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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


No Mercy!: S3 Guide

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Smite God: Ares

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Tanky Frontline
Tanky Frontline ScAres

Purchase Order

HP5 Build

Build Item Reinforced Shoes Reinforced Shoes
Build Item Stone of Gaia Stone of Gaia
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Mail of Renewal Mail of Renewal
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord

Cap off your HP5 build

Build Item Rod of Asclepius Rod of Asclepius
Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Gauntlet of Thebes

Med is mandatory for this build

Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings
Build Item Cursed Ankh Cursed Ankh
Build Item Magic Shell Magic Shell


Hello everyone, UltraSuperGenius here with another exciting guide on Ares, the god of war. The name alone instills fear and chaos into his enemies, and he was not a well liked god amongst the Greeks or the Olympians they worshiped due to his savage nature, blood thirst, and destructiveness in battle. Save for the Spartans, who revered him for his manliness, valor, physical strength, and was viewed as a model soldier. The limited myths that contain him, never portray him in positive light or on the winning side, but today, I'm going to show you how to properly utilize the god of war and teach you how to slay your enemies in glorious combat and achieve victory! Let the merciless slaughter begin.

Recent Updates:

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Every badass god needs a badass theme! Scientifically proven to enhance your reading experience!
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A great way to confirm confirm stats on builds, as well as building your own!(This is a link)
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Passive: Blessed Presence Ares gains 30 magical power for every aura item he has.
Ability 1:Shackles Ares fires a shackle that damages all enemies in its path, stops on the first god it touches, slowing and crippling them and doing DoT across 4 seconds. Ares may refire another chain within 2 seconds and can have up to 3. Shackling multiple opponents increases the slow and buffs Ares speed.
Ability 2: Bolster Defenses An AoE ability that grants protections and reduces cc duration if cast before cc was landed to Ares and his allies. For each opponent that is shackled, Ares gets a 7 protection bonus.
Ability 3: Searing Flesh A knock back immune flamethrower of doom that deals damage every .5 seconds for 4 seconds and deals a percentage of hp which goes from 1% to 3% at max rank.
Ultimate: No Escape Ares signature initiation tool. Ares throws chains to everyone within a 35 unit radius, and after 2.5 seconds, they are pulled to his location and stunned.

Skill Combos

Standard Initiation Combo

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Killing someone solo. (Works most effectively with damage build)
Spoiler: Click to view

Run like hell
Spoiler: Click to view


-High Base Damage.

-Badass Model.

-Good balance of soft and hard cc as well as personal buffs.
-Forces an active slot from enemies.

-Fun as hell to play.

-Mere presence puts enemies on defensive.


-He's slow.

-Requires minimum of 20% CD to be really aggressive.

-Lowest base HP and Defense pool of all guardians.

-Peel isn't very good for allies. Also not guaranteed to save your own life.


Starter Items

Spoiler: Click to view

Physical Defense

Spoiler: Click to view

Magical Defense

Spoiler: Click to view

Hybrid Defense

Spoiler: Click to view

Offensive Items

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Healthy Items

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Types of builds

Full Tank

[*] Focuses on building high effective HP and Protections.

[*] Allows you to stay alive longer in the heat of battle, with high harass and set ups for your team.
Damaging Bruiser

[*] Focuses on building max pen to compliment base damage

[*] Cuts down all types of opponents very swiftly.

Stages of the Game(Conquest)

Early game
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Mid game
Spoiler: Click to view

Late Game
Spoiler: Click to view

Final Thoughts

Truthfully, I'm strongly against the argument that some players make that Ares needs auras in bulk to play effectively. I myself have won many games without the use of many auras. Though they aren't necessarily not worth getting. It's just that other items are better. Sovereignty, Heartward Amulet, and Void Stone are all items I certainly don't mind picking up on Ares. However, with the exception of Void Stone, they will not be my first pick.

The common arguments that is made is that, "You get 30 magical power from those auras," and, "Your teammates get 20 protections from Sovereignty and Heartward Amulet." While both of these statements are true, they aren't good reasons by themselves to get these items. Ares scales poorly from magical power. His chains only get 15% as extra damage, and only 7% on his flamethrower because it deals additional percentage of hp damage. With four auras at rank 20, you'll get an extra 24 or so damage off each tick of chains, and 14 off of the fire. And thats before mitigations, so if you don't have a lot of pen, well then the damage is even less. So much for building damage on Ares right? Well his base damage is so high you really only need pen if you want to truly divulge into the murderous persona that is Ares.

Finally the 20 extra protections by themselves are okay at best. You generally don't see squishies buying magi's blessing for the 15 protections and HP right? No, if they do get it, it's for the passive, because they are so low it might as well not have protections at all. The only thing that makes Sovereignty and Heartward Amulet worth getting in my opinion is the fact they give roughly 60 protections each, HP5 and MP5, and 200 HP each to yourself. These work great as tank items, the aura effect is an added bonus, but nothing more, and I myself can support my team just fine without them.

I truly hope you ladies and gentlemen find this guide useful. If so please leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Critiques are welcome as always as they serve to help make me a better player and writer! Have fun smiting your enemies!

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RanC (1) | July 7, 2016 7:58am
I'd like to clear some misconceptions.

First, Ares doesn't have bad scaling from magical power. The argument people are trying to make is akin to saying Anubis has poor magical power scaling because his ultimate only has +15% MP scaling for each tick of his ultimate.

Second, I think there's a decent middle ground between skipping aura items and going full aura just because of the passive. Take advantage of it if it's reasonable, but get stuck in the mentality that you can only build aura items on Ares because otherwise you are gimping him. I mean, who goes mad attack speed build on Poseidon or Zeus just because they have a passive that really benefits from high attack speed? Personally I've always advocated that they change the Ares passive because for many it implies there is a certain way you have to build him, which really limits their thinking, but then again it's not my problem really.

Third, obsidian shard on ares is **** compared to spear. I'm sorry but there's more than one reason for that. I don't argue with the fact that shard gives you more effective pen against targets with high magical defense, but I don't understand why try to build an anti late-game guardian guardian? It makes very little sense, those guardians have so much health at that point anyway it's rather tedious to go duel them or something. Spear will help magical dps on your team a great deal, you will get full stacks ridiculously fast if you manage to pull any amount of targets with your ult. It's usually the enemy adc, mid and jungle who fear ares the most and flat pen works much better against them.

Obsessing on CDR. If you are playing Ares right, you can force your opponent to use both of their actives (in best case, usually at least beads) with your shackles alone because if they don't, they're dead. While I understand the argument for early game mana from the cdr boots, I honestly believe that isn't the optimal approach. When you rush the pen boots, you take out almost half of the enemy ADC magical protection and this is more likely to place you ahead compared to cdr boots (Ares shines to the point of being able to carry the whole team if he gets ahead enough). You should partner with an ADC that has either strong clear or amazing CC potential.

Which brings me to the following point: There is very little middle ground with ares, both his weaknesses and strengths are very pronounced. You want an ADC partner that can compensate for your weak early game clear and capitalize on your potential to kill. You want to pick/ban in a manner that the enemy team picks athena. Yes, you want to give them the illusion that they got a top tier pick. You will be much happier to face Athena as Ares compared to say, ***bha, geb or even sylvanus/ymir. I won't go for specific reasons on other gods except Athena, and for her I will say this: Your shackles prevent her from using her charge. Your ult will pull her right back to where she left when she uses her ult.

It takes a great deal of practice and skill to play Ares effectively, even your ADC has to adjust to the fact and play accordingly. You don't want to spam your skills early game, you want to save mana and use them at critical moments that will turn the table. It's almost like you're just hanging around there, looking stupid, but really you are just waiting like a hawk for the enemy to make a single mistake that will cost them their life. Also, don't underestimate the knockback on your flames, it can be very useful if the enemy duo manages to push the lane next to your tower, you have the unique ability to keep them outside tower range for an extended amount of time without taking as much damage as other guardians. Offense truly is your best defense in so many ways. Positioning is imperative, but eventually you are most likely caught in a bad position at some point, and while with most guardians you would try to use a dash or just tank and survive, Ares has yet again an underlooked defensive capability built into one of his offensive abilities: movement speed reduction, buff and cripple from your shackles. This is why rushing boots really pays off. You are pretty slow in the first place, having full boots against an adc that doesn't have any will make you around ~15% faster compared to him, now hit shackles and suddenly there's a 45% difference. After early game this levels off, but it's still significant and don't forget 2 shackles means double benefits.

Building mystical mail too late. If you go for mystical mail, it makes the biggest impact if you build it as your second item. Obviously this isn't the best choice if you are lagging behind too much, that's why I say ares is a very fluid god, not only do you build him according to the lineup, your build and build order depends heavily on how good you are doing. Screw this up and you screw your game bad.

Blink: Don't save it for ult only. I would argue it's the best active for Ares even after the relic changes, because nothing forces panic buttons quite like an Ares blinking from the jungle when you are least expecting him, shackling you in a manner that even if you use beads + dash your choice is basically to either dash next to Ares which is usually deadly, or dash even deeper towards the enemy territory, for example right next to the enemy creeps and mid, with Ares coming to sandwich you. Positioning, a matter of life and death.

Ares ult: while it is a good initiate, it is also a great finisher, especially in 1v1 situations. Apollo diving your tower? Blink shackle flame him, possibly chip his HP with mystical mail, what is he most likely to do? Ult away of course, it seems like the safest choice. He seems to be getting away with barely any health, then boom, cancel your flames at the very last moment of his ult channel, use your own ult, watch him die in the sky. Might as well use the voice chat command for "Completed" while your chains are getting ready to announce the kill for everybody. The ares ult damage isn't spectacular by any means, but it is often just enough. Just enough to tip the scales from almost a kill to a confirmed kill, much like taking pen boots instead of cdr boots.

Blue buff is often pretty neglected late or even latter parts of mid game, it's not a game changer like red and yellow are, so enjoy your extra 10% CDR.

It takes a great deal of experience to master Ares in a way that you know what exactly he is and isn't capable of and what works and what doesn't against/with who. Don't be afraid to communicate with your team because there are very few people who have such understanding of Ares. There are times when you will get thrashed because things didn't work out in one game, maybe it was failed execution, novel circumstances, some kind of misjudgement, but when you have hundreds of ranked games under your belt and you've taken Ares high enough in diamond league combined with a good win ratio to be placed in (grand)masters league matches from time to time, you kind of learn to tune out the ignorant, because you know what you are doing and you don't have the time to write essays during a match. Don't get cocky though and at least consider the critique you get, sometimes it might contain valuable information on how to improve. It is unlikely though if you are a good learner and have a great deal more experience with Ares than they do. Ares can't be forced into something he isn't without gimping him, yet you will always meet someone on your team from time to time who tries to do that.

Just my 2 cents on the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot more that's almost pointless to cover because it's best you learn it by experience, I could write tips for every single possible combination of match ups I've faced, but too much effort and you probably wouldn't remember any given combination when you first encounter it even if you read about it beforehand.
UltraSuperGenius (1) | July 10, 2016 5:08pm
Hey D:< Don't sum up my guide in a single comment, that's what my guide is for!

There are a couple point's I am inclined to disagree with, but others I am in the same standing as you are. First things first, I need to make it clear I included a full aura build because I wanted players who read my guide to compare it to a pen build so they would observe just how much stronger one is over the other, I'm uncertain if you read my guide or only the comments below after looking at the builds, but I am vehemently against the notion of building full or mostly auras for the sake of the passive. I put emphasis on this because I've witnessed dozens of mid rank Ares, to Diamond Ares, to non Ares players either build or state he should be built that way, including the ones I've beaten with just a pen build. They insist on it, and I agree that it really boils down to the passive. It encourages people to want to build that way.

Despite all that, and it not being included in any of my builds, I wholeheartedly believe that auras can be incorporated into an Ares build. Stuke99 has an excellent build and guide on Ares that gives you the best of everything really and is an overall balanced build and I recommend anyone reading this to check out his guides. The only reason I go with what I go with in a damage build, is because of how bursty this season had become at the start. My build is a direct reflection of that with more protections than Stuke's and overall more effective HP and a lifesaving passive from Bulwark of Hope which also gives you CCR.

As far as maxing out CDR, I'm not sure if you're throwing this out there as a general tip to learning Ares or if you saw my first tank build and are commenting on that. I'm fully aware that Maxing CDR is not the way to go, as I stated in my ScAres section, that type is my usual build. I included it in the tank section because of all the stats it gives you, which includes the high hp, CCR and protections. The CDR was just an added bonus, but pen is always preferable unless you want to become an ult bot. I'm likely going to remove it due to how impractical it is due to it's expensiveness and lack of damage.

What I will disagree with is your position on Ares scaling. I've never heard players complain about Anubis's scaling(That doesn't mean it doesn't happen), and even if they do it's not really a fair comparison to Ares scaling when you consider the damage ticks every .1 second for 3 seconds, and anyone who thinks it needs better scaling is a fool. Ares doesn't get to rapid fire his ability, and if you look at one of my replies to Branmuffin I did some math for Ares 1. I'm not convinced the extra damage is "good" unless the victim is super squish. It adds up some, but not that much. But that just boils down to my individual playstyle, I prefer extra survivability.

As previously stated, I'm not sure whether is comment is directed my guide(Since you basically re-stated half the things I said in my guide) or is just a general clear up of some misconceptions the community may have. But in any case, thanks for commenting!
RanC (1) | July 16, 2016 2:52am
My apologies as I did not mean to try hijacking the guide or anything, I appreciate that you put the effort to create it. Of course I read it, then I read the discussion in comments, another guide, their comments and so on. Ultimately I decided to write a comment on this one as I felt it might promote your guide perhaps as I put a lot of effort to convey my thoughts too. So I spoke in part about the community as a whole and in part regarding your guide, but most importantly about Ares in general to give a contribution of my own as food of thought which you don't have to agree with if you don't want to. You are free to consider those thoughts and whatever might stem from them, as I see people like you (who write guides) genuinely valuable to the community :).

Why I brought up Anubis as an example of scaling was because his abilities are dots which do scale rather well with magical power, despite especially the ultimate having a low % in the tool tip. Still, the focus seems to be too much on either relative (dmg added to ability Base dmg) or absolute dmg gained (total dmg "dealt" by the magical power). Assuming single target, 7 out of 8 chain ticks and all ticks of flames + ilt, ares has 201% of his power dealt to the target. How is that bad for a guardian? Bacchus who hits his every ability, all ticks from breath does 200%, Him I mention because he is not really considered to have poor scaling and often built for damage too. Ymir is hard to beat with the scaling from his ilt though.

The reason it might feel to someone that bacchus has better scaling is because that base dmg doesn't come close to Ares. It would take much less power to double the base dmg for bacchus abilities (therefore doubling his output) compared to Ares, but ares stil gets more damage from power compared to bacchus assuming same conditions as before. I say he has good scaling on top of extraordinary base damage, but I guess debating it is pointless unless we define what exactly we mean by scaling, as an abstract concept discussing it doesn't benefit us that much anyway. Increasing your damage isn't fruitful if it doesn't translate in to a kill and if the amount of power needed to kill someone isn't much relatively speaking, doesn't that mean he has good scaling with magical power?

So for a practical example, let's think about lvl 20 Ares and Apollo in a simplified example. Assuming the same conditions above (7 second shackles) with 0 m.power you would deal 735dmg from shackles, 280dmg from searing flames plus 24% of Apollos max hp (he has around 1900hp at that point). Using rough math, it would translate to 1900 * 0.76 - 735 - 280 = 429 hp left, assuming enough pen to reach pure damage (obviously you would have some power from having that much penetration, but let's ignore that for a moment). You abilities will not do enough damage to kill him, unless you ult, and even then it's a stretch because he would very likely heal through life steal or soul eater passive. Now, let's say you have 200 magical power, which translates into 322 damage in the above scenario when we aren't using our ultimate. Still not enough to kill him with 1 and 3 alone, but at least gives you a lot better chance of killing him when you use your ultimate too. Add mystical mail, let's say 8 seconds, that's 320 additional damage. Now you can suddenly kill him with your 1 and 3 alone, you have a new capability to kill an enemy assassin, adc or mage by yourself without necessarily using your ultimate. This is only possible through the scaling that m.power offers and building mystical mail means you need much less of it. You can look at it this way too, Ares scaling from magical power is effectively increased because his searing flames mean his opponent will have only 76% of his max hp available. Every point of damage from magical power becomes even better. I'm not suggesting hoarding it by any means, just that there is a sweet spot where your killing capabilities reach a new plateau.

So yes, I honestly believe that the extra damage is rather good indeed. It's almost like you now got an extra member in the team who can kill those squishy enemies alone (they are usually the biggest threat anyway). If this doesn't seem like a big deal, well I promise you it is. He can do it in a team fight too, meaning he can peel a full health threat by just bluntly killing them if he wants to. Certainly the damage should be respected enough to stop pursuit when the first shackle hits, unless going kamikaze. If you opt out of this capability by building CDR and protections without reaching high enough damage, your peel will be sub-par as the enemy isn't forced to make the choice of dying or pursuing a friendly target, they can keep pushing for the kill and have the opportunity to flee when you are waiting for your (shorter) cooldowns. So having good peel is a matter of choice as is having peel that isn't so good for allies (not an inherent weakness of the god).

Just by having 322 (over 400 with ult) more damage to your 1 & 3 from 200 m.power in team fights means everything dies faster and more reliably. It is so much easier to reach the sweet spot in terms of magical power thanks to aura items providing it. Also, let's not forget that the scenario discussed was level 20 vs 20, magical power boosts your damage output much more relatively speaking when you don't have rank 5 abilities, it makes you more competitive in terms of damage when you are behind and allows you to snowball better when you are ahead. This is why in your second build I would definitely go for void stone as second or third item, otherwise in my opinion you will have a really hard time getting to the point of being ScAres. The breastplate is a solid item choice, I personally like having 20% CDR from items, the mana is useful and physical protection is a stat that has a pronounced effect early on (you don't have to fear minions as much, it's vital for tower diving and so on), but to become someone everyone fears, mystical mail fits the purpose better even if it doesn't offer the same 'quality of life' benefits. Void stone is nice, giving you great early damage but you will be vulnerable without physical protection or HP from the second item you build. The further you postpone getting the offensive capability/utility you need in the spirit of that build, the later you become useful in that sense. Having to spend 4700g + what goes in wards before you ramp up the damage means you are sort of playing catch up until then. Let's not forget that CDR becomes more valuable with damage too. Like you said, Ares doesn't get to rapid fire his abilities, wouldn't it be nicer if all you had to do is fire them once? I'm trying to say neither CDR or mana is needed to be aggressive, as listed in your cons and pros. If by aggressive we mean an offensive threat that is.

I understand your argument for survivability, but what you might not realize is having proper offensive capability translates into survivability. You need less bulk when you are deadlier and a lot more if your strategy is to soak damage while waiting for cooldowns. It's a form of art to balance this correctly according to the flow of the match, that's why it's extremely hard to stick to a certain item build or the same order of items built in any given build, but generally speaking, going for either extreme (pure offense vs pure defense/utility) is rarely the best choice when it comes to item progression. Hybrid build should have a more hybrid build order, otherwise you end up a sub-par jack of all trades type until your build is nearing completion (and the game is usually almost over). Not useless by any means, but you could be even better.

You mention how bursty the current season is, I won't argue with that, but why not embrace this and be as bursty as you can yourself instead of trying to resist the change? In the duo lane, you most likely aren't the primary target anyway, unless you decide to be with your own positioning. I know that 'bursty' and 'dot' rarely fit in the same context, but having to use 2-3 abilities to output enough damage to kill someone is a lot more bursty compared to having to use 4-5 waiting for cooldowns in between.
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Branmuffin17 (297) | July 7, 2016 9:45am
Holy ****, RanC. That is an amazing response. Extremely well explained, and just reading this gave me a better understanding of Ares.
Wortigon | June 8, 2016 8:25am
Except for your aura items build, you're practically throwing out your passive. That's like playing with 1 less ability. I believe that was why the complaints came. Hartward and Void stone are pretty much must haves for him, at least if the opponenthas a mage who by any chance got fed a bit.
Pestilence however, that **** is only effective against Aphro, Hel, or Chang'e.
However I believe the other items you picked are generally good for almost any guardian, so can't go wrong using them.
UltraSuperGenius (1) | June 9, 2016 2:32am
I'm not capitilzing on his passive because his passive is bad. I recieved complaints because some players dont realize how terrible his scaling really is. To get the maximum effect of his passive you would need to build full auras.

Let me give you some perspective. If I went with the Full Aura build at Rank 20, I'd have 190 power, and I would only get around 28 extra damage to Shackles each tick, and roughly 13 to Searing Flesh each tick, and that's before mitigations.

With my Pen build at Rank 20, I'd have 155 Power, get 23.25 damage to Shackles each tick, and 10.85 to Searing Flesh each tick. Notice how slight the difference is in extra tick damage when one build has 35 less power than the other? That's how bad Ares scaling is. Against squishy targets, with my pen build, they are taking ALL of the base and extra damage, and in the Full Aura Build, they aren't.

I included Pestilence in the full aura build for the reason stated above, to capitalize on his passive. I personally feel Pestilence is situational and that Bulwark of Hope is superior in every way, however some want to argue that you must build auras on Ares which is not true. As previously stated, if you want to get any damage out of his passive (Which is inferior to a pen build damage wise) then you need to get auras in bulk.
Branmuffin17 (297) | July 7, 2016 10:39am
Parallel to what RanC said, Ares scaling isn't bad, especially on his Shackles. I've been working on adjusting information in the database to better clarify how ticking damage increases scaling. Now, for Shackles, the max 180% scaling that is stated won't happen unless you hit 3 individual enemies, and they remain in proximity the entire the actual damage is spread out 3 ways. But hitting all 3 shackles on an individual target could potentially get you 8 ticks of damage if you throw your 2nd and 3rd shackles @ 2 seconds. That's still 120% scaling, which isn't bad at all.

But definitely, as you argued, Genius, getting aura items for the very specific sake of utilizing his own passive can cripple his effectiveness. In his case, fine, Sovereignty and Heartward Amulet are great for a Support. Mystical Mail (bought early as long as you're not behind as RanC said) and Void Stone are also great for his own protection and damage, with Stone being helpful for his magical teammates as well. But getting Pestilence or Pythagorem's Piece because they're aura items won't be nearly as effective as enhancing his own damage with Spear of the Magus, or countering enemy ADCs with Witchblade (yes, another aura item, but with specific intent this time).

But most of these are situational to an individual match. So better not to focus on the aura aspect, but absolutely get if it's going to help in your specific match.
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masterricu (12) | May 25, 2016 2:11pm
As a diamond ares player, there are a few things I disagree with your build.

1)Mantle of discord is too expensive of an item to be picked up so early, its better had late game.

2)HP5 in general is bad, since late game is all about burst, I'd recomend removing that altogether.

3)Latly the scares build, ares doesnt get much out of pen boots. Its like 5 more damage per tick. SO say if you manage to land every chain timed perfectly, you only notice a 150 damage difference. Thats nothing. Get blue boots ALWAYS, it takes car of his mana issues early, allowing you to buy wards sooner, and gives you cooldown.

Also ob shard outdamages spear. Spear got nerfed a while back, and not only that, but it doesnt proc of the same ability. You have to use different abilities, so landing chains 3 times (your main source of damage) doesnt work off it.
UltraSuperGenius (1) | May 25, 2016 10:03pm
Thanks for commenting and addressing some concerns. As a diamond Ares myself, allow me to defend my builds.

1.) A fair concern.

2.) HP5 is not bad. What exactly is bad about 3500 HP, 202 phyiscal protections/173 magical protections (Not including what you get with Bolster Defenses) with 30% CCR, 25% CDR, and the ability to rapidly heal yourself both during the laning phase and late game when out of combat? As far as tanking goes that's actually really good. The sustain allows Ares to be superbly aggressive in lane without having to back all the time or buy potions. So by building this, you're not only bulky, you're saving money and maintaining lane presence. His base damage is still high so there isn't an issue there, he just has more survivability. I've also never experienced any issues with this particular build and use it regularly.

3.) If I'm getting pen, I get it in spades. When Shoes of the Magi is paired with Void Stone and Spear of the Magus it gives you an obscene amount of pen. I like to give my damaging abilities true damage right off the bat against squishy targets and high damage to tanks because it generally ensures that I can kill them in one go. I don't like making second rounds if I don't have to. I myself play just fine with a minimum of 20% CDR.

4.) You're comparing the Obsidian and Spear side by side, as opposed to comparing Obsidian to my current build. Spear of the magus procs on tick damage abilities. So it doesn't matter if it doesn't proc after firing each chain, it procs on the tick damage from each individual one and Searing Flesh. And with the pen I have in the damage build, you have 25 flat pen, with 20 flat reductions, in addition to 30 flat reductions at max stacks. So you yourself are penning for 75 protections altogether if you only land 1 chain for 3 ticks.

So in my build, if the enemy has 100 protections, you are effectively penning 75% of it, and are treating them as if they had only 25 protections. If they have 150 protections, you are effectively penning 50% of it, and you are treating them as if they had 75 protections.

With an Obsidian Shard assuming I have no other pen, if the enemy has 100 protections, you are treating them as if they had 67 protections. If they have 150, you are treating them as if they had 100.5 protections. So my pen build is actually far superior than an obsidian shard.

And here's the real kicker. Remember, 50 of that personal pen is flat reduction. So squishy targets are having all their base protections stolen from them which gives your magical allies true damage with every ability. And if your magical allies build flat pen or Obsidian Shard depending on how many protections the enemy tanks have, they are penning most of their protections as well.
masterricu (12) | May 27, 2016 3:07pm
2) The biggest problem with build 2 is that the build costs 13,650 gold, only gives you 20 magical power, no pen, meaning chains only do 83 damage per tick (at lvl 20), and the build is 100 percent countered by weakening curse. Gods that build qin's or soul reaver also chunk your health much worse if you had just build defense instead.

I can see the tactic, but its expensive, you lose offense, and overall is very risky.

3)Say if you are level 6 and you back for the first time to buy boots and you pick up pen boots. Once you return to lane, fighting an enemy who say has 35 mag prot. Your chains will do 60 damage per tick.

Say if you had bought Shoes of Focus instead, your chains would do 53 damage per tick. Not a huge difference in damage overall, with the benefits being you get +250 more mana so you can use your chains more freely, as well as save 100 gold that you can buy wards with instead, which is huge at level 6, thats usually the time frame that jungle starts looking to gank.

Im just saying, I prefer blue boots overall.

4)Actually in your build, you have 10 pen from boots (not 25), 20 aura reductions, and 30 with spear at max stacks. Thats 60 flat pen, leaving the enemy with 40 prot.

With shard instead, yo would get 33% of a hundred which leaves them with 66 prot, then 10+20 from boots and void stone leaving them with 36 prot.

Spear = 100 -> 40
Shard = 100 -> 36

Shard wins and thats only with 100 prot. When we start talking about MORE protections, shard becomes more useful. It also effects towers which spear doesnt, and is 100 gold cheaper. So shard is the better pick imo.

Spear = 150 -> 90 (with boots and void)
Shard = 150 -> 70.5 (with boots and void)

Shard becomes more and more useful the more protections they have. Say if they build full tank with 270 prot.

Spear = 270 -> 210
Shard = 270 -> 150.9

Shard wins again, sadly.
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