenrir. If you pay attention, most part of Fenrir's friends listed here has a lot of CC on their abilities.


Those you DON'T want to meet as enemies. They'll blow you up!

~ / ~ Odin ~ / ~
Difficulty: 3/5
Death Potential: 3/5

Who said you'll kill me on Ragnarok?

~ / ~ Ymir ~ / ~
Difficulty: 4/5
Death Potential: 5/5

Chill out puppy

~ / ~ Thor ~ / ~
Difficulty: 2/5
Death Potential: 4/5

Hammer Time!

~ / ~ Neith ~ / ~
Difficulty: 4/5
Death Potential: 3/5

Someone's getting a bit grumpy.

~ / ~ Ares ~ / ~
Difficulty: 5/5
Death Potential: 5/5

Rage quit

~ / ~ Arachne ~ / ~
Difficulty: 5/5 ( Early - Mid game) ~ 3/5 ( Late Game).
Death Potential: 5/5 ( Early - Mid game) ~ 2/5 ( Late Game).

Eww, arachnids

~ / ~ Poseidon ~ / ~
Difficulty: 3/5
Death Potential: 4/5

Fishy Squishy

~ / ~ Thanatos ~ / ~
Difficulty: 5/5
Death Potential: 5/5

The Toast of Death.

Tl;dr: Almost every god with range can be a problem for Fenrir. Most of his attacks relies on getting your face close to the enemies'. Also, Cripple hurts Fenrir more than you anything else on the game. But not more than Shards of Ice.


5/1/13 - Guide Created.

5/24/13 - Guide Reworked for a little, updated with the the nerfs and buffs for Fenrir.

6/6/13 - Jungle Update! I FREAKING LOVE Bumba's Mask!!!

6/26~27~28/13 - Major Updates. Working on new counters, new jungle routes, new builds. Lot's of stuff are coming, guys!

7/9 - Holy ****, 5 Bars on Guide Rating! Thanks so much guys! Also, build as been changed.

7/18 - More new stuff. Have fun.

8/2 - Surprised? New build for assassin, aka pubstomper.

12/13 - Wow, many upcoming changes. Wow. Such Brutalize.


So, you think that I'm wrong on building Fenrir so tanky instead of pure damage. Well, let me show you some match results. I'll post more later.

Final Comments & Credits.

Thanks so much for reading this guide. If you have any comment, please don't be afraid to talk. If you plan to critique my guide, remember: That's my first guide.

People that helped to improve this guide shall get their names in here.

TheAmazingComicBookGuy helped with Icons, counter chapters, etc.
RagingStorm helped me with some issues.

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