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Ra Middle Lane

August 10, 2017 by DV-8
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Ra Middle Lane

Smite God: Ra

Item Purchase Order

Example Final Build

Build Item Shoes of Focus
Build Item Book of Thoth
Build Item Spear of Desolation
Build Item Obsidian Shard
Build Item Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Chronos' Pendant

Core Items (Includes shoes and stacking item)

Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Purification Beads

Starter Item

Build Item Sands of Time Build Item Vampiric Shroud Build Item Soul Stone Build Item Bumba's Mask Build Item Soul Trap


Build Item Shoes of Focus Build Item Shoes of the Magi

Stacking Item

Build Item Book of Thoth Build Item Warlock's Sash Build Item Doom Orb


Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Divine Ruin


Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Polynomicon Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Book of the Dead Build Item Pythagorem's Piece


Build Item Celestial Legion Helm Build Item Stone of Fal Build Item Lotus Crown Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm


Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Bracer of Undoing Build Item Phantom Veil Build Item Horrific Emblem

Ra Middle Lane

August 10, 2017


Update Log

Welcome to learning how to play Ra in Conquest's middle lane. Ra is a great pusher with high sustain, and can be a valuable member to a team. Because of the skill shot abilities and lack of escape contained in his kit, it can be challenging to play as Ra. The goal for this guide is to provide you with basic information and build ideas to maximize your effectiveness when playing Ra in the middle lane.

Keep in mind that this is a Ra guide and not a, "How to play middle lane" guide. So future topics will be discussed under the assumption that you have a basic understanding of how the middle lane is generally played. In the case of Ra, we will be focusing on building him as a high-power Mage who tries to maximize damage output and bring support to his team during fights.

We will start by dissecting his ability kit:

Kit Analysis

In this section I will highlight the key component's of Ra's ability kit, as well as the implications it will have on building Ra.

(To view the full details of an ability, hover your cursor over the respective icon)

Ra's Kit Breakdown + Build Implications

Speed of Light
Ra's passive functions as his primary escape mechanism due to the lack of mobility in his kit. At max stacks, his passive provides an additional 18% Movement Speed, with a 15 second window to cast another ability before the stacks expire. When kept stacked, this will allow Ra to quickly rotate, return from base, and get to and from jungle camps quickly.

Build Implications:
As previously mentioned, Ra's lack of an escape makes it important that his passive is stacked as often as possible for mobility. To keep abilities flowing at a constant rate, he will need an adequate mana pool to draw from, as well as some MP5. Cooldown reduction isn't really needed as far as his passive is concerned, as two of his abilities have a base cooldown of less than 15 seconds.
Skill #1

Celestial Beam
A pure damaging ability that functions as Ra's main wave clearing device. In between waves, it gives Ra the capability of doing some formidable poke damage. This is what makes Ra such an exceptional lane pusher, as it has significant range and spam ability. Additionally, it can be cast through walls, allowing Ra to fight safely from a distance and secure camps from afar.

Build Implications:
As a strictly damaging ability, building Power and Penetration will make this ability everything a high damage Mage could ask for.
Skill #2

Divine Light
This will function as Ra's escaping/engaging tool. When escaping, using this when an enemy closes in stacks a substantial slow onto the target. At the same time, it also stacks your passive to allow for an even greater movement speed disparity between you and your opponent. A blind can also potentially be applied if the enemy is facing you at the time of the detonation. If the situation calls for it, you can also use this as a tool to engage or chase an enemy, slowing them enough to land your other abilities at close range.

Build Implications:
The core of this ability is the crowd control (namely the slow) that it provides. The damage is more of an added bonus, at least until later levels where it packs more of a punch. Cooldown reduction will help ensure that this ability is always up when you need it, whether retreating or engaging.
Skill #3

Solar Blessing
This is by far Ra's most versatile ability. Able to damage enemies, heal allies, and provide protections in a large radius for 6 seconds. This ability gives Ra immense teamfighting presence and can be a great zoning tool. Dropping this large radius ability on your frontline allies can really aid in pushing a lane, taking down a tower/phoenix, or can be used in the back lines for retreating allies to heal up. It can also be cast through walls to provide a safe method to getting protection to allies at range. The protections that it provides can also save you when being focused. When any enemy engages on you, dropping this on yourself can help keep you alive through the bulk of their attack, and allow you an opportunity to escape.

Build Implications:
This ability actually gets the most benefit out of high magical power, which provides your team with greater healing and enemies with greater damage if they choose to stay in the radius. Solar Blessing's cooldown timer starts when it is cast, which means that 6 seconds of its cooldown goes by during the time that the ability is actually active. This makes it a great skill to spam, especially with some additional cooldown reduction.

Searing Pain
An incredibly powerful blast that can devastate unsuspecting enemies. Boasting an insane cooldown of 70/65/60/55/50 seconds, Ra becomes a late game nigtmare for opponents as he can dish out nearly 2 ultimates per minute (depending on level and cooldown reduction items). Like his other abilities, this can also pass through walls, which makes it an incredibly powerful tool. Out in the open, it can be easily telegraphed. But behind walls, you can catch people off guard and get some great damage off. Due to its low cooldown, you can also use it to secure/steal objectives often. Lining up behind a wall unseen by enemies and stealing a Fire Giant or Gold Fury is a Ra specialty.

Build Implications:
Like Celestial Beam, this pure damage ability benefits from high power and penetration.
Building additional cooldown reduction can really push Ra's damage output into insane levels.

Note About Skill Upgrade Order:

I personally don't like making a never-changing skill order chart, because different matches could call for different skills to be upgraded. This applies to all gods in my opinion.

For example, if you are being heavily harassed, spending an upgrade point on Solar Blessing for the added protections and healing could be more beneficial than Celestial Beam. At least, in that particular moment of the game. There is a general order though that you want to keep in mind.

For Ra, you generally want to prioritize upgrading your skills in the following order:

Searing Pain : As with most ultimate abilities, upgrade whenever possible

Celestial Beam : Main wave clearing and poke damage tool

Solar Blessing : Added protections and healing for you and your team

Divine Light : The slow remains constant through the upgrading process, generally upgraded last


Starter Items
The main thing Ra is looking for in a starter item is general sustainability. At lower levels, you have a small mana pool, which makes it difficult to keep your passive stacked. This can greatly limit your mobility and leaves Ra susceptible to being punished if caught out of position. Because of this, mana sustainability becomes an important factor to provide safety and efficient farming.
Sands of Time

Cooldown Reduction / MP5. Sands of Time is a great item for gods in need of mana sustainability. In addition to providing the standard 20 power, it gives a base MP5 stat, as well as a passive to aid in mana regeneration. On top of that, it provides an inexpensive 10% cooldown reduction that translates very well into the middle and even late game.
Vampiric Shroud

Physical Protection / Sustain. Vampiric Shroud is a good sustain item that also takes defensive action against enemy assassins or physical middle lane opponents like Neith. Apart from the standard 20 power, the health and protections it provides can help mitigate early enemy damage against physical opponents. The passive grants mana and health when clearing minion waves or jungle camps, which allows you to keep your mana supply up while also maintaining your health against early aggression.
Soul Stone

Build stacks for Power and Mana. In addition to the standard 20 power provided, Soul Stone also gives you a larger mana pool to work with, as well as a passive for added mana regeneration. It can also help clear waves more efficiently when its passive is fully stacked. The passive also gives your abilities +40 magical power for the next 3 seconds, which can be very powerful in the early game when unloading your kit to burst an enemy down or clearing waves/camps (maybe even an early Gold Fury).
Bumba's Mask

Gives Gold and Mana for killing Jungle monsters. In addition to a starter item, you also have the option of picking up Bumba's Mask. As a middle laner, you will be clearing jungle camps often for farm. The sustain, gold, and added damage when facing jungle camps give this item great value for only 500 gold. Do note, however, that if your Jungler has also built Bumba's Mask, the passive will only apply to whoever is closest to the jungle monster when it is killed.
Soul Trap

Magical Power and Mana Rushing into Book of Thoth is a risky option that requires smart play to execute properly. If done correctly though, it can provide you with great early game power that can give you the edge over your lane opponent. Compared to the standard start, you will be getting full stacks earlier in the match, giving you great early game power.

Shoes provide an inexpensive source for movement speed and power, both needed by Ra in the early stages of a match. In the case of a middle lane mage, there are really only two good choices for shoes.
Shoes of Focus

Movement Speed / Cooldown Reduction. Shoes of Focus are a fantastic item for Ra. Aside from the standard 18% movement speed provided, they also add to Ra's mana pool to sustain himself and keep his passive stacked. Because of this, they can be built even in the early game when most mages elect to build Shoes of the Magi. The cooldown reduction also translates very well into the middle and late game when Ra likes to spam his abilities.

Another interesting thing to note is that when Book of Thoth is built, Shoes of Focus actually provide more magical power than Shoes of the Magi, but does lack the penetration. This leads us to our next item option.
Shoes of the Magi

Movement Speed / Magical Power. Shoes of the Magi are a good alternative to Shoes of Focus, but are usually sold and exchanged late game for the cooldown reduction. If you want to be more active in the early game, the damage and penetration provided by Shoes of the Magi can help you capitalize on your early aggression. If you are getting opportunities to deal damage and are able to poke out the opponent mid laner, it can set the tone for the rest of the game.

Stacking Items
The benefits of stacking items are too good to pass up for a mage who looks to build high power and mana sustain. Depending on the situation at hand, different stacking items could be called for.
Book of Thoth

Gain Mana Stacks and converts Mana to Magical Power. This is the preferred stacking item for high power and MP5. Due to its passive, it moves into the later stages of the game well, especially once fully stacked. This will allow Ra to pack a serious punch, doing high damage as well as healing his team more effectively. Commonly built after shoes, it also supplies an early mana pool with good regeneration to keep Ra's abilities flowing.
Warlock's Sash

Gain Stacks of Health and Power. Once built, even before stacking, Warlock's Sash provides a huge amount of mana as well as health. This is Ra's go to stacking item when he is being heavily harassed and needs more survival ability. Although it takes a bit longer to stack than other items, it provides a monstrous amount of health once completed. However, in the late game, its power is overshadowed by Book of Thoth. So in summary, you end sacrifice some power for a large amount of health.
Doom Orb

Gain Stacks of Magical Power that are lost upon dying. The notoriously risky Doom Orb can actually be a real menace for your opponent if you find yourself snowballing to a substantial early lead. Supplying a serious amount of power with very few stacks, as well as mana and MP5, it can actually help counter Ra's weak early game to a degree, but at a risk. If you feel safe enough that you don't think you will be dying often, Doom Orb can be an interesting choice. It's worth mentioning that even Doom Orb falls off to Book of Thoth in power, but is more of a way to dominate the middle game and capitalize on early aggression.

Penetration is a must have in your build due to the fact that you will eventually be facing off against tankier opponents in the later stages of a match. Shredding defenses can help you maximize your damage output more effectively than just pure power could.
Obsidian Shard

Strong Magical Penetration. The power and 33% penetration provided by Obsidian Shard is a staple for burst mages everywhere. Ra is no exception, as this item allows him to shred through tanky supports and warriors to weaken an enemy unit's frontline. A must have item vs. tanky team compositions and disruptive opponents with high defense.
Spear of Desolation

Power / Penetration / Cooldown Reduction. This satisfies Ra's checklist for an offensive item. Power, penetration, and cooldown reduction all in one. The flat penetration can help deal additional damage to squishier opponents. It is worth noting, however, that this is NOT a substitute for Obsidian Shard against tankier gods. Flat penetration is most effective on targets with lower magical defenses.
Divine Ruin

Anti-healing and regeneration when you hit your abilities. This item can help halt the regeneration provided by enemy healers when you land your abilities. This is an important factor to keep in mind, as you will need to be connecting your attacks to the targets you wish to affect with the passive. As long as you do this, this item will provide you with good offensive presence. Some flat penetration and power help round out Divine Ruin to make it a solid pickup vs. healing opponents.
Spear of the Magus

Abilities reduce Magical Protection. I wanted to include this in the item list to clarify that this penetration item doesn't work very well with Ra in most cases. Spear of the Magus relies on the successive use of ability damage within a 5 second window to build stacks of magical protection reduction on an enemy. Due to Ra's kit, it would be very difficult to take advantage of Spear of the Magus' passive as effectively as possible. As a result, other penetration options would probably be better suited for him.

As a high powered mage, you want every item you build to provide you with power.
Power is contained in many different items, which gives you options to how you want to build Ra and play him. Some items focus on raw power, while others focus on things like lifesteal, cooldown, utility, etc.. It all boils down to preference and what is being called for in the current situation.
Rod of Tahuti

Massive increase in Magical Power. Rod of Tahuti is a late game staple for any mage. Ra tends to shine in the late game, so the power spike from Rod of Tahuti can really compliment this aspect. It also provides some great MP5 to keep your abilities flowing without having to worry about mana consumption. Generally, this item is picked up in the late stages of a game due to its expensive cost. Once built though, it can help you deal incredible damage and close out a game.
Rod of Asclepius

Magical Power and Increased Healing. This item helps your team with health regeneration, especially when in combat. It also provides you with some power, health, and added movement speed, which Ra does very well with. It can be a good item to pick up when your team is getting their health chipped away and your Solar Blessing alone isn't enough to undo enemy damage. This item is great for keeping your team and yourself healthy to pressure lanes and objectives.
Gem of Isolation

Damaging abilities Slow enemy movement. This is a Utility item for Ra as it gives him some additional crowd control to work with. When combined with the slow from Divine Light, you can really bring an enemy to a near halt, as well as slow them when landing other abilities. Solar Blessing can be used for an easy to land slow on a group of opponents as well to set up opportunities for your team. It also gives you a good amount of magical power and some health for survival. The crowd control reduction can also help a little for when your Purification Beads are down.
Bancroft's Talon

Gain Magical Power as Health is lost. This item provides a good amount of power, as well as some Lifesteal for added effect. The passive increases your power and lifesteal depending on your hp level, which makes for a strong offensive item when you're taking damage. The lifesteal will also help you stay healed up, so that you can use your Solar Blessing for your frontline teammates more often while you sustain your health with other abilities.

Abilities increase damage on next Basic Attack. For a relatively cheap price, this item provides Ra with power, burst potential, lifesteal, and mana. If you feel you are able to be more aggressive and get within basic attack range of an enemy, this item can pile on to Ra's already good burst damage. Do note however, that if you miss the basic attack after your ability, you miss out on the extra damage. However, the passive refreshes every 3 seconds. This item combos well with Divine Light, slowing the enemy enough to more easily land the basic attack.
Chronos' Pendant

Magical Power and Strong Cooldown Reduction. Ra's kit already has low cooldowns, so Chronos' Pendant really highlights this aspect. Although pricey, this can be the item that maxes your cooldown reduction, and even provides a passive that further helps in regard to cooldowns. Also giving power and MP5, this allows Ra to spam abilities at a high rate without depleting his mana.
Book of the Dead

Gain Health shield when you lifesteal at max Health. An expensive item that gives great power, lifesteal, and some added health. Moreover, the passive can give you an extra cushion of health for survival. This passive shield is especially potent if you've been building other items that give lots of health ( Warlock's Sash, Rod of Asclepius, etc.). This can function as an offensive and defensive item at the same time, which can be beneficial for Ra.
Pythagorem's Piece

Power / Cooldown Reduction / Lifesteal Aura Although it doesn't provide much power, Pythagorem's Piece can greatly benefit your team if you are staying grouped up in team fights. Additionally,
it provides you with mana and cooldown reduction to keep your abilities flowing. A decent, but passive item option.

Defensive Options
Ra can be very easily focused and damaged. This can call for building more defensively,
but you don't want to be sacrificing your offensive advancement. These items will give you a good balance between defending yourself while still adding on to your offensive ability.
Celestial Legion Helm

Physical Protection / MP5. This can be picked up for a relatively low cost if the opposing team is focusing the middle lane or physically bursting you down. In conjunction with a base physical protection stat, the passive builds up stacks of physical protections over time that are removed upon taking damage. This can save you from burst damage such as a Loki ultimate or Odin bird bomb. To help keep Ra farming efficiently and his passive stacked, it also gives some MP5 and power.
Stone of Fal

Reduces burst damage to 30% of your max health. Stone of Fal is a good pick up when getting burst down by other magical gods (ie: your lane opponent). Opposing gods such as Scylla or Kukulkan can burst you down if they land their ultimate. The passive from Stone of Fal helps you to absorb the brunt of the damage from such attacks with a 60 second cooldown. In addition, it also provides you with some magical power, magical protection, and cooldown reduction, which makes it a solid overall item for Ra against specific opponents.
Lotus Crown

Provides protections to gods you heal. Providing the same base stats as Celestial Legion Helm and coming in at the same price, its passive makes use of Ra's Solar Blessing for added teamfight presence. As it stands, Solar Blessing provides those in its radius with 10/15/20/25/30 protections. Lotus crown adds 20 physical and magical protections to allies healed by Solar Blessing for 5 seconds, giving your team significant tankiness when taking objectives or team fighting. The passive of Lotus Crown also coincides well with the cooldown of Solar Blessing, which allows you to give your team additional protections at a constant rate. However, its power is a bit lacking.
Dynasty Plate Helm

Magical Power / Physical Protection / Magical Penetration. This is a decent item to pick up vs physically aggressive enemies in the early game. The protections helps Ra survive close encounters more adequately without sacrificing his offensive advancement, thanks to the power and penetration provided. Rather cheap, it is usually picked up in the early game, sometimes before the stacking item, if Ra is being harassed by the enemy jungler.

Relics can be your saving grace as a Ra. Without a true escape and not many ways to counter crowd control, relics can save you from sticky situations or allow you to be aggressive depending on the situation.
Purification Beads

Removes Crowd Control Effects. This is perhaps the most important Relic that you can build as a Ra. Relying on movement speed as your main escape mechanism, being stunned or slowed can mean the end for you. Purification Beads allows you to escape certain situations that would otherwise kill you. Because of its long cooldown though, a proper read of the situation and whether or not to activate the relic is an important skill to have.

Upgrade: Reduced cooldown means having crowd control safety more often. Consider upgrading in the middle game if you are being heavily focused.
Aegis Amulet

Invulnerability for a duration. As a squishy mage, Aegis Amulet can help you negate burst damage if timed correctly. Also giving you the ability to move while in use, it can help you survive ganks or unwanted encounters. Like most relics though, it also has a long cooldown, which requires a solid knowledge base of when it is absolutely necessary to use this relic.

Upgrade: Reduced cooldown means having damage immunity more often. Consider upgrading sooner rather than later if you are being burst down and focused.
Heavenly Wings

Increased ally Movement Speed. As opposed to a selfish relic such as the previously listed ones, Heavenly Wings is more of a team focused relic. It can help your team engage or retreat as necessary in different scenarios. It also makes you immune to slows, allowing you to escape without worrying about enemies affecting your movement speed.

Upgrade:When upgraded, Heavenly Wings give you and your allies a Fatalis effect for 5 seconds. Can be great in a team fight when used near your attack damage teammates.
Bracer of Undoing

Restores Mana and Health. In the case of a mage like Ra, Bracer of Undoing can be useful if you often find yourself stranded or backed into a corner where you have to either fight or die. Restoring a large portion of your health lost in the last 5 seconds, it can give you a fighting chance against a foe who has decided to engage you.

Upgrade:When upgraded, this relic also provides a significant cooldown on your abilities that can help you burst your opponent down in a fight, as well as restore your health and mana.
Phantom Veil

Ghostwalk. Phantom Veil, or as it's also known; The Odin Counter, is a solid choice against specific team compositions. It can also help against Ymir walls and other player made objects.

Upgrade: Phantom Veil applies a 15% damage output reduction on the enemy, giving you better survival ability in sticky situations. In addition, the duration of the relic is doubled.
Horrific Emblem

Reduces enemy Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Mainly functioning as a counter to auto attack based gods, it can also be used to engage or chase down enemies in certain situations.

Upgrade: Horrific Emblem also reduces the damage output of enemies to help you to soften their attack or render them weak when you decide to engage them.

Gameplay and Item Build Order

Early Game:

Build ideas:
For newer players, it is recommended to begin a match with a starter item and build shoes as quickly as possible. The inexpensive stats provided by starter items and shoes are hard to pass up. This is especially the case for Ra, who really relies on movement speed and sustainability early on. However, if you are a more seasoned player with some experience, you can try to rush straight into a Book of Thoth to give yourself an edge over your lane opponent by getting your stacks completed earlier in the match.

Along with your starting build, you will also want to pick up plenty of Mana Potions to sustain yourself and keep your passive stacked. Purification Beads is almost always going to be your first relic picked up. Around the time you finish building your shoes, you really want to be thinking about the enemy team's composition and how you can most effectively build against it.

Possible Early Game Build Examples
Mana Sustain
Defensive Start
Aggressive Start
Book of Thoth Rush

Ra's weak early game encourages him to safely farm to get to the middle and late game as quickly as possible. The items you've picked up should be giving you a good mana pool to draw from and allow you to keep your passive stacked. This will also let you get to jungle camps (ie: back harpies) quickly in between waves for increased farm efficiency, as well as give you an available escape if focused early on.

Positioning is critical throughout all stages of the game for Ra, especially in the early game. Placing a Ward or two is of the utmost importance. You do NOT want the enemy getting behind you, especially without you knowing about it.

Generally, you want to clear waves quickly and farm jungle camps in between waves. Your passive will allow you to get to and from your lane quickly. Be very wary of ganks and pay attention to the movement of the enemy jungler. Try to avoid exposing yourself and overextending to avoid being punished for your lack of escape.

Mid Game:

Build Ideas:
After completing your shoes, you generally want to start looking to work on getting your stacking item built, but this isn't always the case. If you are facing extreme early aggression, a defensive item could be called for here to alleviate pressure. After building your defensive item though, you do want to start getting your stacking item built.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are completely dominating your lane opponent, you can pick up something like Doom Orb to snowball your way into the later stages of the game.

Once you hit level 12, your second relic that you pick up will largely depend on your preference and the enemy team.

Possible Middle Game Build Examples
Late Game Preparation
Hybrid (Power and Defense)
Aggressive (Snowball)

Even in this stage of the game, you want to be relatively safe with your farm as you build your stacking item. You will also want to continue warding to avoid being caught in a bad spot or out of position.

At this point of the game, enemies will be roaming the map, so you will be seeing a lot of traffic in the middle lane. Be sure to communicate with your team if you see enemy movement. You can look to rotate to other lanes in between waves and set up gank opportunities for your allies if you feel safe traveling through the jungle.

Because of how easily you can be targeted though, you generally want to stay/rotate with other teammates. If an enemy decides to engage, you can support your ally from a distance, and they can protect you from being focused.

Also in this stage of the game, your ultimate Searing Pain will come in handy for securing objectives for your team, as well catching enemies off guard through a wall for ganks.

Late Game:

Build ideas:
Depending on the team you're going up against, several different item choices could be called for. At this point in the game, knowing what items to pick up largely depends on your own judgement. Generally, you want to get some penetration for facing tankier enemies, and provide yourself with a power spike as you transition into the late stages of the game. Depending on the situation, you might also need more defense, utility, cooldown, etc.. Knowing what to build against a team is a skill that comes with practice and familiarity.

Possible Late Game Build Examples
Max Cooldowns
Anti-healing with Utility
Support Mage
Aggressive (Snowball)

As previously mentioned, supporting your team and spamming your abilities is what you want to be doing. You should really be a driving force behind your team pushing objectives. If you've built enough cooldowns, you should be able to use your ultimate nearly twice per minute. You can use this to add tons of pressure to the enemy team, secure objectives, and poke out enemy tanks.

Positioning remains important for Ra, even in the later stages of a game. Sticking with your team can save you from being focused and allow you to keep pushing objectives to eventually finish a match. To reiterate, stay with your team, supporting them from the back lines with heals and ranged damage.


As your knowledge about general middle lane gameplay progresses, so will your ability to perform with gods in that role. So to further enhance your ability to use Ra in conquest, learning the details of the role you're playing him in will in turn improve your ability to do well with him.

That being said, Ra is an extremely fun god to use in the middle lane role. He performs his job well and adds tons of value to a team. With practice on landing his skill shots, he can become a great god to have in your arsenal.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide and found it informative, as this is my first guide. Feedback is appreciated if you are able to give it, and I thank you for your time.


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