August 19, 2017

Return of Refraction Beta

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Hello there again, it's me; your friendly neighborhood Zilby

So if you've been around Smitefire for some time then you might remember this blog from awhile back.
But if you don't remember here's the gist:
  • I'm a game developer / programmer currently in college.
  • I'm making a game called Refraction in my free time, it's a top down arena battle game built in the game engine Unity using C#.
  • I need playtesters again!

So last time I did this you guys gave a TON of great feedback, a lot of which has been incorporated into the game at this point. Since then there's been a lot of progress made on the game and overall it's much more polished. Some new features added since last time:
  • 10 new levels!
  • New enemy types! (+ miniboss!)
  • 28 achievements to unlock!
  • Rewards (ie: player skins and songs)!
  • Balancing! (Eg: sword got buffed, hit detection is better, certain enemies nerfed)
  • Checkpoint system for harder difficulties!
  • Controller support! (Sorta - still in alpha)
  • Optimization! Should run better, especially on the boss
  • Ten trillion other things! I haven't slept in months!
planned features
known bugs

But with all these new features comes a lot of edge cases for unexpected stuff, so if you want to help me out (or just have some fun) you can download it here (there's an .exe for windows and a .app for mac inside, keep the Refraction_Data folder in the same folder as the .exe for it to work) and give me some feedback!

Good luck out there, and as always, happy smiting~