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Seal the win with a kiss- Aphrodite Season 4 guide

August 14, 2017 by newbiemj
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ThePerfectPrism (46) | April 20, 2017 5:23pm
Hey newbie.

I see you did a guide for one of my favorite characters in the game.

Allow me to point out some .... core.... mistakes.

1. " Looking at other guides here, there are not to many that go in depth on how to build her or how to play her. " What ? Really ? Disappointed.

2. " Easily countered with Anti-heal items " False. She's one of the best healers againts Anti-Healing, specially with Rod of Asclepius. Also, her function is not only to heal, is to get her teammate out of a sticky situation. Healing is one of her ways to do it.

3. " This passive is meh in my opinion " Literally is one of the best passives Aphrodite could have without breaking her, and it helps in her flaw, which is no escape by herself (Cuz you can consider extra speed from Kiss an escape).

4. Kiss is a powerful tool not only to attack, but to escape. It can stop a dash, stop a channeled ability, and can give your ally enough time to escape an engagement on him.

5. You forgot to mention that if the enemy hit by the soulmate's Back Off!, he'll be slowed.

6. " Aphrodite is not the most combo orientated god because she does not have the abilities to burst people down to often. " Literally the only reason she's viable in Solo, except her healing, is that she can burst down enemies really fast with Love Birds + Back Off!, especially back in S1 when it did 300 more base damage.

7. " She can become a nearly indestructible tank " Another lie, she can't heal the damage from the enemies, thus causing her to fall. She might have some more health/protection, but it won't be enough to help a teammate. Also, decide if you're going to support the Bruiser Aphro way or the Tanky Aphro way, cuz this guide looks like a big contradiction.

8. Your " build " is nowhere near good enough for the meta atm. I would recommend Shoes of the Magi. Celestial Legion Helm, Stone of Binding, Obsidian Shard, Rod of Asclepius and Chronos' Pendant. I shall not go further into this cuz I would need an essay worth of lines to explain everything that is wrong with your build and it's explanation.

9. " As a support, your early game's primary focus is making sure your teammates stay alive. " Yet again, wrong. Early game, your primary focus is to secure farm, so you can get your items and stay relevant. If you keep suiciding to keep your allies safe, you'll get 0 farm, and the enemy team will overpower you.

10. " She won't probably take the tower down by herself. " This shows to me you've never played Aphrodite in the solo lane, or that you've played healer in solo AT ALL. Both Chang'e and Aphrodite have REALLY HIGH chances to destroy the tower, cuz they can just keep being in the lane without needing to back.

11. " You SHOULD NOT push your lane unless you have help from another teammate." Contradiction? If she can hold her own, she CAN AND SHOULD push lane on her own, that's part of why healers are so hated by the smite community. They provide PRESSURE. A good Aphrodite player should know how to put pressure on the enemy.


13. "could be very rough early game" No matter the role Aphrodite is a risky but, if you're good at her, worth-while pick. It's rough in every role her early game, not only in the "full damage" role.

Overall, I must say that you need to take a deep breath and take more time into mastering Aphrodite. What I'm reading from your guide is that an Aphrodite player should hide behind a hole and wait that the best happens. And that's not what Aphrodite is about.

DISCLOSURE : I sound really hostile BECAUSE this guide just yells in my head minor mistakes that snowballed into the biggest concept mistakes. And it annoys me to see someone so sure that they are giving the best strategy, but they are forgetting or they are ignoring a core concept.


(PS: I'm also not in a good mood, that might've had an impact in my critic.)
(PS²: It wasn't intended for the critic to have 13 reasons, but I'm proud of it XD)
newbiemj (12) | April 21, 2017 9:32am
ThePerfectPrism (46) | April 21, 2017 2:50pm
Well today I'm in a better mood, so allow me to re-respond.

Oh hey I'm trying to be nicer I hope

Again, sorry for the hostility.
Branmuffin17 (156) | April 19, 2017 1:51pm
Alrighty, multiple builds, multiple functions, and multiple outfits. Woot!

She's a maniac
newbiemj (12) | April 20, 2017 8:50am
Gosh what a novel!

Maniac on the floor
Branmuffin17 (156) | April 20, 2017 10:53am
Yup, you fixed it =)

But now you shifted your pros and cons to the right. Also, to keep things even with lines, maybe a slight reduction to the wording on the first pro: "Incredible heal for yourself and 1 ally"

Oops on the slow...you're right, I was thinking of it on Love Birds but I should know better.

To clean up the starter section in build 4, I would suggest choosing the one you prefer, and in the title where it says "possible solo starter," rename it to "Starting Items (name of alternate starter if preferred)" or something like that...and just get rid of the other starter list altogether.

Yeah, on Watcher's Gift, it'll be fine for the first few levels, but as you get to level 3 or 4 on Love Birds, you'll want to make sure you only hit the front 3 minions and/or only hit the entire minion save before they've been damaged at all.

Regarding Warlock's Sash, it's difficult to make up between 300-600 health with other items. I'd consider a protection item like Hide of the Urchin a possibility...the combination of protections and 250 health will be perhaps similar in effective health. Or, in a Joust match or a lopsided match where you see 4+ of the same damage type enemy, building just one protection item that focuses on that damage type (along with added health if possible) might be fine.

Consider the total added function of Book of Thoth though. With a standard end build with added mana coming from Shoes of Focus perhaps, the base 1,100 mana (at level 20) + 250 (Focus) + 875 (Thoth) = 2,225 mana. That translates to an additional 67 power. So comparatively, 167 power (Thoth) + more mana than you'll ever need vs 110 power + 600 health (Warlock)...that's not a huge power difference...57. Not even a full high-power item. When looking at it that way, the health just seems like it's way more functional, even if you have other items with health. She needs to be able to survive, as her linked partner is also relying on her for their own added damage and sustain. Anything to help that survival is greatly appreciated...at least for me.

I'll PM you on gameplay =)
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xZeroStrike (44) | April 19, 2017 11:32am
Hey newbiemj. You wanted me to have a look at your BB-coding and help you figure out some things you could change, so here I am.

Your introduction chapter all the way up to your Combos chapter is really great. I don't have much to say on that. However, after that I think you go a bit to bare bones with the spoilers.

Everything from the introduction to the combos is colorful and has those icons creating a nice and attractive look. After that, however, you hide all of that color and those icons behind spoilers.

What I think you could do is the following:

The items section:

Instead of hiding everything in the spoilers, I think it'd be better to split your tables up. Take the core items, and put that table in the main guide's frame. The table of the situational items or the replacement items, you can put those in spoilers. Here's an example (everything in the yellow table:

The shoes... of focus!

Replacement / situational items

This way you keep the colorful aspect in the main guide, and immediately bring to light your "main" items, and those who wish can open the spoilers to read up on the situation / replacement items.

The gameplay overview:

I also wouldn't use the spoilers here. I don't think it fits well with your first 3 chapters and, if you change the items chapter to what I suggested, will fall even more out of line.

Instead I would grab all the information in the spoilers, out of the spoilers, and use the kind of layout that I use in my S4 Artemis guide, with your color scheme, of course.

How you decide to transform your information to fit this template is something you'll have to figure out if you do decide to change your gameplay section.

Should you, for whatever reason, not agree with these suggestions, that is entirely possible as each person has other preferences, then please do let me know and perhaps we can figure something out together.

Kind Regards,
~ Zero
newbiemj (12) | April 19, 2017 12:18pm
Thanks Zero,

I agree with the use of the spoilers. I was more worried with it being so long that it would be a lot of scrolling. I have removed them for now to make it a little nicer to read, until I figure out a way to spruce it up a little more. That section is still a work in progress as well since I have just started out with her so it should be able to be expanded in future guide updates.

I like your idea for the item sections. Might have to use that if you don't mind. The game play part I am still stuck on. I like the way you set up your information in your Artemis guide, but not sure how that would translate over to the different roles she can play. I think I could make it work though after a lot of cussing I am sure haha
Branmuffin17 (156) | April 19, 2017 1:39pm
You may eventually flesh out the gameplay portions more...spoilers aren't all that bad here, but what I'd suggest is getting rid of the headers for each portion, since the wording on them is exactly what the title of the spoilers are, making them pointless. Just have the spoilers themselves.
xZeroStrike (44) | April 19, 2017 12:38pm
Hahah, I am sure it'll work. As for the items part, feel free to do so. Any coding I create is available for use by others. Credits are not required either, but would be appreciated, as you know. The only thing that I would get upset about is if I saw somebody use my templates and claim they made it themselves, that's the only thing that would upset me.
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