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xmysterionz's Blog
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March 29, 2018
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teamwork  |  cupid  |  team  |  smite
Since season 5 started I notice that people are playing the game without think about teamwork, at least with me in Xbox One where I play the most time.

Here there is a video of an excellent team work in season 4, and I don't see it anymore in the game. Looks like that at S5 everyone wants kills just like an TDM of Call of Duty, but Smite needs teamwork.

Of course season 4 there were a lot of teams that didn't work together, but in season 5 I'm facing almost every match this problem.

I asked for ADC (since I'm Cupid main), and then someone locks an Ullr and then asks ADC. So I changed to Mid. Then this same guy go to the mid and I'm forced play against in duo lane (but the supports went to the mid) and there was me against an Artemis with a Scylla without help. And of course I didn't received any help and 0 ganks. And yes, we lost.

Besides people complaining of your picks (even when you play very well), people leaving the game in the middle of the match (in 10 conquest matches I…
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April 01, 2018

Did Hi-Rez forget Cupid?

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Cupid  |  forget  |  god  |  hi-rez
Today I'm here to talk with you about Cupid and if he needs or not changes 'cause he looks like abandoned.

The last change Cupid received was at 3.18 patch on September 27th, 2016 (We are in 5.5 today, when I'm posting this April 1st, 2018).

Here is the changes for those that don't remember

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April 23, 2018

How to loose a game

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arena  |  cupid  |  defeat
Have you guys ever lost a f***ing arena because your team rushed kills and let all the minions enter in the portal? 'Cause I faced it this weekend.

(I'm a Brazilian, so my game is not in English, is in Portuguese :v )

click to see the match results

click to see the match statistcs

As you all can see, I'm the highest minion damage ("Dano Lacaio" in Portuguese), and even with my team have twice kills than the other we lost. This Weekend smite were a sh** to play I got only 1 enigma chest even playing at least 8 matches everyday.

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August 20, 2018

Introducing Amazon Cupid

Views: 1075 xmysterionz
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cupid  |  amazon  |  alexa

All credits to the creator.

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September 20, 2019

Smite meme: the attack call

Views: 697 xmysterionz
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cupid  |  attack  |  call

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