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My skills are unmatched - Arena & Siege (Threat level update)

May 17, 2018 by DangerousRival
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boogiebass (14) | May 16, 2018 7:56pm
xZeroStrike is an Artemis main. I wonder what he has to say about this.
xZeroStrike (46) | May 17, 2018 4:18am
You called? To be fair, I have only played SMITE once in the entirety of S5, but I'll go ahead anyway.

Odysseus' Bow is most definitely a good item for Artemis but I see it more as a comfort pick. It isn't mandatory. In fact with O'bow and her Vengeful Assault you're very likely to overcap AS.

Boots seem to have lost their popularity in S5, as seemingly more and more people run without it. I still consider either Ninja Tabi or Warrior Tabi as a core item though. Lack of true escape makes movement speed all the more valuable on her. And they provide other nice bonuses, too. I'd go Ninja Tabi early game, switch to Warrior Tabi late.

Penetration is lacking. The crits won't do $#!t with this build. Especially since DB saw some nerfs compared to S4, and even there penetration was a must-have. Any tank that stands between you and other enemies will feel like a brick wall you're shooting at with a NERF gun. Seriously. Either Titan's Bane or The Executioner. Seeing as he likes Odysseus' Bow and Malice, Titan's Bane would be his go-to. Personally I would get The Executioner, and leave Odysseus' Bow out.

Malice is bad on Artemis. It's just a big no. Transgressor's Fate is a utility tool. It has a DoT but it's laughable. Vengeful Assault doesn't do any damage, Suppress The Insolent is probably the only real ability that Malice's passive would work with but I consider that not worth it. Add to that that Suppress The Insolent doesn't do much damage to begin with. Calydonian Boar has good damage, but it's your ultimate. It's going to be on cooldown or not be used more often than not, and it serves far better as a utility tool rather than damage. Also considering the lack of movement speed would make Calydonian Boar more of a make-shift escape ability more than anything.

Qin's Sais is an okay item, but penetration + crit serves Artemis much better in every way.

Hide of the Nemean Lion is something I wouldn't consider viable, to be honest. Yeah it does return damage which can scare enemies off, but Artemis simply doesn't have the sustain to make much use of it. You'd probably be dead before the item even served you in any useful way.

All the other items seem good to me personally, depending on your enemy team picks.

Personally, I would not use nor recommend this build to anyone, except memers, but you can give them everything so long as it's weird. My go-to build would be Ninja Tabi, Rage, The Executioner as "core", in no particular order. That leaves 3 open slots for whatever. Some defenses, lifesteal, another crit item like Deathbringer or Poisoned Star and whatnot.
DangerousRival | May 17, 2018 4:55am
By popular opinion ill took the malice out (i'll still keep it for increased poke/final blow potential but only in my brain.) The titans bane usually is the last slot since it created and ton of pen, which tanky enemies who thought they were safe from get suddenly blindsided by and makes for a nice suckerpucnh late game.

As you say the ultimate is more of utility, I keep it purely to escape and secure final blows on enemies i know will run soon, or to save allies potentially (worked very well to save our Ares my last match who would yolo when things got rough...) Hide of the nemian lion provide the mosts phys defs for your buck and it's a good deterrent so half hp heroes wont try and chase me since they know they be taking return damage on top of the arrows.

the main problems is high mobility characters even though I did a match where the threat levels i posted were in the even-tiny range their kits were all geared towards speed so i knew it was a bad idea and, took the standard archer arrow spam, mostly because i knew accuracy would be a big issue with so many mobile targets but my kills count definitely suffered for it but i was able to help assist better. Theres a time and place for this to work properly and it's alot of fun when the conditions are right.

i still think Rage is overkill in the crit department though. alot of assassins and hunter need rage so i can see why people flock to it, but it'd rather have any other crit item then rage on Artemis.
Gulfwulf (21) | May 16, 2018 3:45pm
I love playing the red-headed minx, but I would not use your build unless I saw it in action against a competent team.
DangerousRival | May 16, 2018 1:05pm
The last item slot i said was "to play around your enemy teams heavy" whether thats a high hp tank or a high defense. theres a set mentality to building this up as i have that getting penetration too soon would throw off.

In general to win arena you want to knock out as many of the enemy as you can as quickly as you can. Focusing guardians and high hp meatshield does not accomplish this, which is why i dont focus on the ones running high defence build, i let our warriors and assassins do that that job while i pick off the squishy and supports, the sooner you turn the fight into a 4 vs 5 the sooner you make it a 3 vs 5 and so on. Most people think picks arnt important in arena but if you can focus a one or two enemies and keep them out of the fight consistently they will earn less gold and be much weaker come end game where by then you have the last item slot (and the starter item you can sell for space which i realise i didnt point out now) for the endgame where you can get some penetration or quin sais and mop up the last problematic tanky players your warrior and assassin have been fighting mainly.
Branmuffin17 (220) | May 16, 2018 1:30pm
I just still find it a difficult thing to get my head around. You say not to focus tanks (which is a good strategy if you currently have the option of targeting the tank or a squishy). But, in order to get in range of that squishy, you need to get BEHIND the tank...which, unless they're not very skilled or aware, is going to be difficult. Are you able to sneak around the enemy every time you want to engage? Or does that tank (or 2 tanky gods heaven forbid) allow you to just walk by them? You're dealing with poke too, from mages and whatnot. And all the while, you have to maneuver to get in range of those enemies...but you don't have any MS!

And this is what I find confusing. Higher MS allows you to get set up better. With no MS, you'll likely be in contact with tanks first, but you have 0 pen/protection reduction. What players are you playing with/against?

I can kick *** too if I'm against low skill players...but unless I'm surrounding myself with high skill teammates that protect me extremely well, or always facing low skill (maybe account is lower level so still getting paired with lower level players?), then you can't escape the fact that there are things in the build that prevent you from dealing optimal damage, and the strategy relies too much on enemies being, frankly, stupid and not focusing you like they should.

It's fair for you to say that I haven't tried the build for myself...but I've also played the game long enough that I know inherently how certain things should turn out given a build and strategy. Again, I don't deny that you should be able to deal decent damage...but damn if I'd expect to get an equal amount of deaths. A 12 kill 10 death game isn't a good game. I'd consider a 3 kill 0 death game significantly better, personally.
DangerousRival | May 16, 2018 6:16pm
Remember your not alone it's not Artemis vs 5 players, it's Artemis & friends vs 5 players. Alot of the threat level is based off the weaknesses and strengths that this build plays off of.

You basically want to give people the mindset "if you attack me, I'm not gonna run, and your gonna die." And as a hunter it's not your job to initiate combat, thats up to your guardian/warrior/assassin and once the fight breakout you literally on aveage only have to walk forward 5 paces in most and your in the thick of the action with multiple target open for choosing. If they run past 3 of your allies to target you or your mage first most likely whoever tried that is dead if they went alone.

Tanks are very killable but no where near top of the list of targets.

Your main role is to picks and thin the numbers once the fighting starts. typically in one on once fights you'll have the upperhand but as with this build there are ways to other people can build that can counter your style.

If your gonna try this build I highly recommend you have 1 player/friend that knows your not a speed a speed artemis and you'll need some babysitting from a guardian or warrior till your bloodforge is done. Once you have that though your problems become much less cause anything that attacks is gonna filled with cannon-sized holes if they cant tank the damage well.

Your assassin typically has alot of speed of penetration, for those tanky people, you can work well by covering them while they flank. Arena is not a one person show. EVERY build has strengths and weaknesses and this is no exception. They need to protect you as much as you need to protect them. This build is mainly arena is siege because in modes like clash, or joust not having mobility will get you killed where in arena its almost entirely team-fight focused and in siege your main concern is dealing with siege weaponry and guarding your own. Conquest, no you need boots.

It's not gonna be for everyone, and if your messing up your boar/traps alot your gonna get stabbed repeatedly for your mistakes till you figure out how to survive without running away anytime someone gets in knife range. Alot of this is standing your ground and making it a bad idea to try and take it from you. When it comes to glass cannons you'll be queen maybe only surpassed by one-shot builds, which will force you into defensive items.
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Kriega1 (34) | May 16, 2018 10:39am
Malice is terrible on Artemis.

Fixing your arena/siege builds: Warrior Tabi, Asi, Rage, The Executioner, Wind Demon, Poisoned Star. (Can sell Asi lategame for Bloodforge).

Alternative build (non-crit): Warrior Tabi, The Executioner, Qin's Sais, Titan's Bane, Bloodforge, Odysseus' Bow.
Gulfwulf (21) | May 16, 2018 3:38pm
Why didn't you list Deathbringer, Kriega? I'm not faulting your build, I'm genuinely
Kriega1 (34) | May 17, 2018 12:29am
Mainly due to the cost but you can pick it up instead of Rage, although I would buy it 5th or 6th instead possibly.
DangerousRival | May 16, 2018 11:02am
If you read the description you'd have seen the no boots is by choice and has done me quite well turning her into a high physical attack hunter. the Malice is mostly just a power buff and turns almost every shot into a crit, like i say the poison/dot it inflicts has helped me get more kills then you would think. I suggest you actually "try" the build first and rely on you abilities more then your gear before you go suggest the "basic hunter" staple build. Also maybe read it completely before you comment on a "fix"

Your first build doesnt even have odysseus which is a TERRIBLE move not take on Artemis that item mights as well be mandatory for her in any build, and your 2nd build has it at the end which has almost no point on being purchased then.

I have a strong feeling you dont actually play artemis alot much cause Rage is a waste on her unless its the ONLY crit item your using since her passive is crit increase.
Branmuffin17 (220) | May 16, 2018 12:13pm
Understood that no boots is on purpose (I read your writeup). Not arguing you seeing success with the build, but do have concerns with it.

(Also, Kriega, I'd argue that for Art, I'd just always go crit...she and Jing are the two that I'd almost never build Qin's over crit, but maybe that's me looking to be efficient and utilize the crit function from her passive)

Anyway, I agree with Kriega that Malice isn't the greatest crit item for her. Depending on the rest of your item choices, well... Deathbringer is core, but as for the other item, it would either be Rage or Wind Demon.

I can also agree on a modification of his crit build suggestion...go 3x crit, with both Poisoned Star and Wind Demon along with Deathbringer to get a unique, high crit chance build with you making up for the lack of movement speed by slowing enemies with Poisoned while speeding yourself up with WD.

Honestly, if I were to see you building Art without any MS, I'd tell the team to jump you. No way you'd live very long unless you had your ult AND Heavenly Wings up. Your other major lacking in the build is penetration. Yes, you can deal pretty good damage because you've got crit and generally good power...but I don't think you realize just how much you're handicapping your potential DPS by not getting either Titan's Bane or The Executioner earlier. Sure, you have them as options (only as last item?!?, and are you saying that you keep Hunter's Blessing as a main item...really???), but that should be CORE, not an option.

You do address that your build is expensive. You get 3 items in a row (after your main 1st item, O-Bow) that are 2,800-3,000 gold. That's a terrible power curve, even for a quicker match like Arena. If you're fed like crazy, then sure, it'll help...but otherwise, you're going to be behind enemy builds overall.

You really need to replace Hunter's Blessing...that's a starter item, and although it does provide great stats for the price, it is no replacement for a good, full T3 item. You'll increase your DPS just getting The Crusher, for example, and that's not necessarily the best item for her.

Commenting also on your last 2 paragraphs in the comment above...

Odysseus' Bow as a first main item is...okay...but it's not great. Key point of note would be covered in this forum post. Balancing power and attack speed properly is important in maximizing your damage potential at any point of the game. Your first 2 items (starter + O-Bow) provide 0 actual power, though the passive of Hunter's is basically equivalent to 15-30 power on basic attacks only, and the same can be said of O-Bow's 30 damage (but only on every 4th hit). Note also that the passive benefits the more power you have...so, after finishing O-Bow, you have...0 power. This means...0 additional damage out of that passive. This is a reason why most people, when building O-Bow, get it later-game, once they've already built up some good power, and can get more out of that passive. The only other reason you might get it is as an off-meta option to help with early wave-clear, in a slower paced game like Siege (but not Conquest). You'd use that passive's extra damage to help with wave-clear...but although it works, it doesn't work that well, and you're still better off getting power over AS to start.

As for Rage being a waste on her? WHAT? Tell me you understand her passive. If you don't, here it is. She gets 0-15% crit chance out of the passive, building by 5% each time it doesn't proc, and resetting to 0 every time it does. Passive + evolved Rage + DB = 65-80% crit chance. That is NOT a waste, ESPECIALLY in combination with DB. I just don't understand why you would say it's a waste!

Another component of Rage's benefit is due to her steroid. Since Vengeful Assault gives her up to 80% AS at max rank, she needs less AS from items compared to other ADCs. Yes, Malice fits that mold as a crit item also, but although it has higher power, its actual benefit is in a decent reliance on abilities for damage, which isn't Art's main focus.
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Kriega1 (34) | May 16, 2018 11:38am
Odysseus' Bow is a lategame pickup if you actually read the item's passive (notice it says 50% of your physical power on the passive? Your power is quite low early game which is why you DONT pick it up early, and if you mention the flat 30 damage just remember that all gods have base physical protections which means the damage is irrelevant except on minions because you need some physical penetration) Getting it second item after boots is pointless because the item has no power and Warrior Tabi only has 40.

Also let's see: 15% crit from art passive at max stacks, 40% crit from rage evolved, 20% from wind demon, 20% from poisoned star for a total of 95% crit chance (Crit caps at 100%) Don't see how it is a waste when it guarantees a crit for every basic attack. If anything the Wind demon or poisoned star can be replaced (20%), not rage (40%).

Again, Malice is bad on a AA focused hunter.

The point of boots is to actually have a decent early game and either chase kills or run away from enemies on low health. Only certain god's like Freya can skip boots due to the fact she picks up the magical ring items which have movement speed on them.
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