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The Ins And Outs Of Susano - Best Susano NA (S5 and Updating)

February 17, 2018 by Helix6126
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Jgoodman182 | April 3, 2018 9:49am
id love if your made the guid also ps4 format because things are alot different between the 2 :)
ArtkisianLight | February 13, 2018 7:25am
Glad to see more Susano mains! Here, best Susano EU (obviously not, but self-proclaimed too).

Not long time ago I thought about making an in-depth guide, but well, you took my idea and man, you made it so crystal clear! Excellent job.

I've been playing Susano in solo recently, and they went extremely well (at least for me). Have you tried building more like a "proper" solo laner? For example, my go-to build usually is: Warrior Tabi, Gladiator's Shield, Stone of Gaia, Spirit Robe, Masamune and the last is what I feel like. With this build you can constantly be harrassing people (like a solo laner) while having tons of survivability (if Susano is mobile, and we add you have hp5 and glad shield...). I suggest you to consider taking tier 1 shield instead of katana against physical stalemates and then going straight-forward to Gladiator's Shield. Yes, you may lack real mobility, but you are Susano, so you actually don't care because with Storm Kata and Jet Stream you covered the whole lane. Gladiator's Shield will also allow you to harrass your stalemate (unless it is Chaac or Hercules) and even their jungler if he thinks he can get you. I've got several double kills that way. I usually start with Storm Kata to clear, but I use basic attacks on melees waiting my stalemate to use their abilities as I can always dash through and back to my tower (until level 3, as you said).

Ok, then, I would hugely recommend putting Ancile in your item arsenal. Ancile is very powerful on him in the right situation (if you are being abused by a mage, for example). Cdr is always good on Susano, it gives you as much power as boots and other mace items and even it gives you magical protections for 2000 gold!

About god matchups... I agree with most of them, but well, some here they come some suggestions:
1. Jing Wei has an easy time dodging your cc as she can escape from ALL of them, so I would consider her the hardest adc to kill (but adcs are not a threat until they get their ***king Deathbringer).
2. I usually have easy times against Sol and Ah Muzen Cab. You just have to wait them to use their abilities and they have nothing but damage.
3. You can interrupt everything from Artio, so I think she should not be in the same place as Ares, who you CAN'T fight never ever ever. A good Ares will go after you and ruin your life, and it's true that so will Artio, but, for me, she is a little bit less scary, but maybe because I don't find good Artios.
4. Against Nemesis you have to be careful the more the time passes because she will invest into aa and she will shred you that way. Very obvious option, but get Winged Blade against her. I feel she is more like Freya, a 3/5.

And I think I have nothing else to add. I've written a lot... thanks in advance if you read this and I have a final question:

Don't you think Susano is one of the worst assassins fighting adcs in late game? Just because they build crit and when you are using your combo they hit you twice and you are dead. Or maybe it is just that I am actually the "best" Susano EU.
Helix6126 | February 17, 2018 3:23pm
I might have forgotten a couple of items oops XD. Now to answer questions. I've tried Susano tanky before but I'm not that into tanks and being able to burst the backline is more fun, but that's just me.

1. Jing isn't too big of an issue and I don't see her too often. Susano's damage is usually enough to kill her
2. Sol isn't the worst matchup but her knockup is annoying. AMC's stupid slow also makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes. All my ratings are a bit bias
3. Pulling Artio DOES stop her abilities but it also pulls her into range of her cripple. Crippled Susano is near useless so you usually have to think twice before pulling her.
4. Nem is rated because of personal reasons. I love playing Nemesis but despise going against her since the standard build is bruiser and she still hits crazy hard. Oh and slows. Winged Blade isnt always up :(
5. Susano isn't the best at fighting adcs late game but not the worst either. My personal style of using his Jet Stream combo is to dance circles around the enemy (similar to my IRL sparring style lol). Someone like Artemis can be a bit harder to fight against, but if you initiate with an ult the enemy is usually dead before they touch the ground.
DV-8 (15) | January 21, 2018 9:58am
That's impressive that you did a matchup description for every god. Well done.
Tlaloc1050 (6) | January 6, 2018 10:21pm
Does the "best susano na" part mean you're the best Susano NA or the reader will be come the best Susano NA?

either way decent guide
Helix6126 | January 11, 2018 5:27pm
I'm the self proclaimed best Susano NA :P
DV-8 (15) | January 6, 2018 2:42pm
This is a nice guide. Although it is very quick and to the point, it is informative.

Having only played Susano once prior to reading this, I played a match after reading to try and apply what I read. I had relative success, with my biggest obstacle being getting familiar with him mechanically as a newer Susano player. The other challenge I had was awareness and keeping track of my ability usage, as there were times that I would have 3 abilities active at the same time in a combo attack. I could have my Typhoon charging while also going into a Gathering Storm and Jet Stream combo. Over time, though, I can see him being a strong addition to my god arsenal as I play more games with him and build familiarity through repetition.

My only critique for this guide for now is that, while it is a very direct guide, some newer players who are unfamiliar with Smite and certain terminologies might not be able to grasp all of the information due to lack of elaboration.

If you are considering on ever expanding this guide (I noticed at the end that this guide is a work in progress), I would be happy to offer ideas for discussion. I was thinking that you could perhaps consider including information about certain game modes (such as Conquest), and your insights on the finer details of a match that would be relative to Susano.

Overall, a solid first guide with potential to grow.
Helix6126 | January 11, 2018 5:28pm
Thanks for the feedback, I really really appreciate it! I'm still learning how to use SmiteFire and this is my first post here, so any ideas are welcome!
boogiebass (10) | January 11, 2018 6:30pm
Hi Helix, message someone named Branmuffin17. He will give you very detailed feedback on your guide. He has mastered every game mode, every god in this game, has good knowledge of skills and items, and has a high ELO.
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