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xmysterionz's Blog
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April 30, 2018

Just a normal casual match

Views: 660 xmysterionz
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solo  |  instalock

  1. Look for a match
  2. Select your role
  3. Someone also select the same role as you but after you
  4. This guy go and Instalock in one God to this lane

  5. See your self with two options:
  • Troll the game and still in your role (that you asked first) and whatever.
  • Be forced to play in other role against your wish because someone is an a**hole.

What would you do?

If I'm in a good mood (the most times I am), I just ignore and put other role (but, In fact I want be toxic and troll, 'cause, at least for me, instalock in conquest is trolling, we are high levels, we know (at least should know) play this game)

People please, if someone got "your" role, change it, don't do it or other trollings, we can't get what we want every time :v

Detail (spoiler)

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May 07, 2018
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Conquest  |  ranked  |  nike  |  solo
Finally Season 5 came, and even though I played the last part of Season 3 and the Season 4, I never played Rankeds because I never felt ready to it. But this season I became fearless and decided to play it.

I always heard that rankeds are stressful and people do every thing to win and bla bla bla. I thought people were complain unnecessarily. They were right. Now let's talk about the match

First match: Introducing you the rankeds

picks and bans

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May 14, 2018
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Ranked  |  Tyr  |  Nike  |  Solo

Second match: Defeat has stay

picks and bans

the game

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August 17, 2018

Smite Meme: How to use Ganesha

Views: 743 xmysterionz
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ganesha  |  roles  |  mid  |  solo  |  support  |  jungle

As The Morrigan would say: "You cannot comprehend us". It's a too advanced strategy for simple mortals...

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October 01, 2018

Zhong First Match

Views: 476 xmysterionz
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Zhong kui  |  solo
I just wanna share my first match with Zhong Kui that can be found here.

I'm really surprised with this god. I always thought he was strong but no so much. I was against an Anubis in solo lane. I was lazy so didn't saw any build. I just built what came in my mind but I ate Anubis alive and become fed, so I guess whatever I built would be functional that match.

I'm really surprised. I always knew he is strong and can kill even without true damage items, but this is ridiculous.

That's it, just wanna share. If you have any tips to me, I'm accepting.
I'm just sad because I don't have any skin to him ;-; (that ghostbuster looks so awesome).
Also his voice pack sucks, one of (if not the worst) worse voice pack in the game.

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