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Daelinn's Anubis - Towards the New Season (S5, Patch 5.15)

August 16, 2018 by Branmuffin17
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Wolfman5665 (6) | April 16, 2018 2:51pm
Nothing major, but you have Jackal Knight listed as part of the Birthday 2018 event and Jackal Tech as part of the Code of Chivalry event.
Branmuffin17 (215) | April 16, 2018 2:56pm
Oops, I screwed that up, thanks Wolf!
boogiebass (13) | April 15, 2018 9:05pm
Got daelinns contact info? Invite him over for a game for old times sake?
Greenevers (105) | April 12, 2018 1:25am
Nice guide/continuation!

So a couple things --
  1. You undervalue how good blink is on Anubis. It's very meta right now to get it over beads as a jungler to begin. Even in the mid lane, it can be a strong second relic pickup. In the jungle, I'd argue that it's essential.

  2. I understand your point of defense on Anubis, and I guess it could work, but generally speaking, you're going to be able to do more without defense. The scenarios you mentioned are extremely specific, where not many gods have true damage and if you get pulled by an Ares ult 9/10 times you're not surviving as Anubis unless you're already crazy fed.

    I can understand a Breastplate of Valor more, but honestly not enough to include it in the main build (2). I'd just pickup a Chronos' Pendant, ward, position better etc.

    If there's any defense items I'd mention on Anubis are Mantle of Discord (which you mention) and Magi's Cloak. Which I think are better defense items than all of which you mentioned for what you want them to do for you.

  3. Instead of telling us what each matchup god's kit is and how they do a lot of damage with their abilities (all mages have 1/2 nukes w a lot of damage), I would talk more about what is specific in their kit is dangerous to you as Anubis. Ra, I don't think is an easy matchup, because he's not as squishy (can heal), and your immobile 1 and 4 make it easy for Ra to land all of his abilities.

    You mentioned what can't break Plague of Locusts b/c of your knockup immunity. Talk about what can, like Janus' Portal or Isis' Dispel Magic, or Agni's easy distance stun combo rain of fire -> Noxious Fumes. You do mention this, I just aim to tell you in general, what you could change about this section. It is also important to know that although Isis' Wing Gust is interruptable, you probably don't want to wait for her to use that ability to use Mummify, because it's significantly harder to land it with her increased movement speed. It's just not all that clear.

  4. Lastly, the warding pics need an update! Sorry if this is nitpicky, just wanted to check out a good guide real quick.
Branmuffin17 (215) | April 12, 2018 8:07am
Green, great comments, thank you!

Just an FYI, other than updating the build to maintain meta effectiveness (as in general build), I haven't really touched the rest of the guide or what Daelinn originally wrote.

You have very good points, and I consider this a community guide, thus I will update based on your general suggestions. I'm in AZ right now (friends wedding) so it'll be sometime next week.
Branmuffin17 (215) | April 15, 2018 5:58pm
FYI, updated some basic stuff, including some build adjustments, reworded info / added info, and other things as suggested. It's a fairly quick adjustment though, so will look to add other information or change info as needed.
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papa-squat | April 11, 2018 9:57am
with Anubis not being capable of having much movement, the additional speed provided by boots I find is useless on him. If someone wants to kill Anubis, and chases, Anubis even with boots won't outrun any god with a dash. I find that going without boots and going either with a high defense item with the high life steal makes Anubis feel a little harder to kill, and his lifesteal with a defense item makes his lifesteal higher than most people can damage when he uses abilities. Mantle of discord is awesome because it stuns a target when they try to kill Anubis, then he steals all his life back without having to even pop his two.
Branmuffin17 (215) | April 11, 2018 1:18pm
Hi squat (nice name by the way),

I can understand your sentiments regarding the movespeed, so know that I don't discount your points. Mantle is absolutely an option, and I'd like you to note that not only does the main suggested build have high lifesteal from 2 items, but also has a protection item, so the build already provides what you're talking about. Although the example full build shows Spirit Robe, Mantle is listed as one of the options.

The reason why I would argue the need for movespeed is due to things you don't mention. You're basically talking about a 1v1 chase where Anubis seemingly is trying to escape. Here are some reasons for Shoes:
  • With the bigger conquest map, movespeed is a key Stat. Getting from your fountain to the lane takes time, and no shoes means a comparative delay, possibly losing waves unnecessarily.

  • Besides just getting back to lane, the added speed helps with rotations... Whether it's just to nearby camps, or the GF / FG, getting to them faster is extremely helpful to increase your chances to secure.

  • At the stage you get them (early in a match), they represent great stats for the price. If you go for Shoes of the Magi (as you probably should), it also gives you enhanced early damage against enemy gods.

  • Anubis does have his own tricks to help a bit against mobility if you're looking to disengage. You've got a stun and a slow. Most enemies have one specific mobility option... If they've blown it to get to you, you have the ability to create space... But it's temporary. If you have no movespeed, they're likely going to catch back up to you.

  • Back to rotations... Late game, you're going to want to be with your teammates in any engagements. If you're the only one without it, you're going to be the first one to be caught I'd your team has to retreat, and if you're moving to an objective, you're going to be the last one there. Either case isn't good.
Altogether, I just can't see that having an extra slot for another item, in most cases, is going to outweigh the positives of having that MS. Appreciate your feedback though!
DeclanHarp | March 10, 2018 11:15am
Is triple lifesteal viable? Like book of the dead, bancrofts, and talon?
Kriega1 (32) | March 10, 2018 11:52am
Book of the Dead dosen't have lifesteal anymore. Also you say Talon, but I think you meant Bancroft's Talon. To be honest I would just get Bancroft's Talon, and Typhon's Fang afterwards, im not too sure about Soul Gem on Anubis.
Branmuffin17 (215) | March 10, 2018 2:33pm
So this is discussed in the guide, but I'll go over this in more detail.

If you're talking 3x lifesteal, then you're likely talking Bancroft's Talon, Typhon's Fang, and either Pythagorem's Piece or Soul Gem.

Now, there are two big things to consider. 1) Sorrow easily provides him with up to double his current lifesteal. 2) the lifesteal cap (outside of Typhon's passive) is 65%.

Between any 3 of those lifesteal items, you'll get a range of 45% to "you're waaaaay past the cap."

Counting sorrow, Bancroft's and Typhon's, you'll almost always be at the cap, which means you're not getting full efficiency out of the build. You're also taking up 3 of your 6 spaces for items, meaning you're missing out on some other utility you could get from other items. Shoes + Spear of the Magus are core, so you've only got one more item option.

In summary, I don't think it's beneficial getting that much lifesteal,and would strongly suggest against it. Hope this explanation helps.
boogiebass (13) | August 31, 2017 1:48am
Hey Bran,

For build 3, can Spear of the Magus be a good replacement for Obsidian Shard if tanky enemies aren't a threat? BTW, +1
Branmuffin17 (215) | August 31, 2017 9:49am
Absolutely... Spear of the Magus is ALWAYS an option.

I think Dae was just going for consistent damage in this build. Across the board, Obsidian Shard is just very reliable pen, so in a way, it won't matter if the enemy is squishy or an extremely heavy tank.
masterricu (12) | May 15, 2017 12:43pm
Hi bran,

I just wanted to say that Book of the Dead is a really good item on anubis. Problem with warlocks is the lack of dps early game (50 damage) and lack of lifesteal to work with anubis passive. For only 200 more gold you basically get a fully stacked warlocks worth of damage instantly, still get 200 health, plus the shield and lifesteal. If you feel like you need more health, you can always get gem of iso later. But warlocks early is terrible.

Another thing, spear is only good for anubis ult. Sure his 1 and 3 do both tick, but only 4 times, meaning the instant damage you do with shard is almost always better, especially because its hard to confirm all ticks of damage on a target they can just walk out of. Shard also helps towards tower damage more than spear.

Im also against building defense on mages. If you want to play tanky god then pick a warrior, otherwise you are just a weaker warrior. Instead build health or double lifesteal. You will do more damage and still be harder to kill.
Branmuffin17 (215) | May 15, 2017 2:32pm
Hey ricu,

Sweet, thanks for the comment.

First, acknowledged about slow start and weak early clear with Warlock's Sash. Thought here is that there may be more of an early struggle, getting outcleared, but as soon as it comes online, the health and mana boost greatly enhance his survival (health) and ability to stay in lane longer (due to the extra mana). In that way, I would generally think it would be worth it. If anything, the best counter for that is for the Jungler to occasionally help clear and attempt a gank on the opposing Mid-laner, just to give you some breathing space.

That said, I think the build that better suits the build you're pushing is more along the lines of the 2nd build (Jungle), which starts Shoes of the Magi, Bancroft's Talon, and Gem of Isolation. Obviously, the alternative to Bancroft's Talon here would be your suggested Book of the Dead, which is absolutely something I can slot in as an alternative, perhaps in both the Mid AND Jungle builds. The nice thing there is that both Book and Bancroft have the same T2 item, so depending on how the early match is going, you could consider Book defensively, or Bancroft if you're already strongly ahead. Does that sound reasonable?

(also, quick question...is getting Warlock's Sash 3rd just way too late? Do you straight up feel it shouldn't be built on him at all?)

I'm sure you understand the standard choice of Bancroft's Talon and why it's a solid choice for Anubis, due to the fact he's going to take damage and that power increase is great for his scaling. That said, it sort of ties into another aspect of lifesteal...magical lifesteal caps at 65%, so as Anubis approaches low health, he'll be maxing that stat via Bancroft's passive in combination with Sorrow. So Book of the Dead would be a choice that wouldn't introduce potential inefficiencies into the build, as it, by itself, wouldn't overcap...BUT, you also mention double-lifesteal, and I would argue that's not a good choice for him, as he'll blow past the cap with Book + any other lifesteal item.

Regarding Spear of the Magus, understood about doing less damage to objectives compared to Obsidian Shard. That said, unless facing a very tanky enemy team, I still like the idea of what Spear brings.
  • It gives potential to other magical teammates' damage, which can be nice if you've got a damaging guardian like a Bacchus and you're in a teamfight situation, connecting Grasping Hands on multiple enemies, etc.

  • Note that Grasping Hands does 4 ticks as you say, but Plague of Locusts does 6 ticks. Either way, if you use a combo including both, you're going to get max stacks fairly quickly, and do full damage on a good amount of that combo.

  • Expanding on the point above, Spear seems like it's just the better option if my main targets are squishy gods. Most of them will have no magical protection, or perhaps just 1 item. Obsidian doing a flat 33% might be good for the first couple of ticks, but if we're talking a god that has a base 50 protections and that's it, it's only providing 16.5 pen. Looking at Spear, it's got 15 just in its base stat...and is going to very quickly pass up Obsidian's damage, quickly hitting true damage, not only on his ult, but on all of his damaging abilities. (you say it's only good on his ult, but based on these numbers, that just doesn't seem to be the case) I do give the option for choosing Obsidian Shard, both at the item list in Build 1 at the top, as well as in discussion form in the body of the guide, so I feel I'm pretty well covered there...do you agree?
Regarding the use of protection items, I know your style, and I understand your point. For a god like Anubis, though, he's got plenty of damage in his kit, so building 1 protection item doesn't (to me) turn him into a "weaker warrior" as you said. I'm also keeping to Daelinn's original vision for this build...his original writeup on Spirit Robe as his preferred protection item describes his thoughts pretty well.

Anyway, I do like the consideration for Book of the Dead, and will add it as an option. Look forward to your further response, if you're willing.
masterricu (12) | May 15, 2017 8:06pm
Warlocks is a great late game item, problem is anubis is an early game mage, and building him for late game means lack of dps early (significant) and becase all of his abilities are dot, he lacks the 1 shot that a mage like scylla or agni has. Gem second is still a good pickup as its 90 damage and the slow guarantees more damage is applied. But overall, I feel like book is the better item, and dont forget about its shield bran. You get your 100 immediately, with 200 + 20% of your hp shield aka +400 health late game plus lifesteal.

I wasnt aware of the magical lifesteal cap, thanks for pointing that out. But when I tested it in game, it did seem like my healing doubled. If that is not the case, then simply dont buy Bancroft's Talon and grab Gem of Isolation later on instead.

Spear is great if you combo all 3 of your abilites. But shard is better if they are able to walk out of it and only take 1-2 ticks of damage. This part of the build I feel is optional, and goes based on wanting more squishy damage vs instant consistent damage + tower damage.

I do think anubis needs health, but I dont think he needs protections. I feel that the loss in dps is too much to make up for the cooldown. But again thats just my thoughts.

Also lets be honest, anubis does not make for a good jungler. He has no mobility and only 1 single target cc to gank with. Hes unsafe, with a small hp pool, and is immobile. He has good clear though, which makes him perfect for the mid role, and he honestly isnt as bad as everyone makes him out to be.
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Bernardozomer (33) | March 3, 2017 4:19am
Amazing build to anubis!

Now seriously, who is Daellin?
Technotoad64 (45) | March 3, 2017 5:27am
An editor that left last December. He was a cool guy.
sunny108108 (3) | March 3, 2017 4:05am
great build for anbuis!
CirclesAreRound (14) | March 3, 2017 6:37am
He pulled the ole switcheroo on us.
Bernardozomer (33) | March 3, 2017 6:50am
Technotoad64 (45) | March 2, 2017 2:22pm
Nice build of anubis!
electro_ekaj | March 2, 2017 6:48am
Good guide. Lots of helpful information. For starting build, I have been going with Sands of Time and Tiny Trinket with 1 green and 2 blue pots. I find that if I don't start with sands of time I run out of mana instantly, even when trying to be conservative. I have tried vamp shroud and just don't think I can justify the lack of mp5.

One other tip is to consider leveling up grasping hands twice before putting a point in wrap. This is situational of course, but if you are having trouble safely clearing it can help you clear the minions slightly more quickly at the expense of the stun.
Branmuffin17 (215) | March 2, 2017 5:06pm
Hey Electro, thanks much for the comment! I KNEW there was a comment that I missed, glad I ended up seeing this.

Does the passive +2 MP5/10% missing health really equate to that much? This is a straight up question, I need to try it out. But Vamp Shroud has the same base 5 MP5, and if you can get the last hit on a wave, that's up to 60 mana back from the passive.

I guess, as an example, at 50% health (not a great place to be in for Anubis since that's easy gank material there), 5 base + 10 added...15 MP5 = 90 mana back in the 30 seconds between waves. Does that sound about right? So it has definite potential for more mana sustain. But if you're basically full health, the mana sustain is going to be less than Vamp.

Are you being super aggressive and spamming abilities early? Are you not getting last-hits on the minions? Want to figure out what's going on...

On your other comment, absolutely leveling grasping 2x by level 3 is an option, and I should see if I can fit that wording in somewhere. Thanks for pointing it out!
Bullfrog323 (27) | March 3, 2017 6:32am
Hmm, is it that the way it works ?

Because the description of Sands of Time states it is 2 MP5/10% missing MANA, not health.
So, if it's really from missing health, we need to change the description.
The few times I played Smite, I seemed to gain stacks from the missing mana, but I may be wrong.

Also, your calculation are correct at 50% (health or mana, w/e), that brings you to 90 mana per 30 sec.
However, that is exactly the same as what Vampiric Shroud provides.
So, unless you have less than 40% mana/health, Vampiric Shroud provides more mana sustain.

However, the main reason people get Sands of Time is because of the 10% CDR.
That stat alone, 10% CDR for 800g makes Sands of Time the best CDR/gold item in the game.

Now, does Anubis really needs this 10% CDR to survive ?
I'd say it's matter of preference.
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Branmuffin17 (215) | February 23, 2017 5:07pm
Thanks again to Daelinn for his contributions to the site, and for being a helpful presence as a judge in the previous contest, a contributor to The Overarching Conquest Guide, and being a friend.

Comments appreciated for S4...consider this a community guide, and adjustments can and will be made to the build as needed.
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