October 08, 2018

Pausing with Smite

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Forza  |  Horizon  |  4  |  Smite
I'm not being so active recently because I'm appreciating this masterpiece that is Forza Horizon 4.

If someone here loves cars and has a Xbox One (or a good PC) this is a game you MUST play.

Everything in this game is ridiculously beautiful (and I play in the normal xbox one (the fat)), and it's open world so you can explore a big map in U.K.

The gameplay is awesome (as usual in Forzas) now focusing in normal races, off-road races and street races (illegal and with transit).

The seasons changes are awesome makes you feel you are playing a complete new game. The colors in fall, the snow in winter, the trees in spring and the rain in summer, everything BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS!

Plus you also have some radios that play awesome music too! You have, drums, rock, indie, electronic...

Even you don't like racing games, try Forza Horizon 4, IT'S AWESOME. And it's free for people that has gamepass (just like me :P).

Take these two pictures in two different seasons that I took


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