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Chernobog: Now you will Buy Godspack!

May 17, 2018 by ReqaaZ
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

They said you should play Cherno on Damage?

Smite God: Chernobog

Item Purchase Order

Arena Destroyer | Get The Penta!

Build Item Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Asi
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Wind Demon


Build Item Malice Build Item Bloodforge

God Skill Order

Crystallized Curses

Crystallized Curses 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Vicious Barrage

Vicious Barrage 2 8 9 11 12 18 19 key bind

Into Darkness

Into Darkness 3 15 16 key bind

Living Nightmare

Living Nightmare 5 13 14 17 20 key bind

Chernobog: Now you will Buy Godspack!

May 17, 2018


Now,first of All, im Not a Professional Smitefire build/Guide creator,thats why it wont Look Nice or Serious. Also my English issnt that good. but, you can trust me,this build,will Send the Enemys back to sleep,i also Uploaded a Penta with it on YT: https://youtu.be/tleWHQ1WaXU


As you can see,i not Put the skill order Right. its cause i dont know,when you can level something and when not, but i can say, you should first level your 1 and your 2,if you can,put a point in your ult. you shouldnt use your 3 as an attack,use the walls,love the walls.


Now,Some people say Cherno is better with Damage,i can Say: Yes. hes better with damage,but only in Conquest. In arena,Joust,Siege and 4v4 you should go for crit,his abillitys are still op,and His ult doesnt deal damage,and is mostly useless in joust. With Asi you have a Nice heal in an 1v1,safed my *** some times in my Matches. Executioner gives A good pen. Wind Demon has a Really nice passive,gives a good Crit chance and has Some attackspeed. Transendence is a Good choice for chernobog Cause he haves a really strong waveclear,and Trans gives a nice damage boost,when its full stacked. Deathbringer is always the best choice if you go for a crit build,i buys it before Wind Demon cause of the passive,so if you get lucky crits,it hits hard.

Pros / Cons

Good Early Wave clear.
Extremely Burst
Nice ult,For an gank,or helping a Mate,you can see all enemys like Nu Wa.
Golden Bow? Evolved to A god.

Hes Really Squishy,thats why i build Asi,You really will notice how it helps.
i think its something personal, but i feel like his escape issnt that good.
his ult is a bit Useless in Joust.
His ult can be a Suicide attack,cause the enemy knows when it comes,in joust is it really risky to use it.

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