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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Athena Support Guide (Masters ,S2, upd. 15.12.15)

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Smite God: Athena

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Purchase Order

Starter Item

Build Item Watcher's Gift Watcher's Gift
Build Item Shoes Shoes

First Item

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Traveler's Shoes Traveler's Shoes

Second Item

Build Item Sovereignty Sovereignty

Third Item

Build Item Heartward Amulet Heartward Amulet

Fourth Item Choice

Build Item Mail of Renewal Mail of Renewal
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff
Build Item Pestilence Pestilence

Fifth Item Choice

Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Winged Blade Winged Blade
Build Item Midgardian Mail Midgardian Mail
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin

Last Item Choice (Sell Watchers)

Build Item Witchblade Witchblade
Build Item Stone of Gaia Stone of Gaia
Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe

Active Items

Build Item Shell of Absorption Shell of Absorption
Build Item Shield of the Underworld Shield of the Underworld
Build Item Heavenly Agility Heavenly Agility
Build Item Weakening Curse Weakening Curse
Build Item Greater Blink Greater Blink

Athena's Skill Order

Preemptive Strike

Preemptive Strike

1 X
3 15 16 18 19


2 A
2 8 9 11 12
Shield Wall

Shield Wall

3 B
1 4 6 7 10
Defender of Olympus

Defender of Olympus

4 Y
5 13 14 17 20


Hey guys I main Athena as a Masters Player in Season 2, so i figured i could make a guide.

I am a Level 10 Athena, and have around 7000 worshipers with her. I played for HNZ as Support and helped them advance into Round Robin.... ages ago :D.

The guide is not 100% perfect, though I try my best to keep it updated. I have first-hand experience with the support role, and Athena in particular, and thought I would share my knowledge to help others improve their gameplay and strategy. I am German, so please try to be nice to my *cough* perfect English.

Athenas Story


Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, was one of the only three goddesses who would remain a virgin, never marrying nor falling prey to love or the spells of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Romance is never featured in Athena's mythology, and one could say she's the archetypal business woman.

How She Was Born

Okay, let's start with how this forehead was born. I mean, if you hear the story about how she was born, you'd think the dude that invented her was on some really hard is amusing, to say the least.

Anyway, Zeus had a one-night stand (shock!) with a lady whose name was Metis. There was a prophecy that any child born from her would be more powerful than the sire. Needless to say, Zeus didn't like that.

So Zeus was thinking about what to do. I mean, if I was a god and an ******* like Zeus, I'd make her have an abortion. I guess it was too expensive for him, so he ate her...I mean, for real, he swallowed Metis. What a nice way to solve problems! So before Zeus swallowed her, Metis was already pregnant, and while Metis was in his almighty stomach, Athena grew within hers. Yes, she grew in Zeus' stomach, or rather inside Metis while Metis was in Zeus, yeah, its confusing (don't judge me!).

So Zeus had a migraine (hehe get it, migraine - because he has a woman in his body? ... No? Okay...). He was in so much pain that he asked Hermes for help. This Hermes dude took a double-headed Minoan axe, and split Zeus' head. ANNNNND BOOOOOOOOOOM, Athena jumped out like Mr. Hankey out of the toilet, fully grown, and fully clothed in her armour. What a medical wonder!

Beloved Daughter

Zeus loved Athena ... as a daughter ... come on, guys, what are you thinking??? This isn't Game of Thrones!

He was obviously relieved that Athena was not the prophesied son that would lead to his demise. Subsequently, he shared many of his secrets with her, and even sought her advice on a regular basis. She served as Zeus' prime advisor. He even let her use his lightning bolt and the Aegis, a magical sheepskin that endowed the wearer with invincibility! That's a big deal ... he probably loved those bolts and that Aegis more than he loved his wife, Hera. That means he loved Athena wayyyyy more than he loved Hera. I can't blame him, though.

Goddess of War

Of Athena's many roles, her main one was to be the Goddess of War. She was the opposite of her brother, Ares, who was also a deity of war. Hers was a war of strategy and cool logic, as opposed to Ares' bloodlust and violence.

In fact, Athena did what she could to prevent war, as she attempted in the case of the Trojan War. When the war broke out, Athena descended upon the battle site, and made each side swear an oath to keep peace. Despite her efforts, Pandaros, in great cowardice, let loose an arrow, which sparked the battle and the war. Athena was angry, and so sided with the Greeks, which, in the end, allowed the Greeks to claim victory. One of her many great ideas was the use of the Trojan Horse, which was a decisive maneuver that helped consolidate victory.

Athena's stratagem in battles was so impeccable and effective that Nike, Goddess of Winged Victory, would follow Athena into battle, regardless of the circumstances, since Athena never lost a battle ... EVER. That girl is on fire!

Be quiet, haters, she earned it!

Goddess of Wisdom

Despite her very warrior-like appearance, Athena was known more commonly for her role as judge, diplomat, mediator, and advisor, than a warrior. She was considered extremely fair and compassionate in all her judgments and her advice ... Except Arachne and some other stuff, but ehm... let's pretend that never happened.

More than any other of the Greek goddesses , Athena is the embodiment of modernism and civilization, with her reasoning, logic, applicable knowledge, and bountiful wisdom. She is a reminder to people that wit, intellect, and creativity can be used to solve any problem and achieve any goal.



+ High defense
+ Good mobility
+ Global ultimate
+ Very good crowd control
+ Her Confound forces Purification Beads
+ Good initiator, one of the strongest supports in late game


- Weak early game
- Not a beginner-friendly god
- Preemptive Strike is slow to load
- She has a Russian accent (SHE'S GREEK!). Fixed with her voice pack + skin.

Items Explanation

Quick Note: The general order is pretty much random, except Starter Item into Boots into Sovereignty. You should build in the way you are most comfortable. And don't forget your build should always change with the current situation you are in. Don't focus too much on I MUST BUY THIS AND THEN THIS.

Starter Items

Main Items

Active Items

So which actives should I buy? I'll go over the main ones I use regularly.

Heavenly Agility

This is pretty much an all-rounder active. If you have a mobile healer on your team (such as Hel or Guan Yu) or if the enemy team has many slow, it can be pretty functional, as it provides a healing boost to go with increased move speed and immunity to slow for close teammates.

The optimal situation would be in a team fight, if either the enemy team is retreating. Or some of you teammates are slowed.

Weakening Curse

Strong anti-healing item. If there is a healer on the enemy team ( Hel, Ra and so on or a character that has strong self-healing (like Hercules, Chaac, Vamana), Weakening Curse is extremely effective. Besides slowing the enemy, it blocks healing 65%!

You should combine it with Pestilence against strong healers, like Hel/Aphrodite.

Shell of Absorption

This is a active i really like, against teams that can just put damage out in a limited timeframe. Examples would be Freya,Poseidon,He Bo etc.

It gives you and your team a good advantage in laning phase AND teamfights, granted you have to learn the timing when to use it, but that is just something you learn with experience.

Greater Blink

Mostly just buy if the enemy has an Odin. With his ultimate, he can zone you out of every objectives fight. Yes, your ultimate can get you out of it, but it wont always be up, and takes time to initiate. So if the enemy has an Odin in the team, go with Blink as your actives.

Also pretty good, if you want to surprise the enemy with a blink engage, pretty often gonna catch them offguard with it. Can use your Preemtive Strike as a disengage then.

Shield of the

GShield of the Underworld

Dont buy it, if you already went for the Midguardian Mail and/or Witchblade build. It doesnt work good together.

However if you didnt this active, is like made for Athena, your taunt forces them to attack you with their basic, meaning if you actived the item before you taunt the adc will kill themself

If the enemy has two adc and/or Chronos/Freya on solo/jungle you could always consider to buy this item.

Skill Explanation




Ability #1

Preemptive Strike


Ability #2



Ability #3

Shield Wall



Defender of Olympus


Ward Placement

You can use this ward placement/description for your guide, if you want to.

Okay, the main thing you need to know is that you should always, ALWAYS place wards. Remember you can only place three wards at any one time. That means the whole team has the responsibility to place wards, not just you.

It is practically impossible to place a ward on a wrong position ... well, except at your phoenix & ****. However, there are positions you have to consider when placing wards, depending on which stage of the game you're in.

Side-Laning Phase (Early Game)

Mid-Lane/Harpies (Early Game)

Mid-Game Gold Fury/Fire Giant

Late Game

How to Farm

We are in Season 2 you may ask, how can i still maintain a steady gold income ?

First of all, i explained this already in my Gameplay Video (its a bit outdated again sigh), but i will do it here again, because some people dont want to watch it.
Furhtermore mid camps/attack speed buff, is your obvious target already so i wont explain this at this point.

Athena can be a aggresiv roam support, because of her ultimate, so everytime you gank a lane, and you may or may not got a kill/assist, you should stay for 1-2 waves and leach from the lane you ganked.
If you dont want to leach anymore ,you should go back to base, if there isnt any trouble nearby.

On your way back to the duo lane, you should do the Mini Camps, with or without the junglers help. After you did that, do the Red Buff with the Mid-laner together.

Then you can go back to lane, stay there until either the mid camps are up, you have to use you ultimate for a gank, or you want to roam to middle lane.

Like this you wont have to much trouble with the gold/exp stuff.

3v3 Gameplay

Hey, so due to request i did a 3v3 Tutorial, i dont play that mode so much, but iam decent enough to make a small guide for it. Enjoy.

I also won some worthless 3v3 EGL Tournaments with my alias so you might want to check that out aswell.

Gameplay Video

I will make a new one, around early Season 3.

Season 2 Athena Gameplay Video:

How to Firegiant:

Old Gameplay Guides

Old Tournament Videos

As mentioned above i was playing support for HNZ. We got into the Finals of the Play In Week 1 and advanced into Round Robin.

You can watch the Tournament Videos if you want, i mostly played Athena at the tourney and there are some combos that you may not know, its already older, so yea....

Round of 16 vs Vindicate:

Round of 8 vs IIIII (i5) (by Xioden)

Round of 4 vs Exposed Secrets:

Final vs Walk it off:


Playing support can be so annoying. I would recommend finding a team as fast as possible if you enjoying playing support.

Why can it be so annoying? Well, you won't get any kind of "love" as a tank. If you and the ADC are winning your lane but it's mostly your doing, the casual player isn't gonna recognize it. On the flipside, if you are doing poorly, EVERYONE is gonna blame you, so you have kinda the same problem as the jungler.

So if you have an inferiority complex, it's probably not in your best interest to play a tank.

But if you are on a pre-made team, and you generally like the people you play with, you're gonna enjoy helping them out, and they will thank you for it. Isn't that so sweet?

Oh, and I nearly forgot, it's okay if you die often in mid-late game as support, as long as you're not dying because you're out of position. That is part of your job ... sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to save the rest of the team.

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iwwontcastthatifiwhereyou | February 9, 2019 8:30am
minor tweeks here and there and its still performing perfectly
Branmuffin17 (244) | February 9, 2019 8:56am
Enough minor tweaks that the people need to actually be familiar enough with current itemization, which means they don't need this extremely outdated guide anyway =P

And as an FYI, I helped Seto with his old Athena guide years ago via editing writeup. So this is nothing against him...just in order to be functional, it really would need more than minor tweaks.

(Also, your name is making my inner grammar police's sirens blare in my head)
Gulfwulf (33) | February 9, 2019 9:27am
Branmuffin17 wrote:
(Also, your name is making my inner grammar police's sirens blare in my head)

...its still performing perfectly
. it's, not its.

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Dasti | December 16, 2015 3:41am
Thanks! This is a great guide to improve my supporting. Really enjoyed the ward placement guide, skill guide and the build guide with alternitives.
Stuke99 (39) | December 15, 2015 5:18am
Well, welcome back.
Kirigama2 | June 26, 2015 12:38pm
Great guide! This helped me a lot about Athena love the lore section btw wished almost every guide I read had something like that. (:
Setolino (18) | March 10, 2015 11:12am
AtomicPie525 wrote:

Hey, I love the sense of humor in this build. I am sorry if this comment is out of place in this but to me a build with a sense of humor in the explanations just makes it that much better for the viewer and more fun to read.
Nice build

Atleast someone who likes my Lore section :D Thanks mate, i try my best.
AtomicPie525 (2) | March 10, 2015 7:18am
Hey, I love the sense of humor in this build. I am sorry if this comment is out of place in this but to me a build with a sense of humor in the explanations just makes it that much better for the viewer and more fun to read.
Nice build
Kalika Vatran | February 26, 2015 6:39pm
Thanks for your build, pleasant to read :)
Setolino (18) | February 20, 2015 11:14am
I like the item, but normally i just would buy it as a last item.
Praeox | February 20, 2015 10:53am
What do you think about ethereal staff? It ads a good amount of HP and among other items increase you power greatly.
Setolino (18) | February 14, 2015 10:29am
Souns like something i should do... on it :D
Arvorus (10) | February 14, 2015 10:17am
To Setolino:

True. Now that I think about it, Bakasura and Nemesis might be the only gods you might ever have trouble against, but then again, those gods are supposed to be good against tanks. Maybe a small section for new players on how to deal with those two? Eh? Eh?

Yeah, this guide pretty much perfect. You even made a great lore section! Really, the only thing that I would like are GIFs (or movies, like the ones Greenevers made) for her skill-set, but those are completely optional.

The upvote stands!
Setolino (18) | February 14, 2015 8:00am
Thanks m8, i really try to put more items in. :)
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