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xmysterionz's Blog
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May 29, 2018

Smite Gold Pack for Free

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smite  |  gold  |  pack  |  skins  |  vp  |  gods

Good news for Xbox One Players!!!

Games with Gold (GWG) will give you a Smite Gold Pack for free this June/July

This pack comes with Gods and their respective Voice Packs and some of their skins.

For those that don't know, on Xbox to play online you have to pay a $59/year membership (R$149 here in Brazil, yes it's cheaper :p) and Microsoft gives some games to you play while membership (yes free games, but Microsoft chooses which games) every month and when you download it, it's your forever.

This pack were announced in Playstation Plus on December/2017 and now comes to Xbox. Due some changes that Smite passed through this season, the content of the patch is unknown. For example, Bellona was one of the gifts that came with the Pack on playstation, but now she is free for everyone, so it's unknown what Hi-Rez will do about it, like change her for another God or keep her.

This pack on PS4 in December came with 20 free Gods and their voice packs, all their recolors and some of …
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August 11, 2019

Top Gods I hate

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Gods  |  hate  |  list  |  top
Hello people,
Today I'm gonna post the top 10 gods I hate on smite on 3 lists (the ones I hate play with, play against and those that I just hate).

Top Gods I hate play with:

  1. Ao kuang
  2. Arachne
  3. Nox
  4. Janus
  5. Camazotz
  6. Chernobog
  7. He bo
  8. Set
  9. Loki
  10. Chronos

Top Gods I hate to play against:

  1. Ao kuang
  2. Nox
  3. Vulcan
  4. He bo
  5. Kuzenbo
  6. Bakasura
  7. Janus
  8. Arachne
  9. AMC
  10. New Isis

Top gods I just hate (model, personality, design...)

  1. Chernobog
  2. Ao kuang
  3. Zeus
  4. Aphrodite
  5. AMC
  6. Bakasura
  7. Camazotz
  8. He bo
  9. Sylvanus
  10. Jing Wei

And what about you, what gods do you hate?

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