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xmysterionz's Blog
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June 24, 2019

Overpower ratatoskr build

Views: 193 xmysterionz
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 |  ratatoskr  |  sam4soccer2  |  spl
We (here in smitefire): Ratatoskr is an ability based god and you should not build basic attack (AD) items on him.

ProPlayers: *builds toxic blade ("AD" anti heal item)*


I didn't watch the match so does anyone who watched can tell me why Toxic Blade and not Brawler's Beat Stick?

Ps.: I guess I don't need to say that the first part was humor, do I?

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June 15, 2019

Some Portuguese to Greengos

Views: 174 xmysterionz
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dictionary  |  English  |  greengo  |  Portuguese

Some nice and new expressions from Portuguese to you guys use.

Credits on the image (Greengo Dictionary)
They also have a Facebook page

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June 10, 2019

Some Clips I recorded

Views: 149 xmysterionz
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clips  |  smite  |  videos
Why fight when you can simply finish the game (laughing):

Do you play with some kind of lag? No...

Argus floating above hera:

Balanced Anubis:

Everything was calculated:

Where is awilix? Pff...?

Arthur ****ing balanced as always:


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June 07, 2019

An extremely frustrating match

Views: 226 xmysterionz
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match  |  solo  |  tyr
I don't usually talk about my matches, but here goes a story of probably, the most frustrating match I've ever played.

Yesterday I was playing this game as usual. I stared with this ranked game where for some reason the guy banned Hun Batz and let Hera open. Results: Hera carried the game. Plus I was tilted 'cause I was always or killing Cernunnos or removing both aegis and beads and the team were doing nothing. Ok, not so frustrating, just a ranked with idiots, it's normal. Especial comment: Arachne tower dived a Geb at level 2 and died when she clearly would no be able to kill him. Next match.

I was using and abusing of my new Thoth skin in this match here and duo lane ****ed the game feeding a Chiron who started to rotate and carried the game, plus Cerberus tried to fight alone against him 4 levels behind and quited the game when he died. Results: Surrender. Next match.

Again Thoth mid in this match with a Merlin jungle who bought the entire Shaman's Ring as first ite…
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May 21, 2019

CPTL (Community Permanent Tier List)

Views: 608 xmysterionz
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community  |  list  |  tier
What do you guys think about we create a permanent Tier List?

It would be a tier list we would keeping updating and discussing about it, just like we already do with bran item choices guide, but this one focused in gods.

Anyone would be able to give your suggestions to which tier aech god should be and we all would be able acquire knowledge in the process.

It would be divided by conquest roles and maybe in the future we include other game modes. Also it would be a forum thread and I would update it, in the initial post.

What you guys think about?

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