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Cerberus Support (5.21)

December 2, 2018 by LordEnderSaber215
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xmysterionz (21) | December 6, 2018 7:05am
I think these builds would work better in solo than as Support (except the "Full build 1" that is acceptable)
Branmuffin17 (232) | December 6, 2018 11:32am
These builds would be overall aggressive focus, due to the presence of both Void Stone and Stone of Binding in every build. I would also agree these are probably better for Solo than Support. It could work if you've got a strong early comp and want to try to put the enemy Duo behind early.

That said, Ender, in most cases I would consider Stone of Binding to be a bridge item, helpful most specifically for early aggression. It should be considered for replacement late-game, but in each build, you only have 6 items and no options for replacements.

The "full build #1," you're working against your own build. You're looking for that aggression, but you're building Gauntlet of Thebes, which is an item you typically use to bide your time in the Duo lane while you build those stacks. Sovereignty is also very, very late. There's a reason it's picked up early in a Support build...the protection aura is very effective early in the game before pen is built up by the enemy, making the relatively low protection aura more effective.

And in the "full build #2," Binding 5th is a bit late.

As such, at this point, there are just some flaws overall that I feel make it so I wouldn't fully recommend the builds.
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